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Let's talk about sexual abuse

First I should say, I get it. Personally, intimately. If that didn’t teach me few
things, I spent several years working at a sexual assault center. 553 more words

Facebook Click-Bait Crackdown: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Facebook is making some changes to its News Feed system, which means a crackdown on stories and links that are “click-bait.” Here’s what you need to know. 938 more words


#BEDA August 26th My 5 Favourite Posts

…from my blog

Hello everyone! 

#BEDA is almost over- I can’t believe it.This month has been so much fun!

As I’ve mentioned before, my blog was very new when the #BEDA challenge began, so naturally most of my posts are #BEDA-related. 222 more words

Internet Culture

On blogging

Unless you are a blogger, in which case you can spill the beans, kill the rabbit, cook the goose, or any other cooking cliche you can think of. 156 more words

#BEDA August 25th: A Moment From My Day

Hello everyone!

For my “moment of the day”, I’m sharing my #ASLicebucketchallenge. This is an unlisted video on Youtube because WordPress wouldn’t allow a video!

 Until next time,


Internet Culture

#BEDA August 24th: Description in 10 Words

Disclaimer: I was drawing a blank so I asked Ryan to help. I am internally cringing so bad that my spine may or may not crack right in half. 25 more words

Internet Culture

#BEDA August 23rd: Something I'm Looking Forward To

Hello everyone!

I’m finally back on track with my posts for #BEDA, I just needed some time to recover from two long shifts after ten days off! 291 more words

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