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Social Media is Scary? | Status Updates and De-friending

I hear it a lot. “I just removed my Facebook profile.” “I de-friended like 20 people that had statuses I didn’t like seeing.” “Everyone is being mean about my status update.” Here’s the thing; Social media is SOCIAL. 613 more words

Internet Culture

Will Kendrick: MMORPG, 1-7 August 2014

Will Kendrick: MMORPG

Taking internet culture as his starting point, Will Kendrick’s seductive, hyper-saturated images and videos bring the viewer to the edge of sensory overload while shrewdly exploring the entanglement of online and offline identities. 15 more words


Stylistic Analysis: A Work in Progress - "An Open Letter to the Internet"

The Internet has imploded. Well, if you are one of the members of the tight-knit alt-lit scene (see: beatniks, slam poets of the self-deprecating/self-obsessed internet generation), … 1,679 more words

Bottlenecking a Poe..

In the gaming world a Poe is a little malevolent wraith of negativity that really serves no useful purpose. They carry their souls outside of themselves in a lantern. 323 more words

This planet has issues..

There’s an amusing cartoon floating around that has a couple of aliens looking down on Earth scratching their heads. The caption says, “This planet has issues. 348 more words

#GamerGate: Time to leave the bandwagon?

I’ve tried for a long time to ignore this whole #GamerGate thing, but I can’t go on with it anymore. The movement has become a serious threat to variety in games, to independent game journalism, to freedom of speech on the internet, and to everybody who dares to stand up against them. 1,989 more words

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On Monstercat and the Legitimacy of Narrow Music Tastes

So… Monstercat.

I feel like this topic is going to be much more touchy than it should be.

In the electronic music scene, there’s a bit (read: a lot) of a stigma against fans of the indie label “Monstercat.” The stereotypical supporter of the brand is seen as a youngster with a Minecraft addiction, a vast library of YouTube subscriptions, and above all else, a distinct lack of experience in any label other than that of the feline in question. 712 more words