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Sexuality in Anime: Completely Uncalled For

In my last post, I mentioned how because the mainstream media tends to focus on sex above all else, communities in which sex is only a minor aspect of the fandom tend to get represented as being all about sex. 549 more words


People don't read anymore and other facts I don't care about

I’ll start this post about pretentiousness with a pretentious statement; I was at the opera the other night…

The Furry Fandom: Unleashing the Beast

In my last post I briefly mentioned the furry fandom as an explanation for all the porn on the internet derived from animated anthropomorphic animals. Now it’s time to explain the furry fandom, as well as its role in sexuality on the Internet. 482 more words


Blog Updates - New Blog

Hello readers and curious internet browsers. I am working on making some changes around here. Don’t be scared! They are for the best!

All my food related posting is moving to a new blog… 180 more words

Internet Culture

How do you pronounce “Imgur”? Take the poll!

In a recent post on pseudotranslations, I wrote that Imgur, of imgur.com fame, was pronounced “imager”. But this skated over a lively and unresolved debate. 666 more words


The Internet Is For Porn (Part 3) - Trends in Online Porn Usage

It’s time for the third and final part of my series of posts on interesting trends in internet pornography. Let’s dive right in.

Gay Porn… 541 more words