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Superfluous World of Pop Culture- INTERNET

We have a tendency. This generation has a tendency.

We like to make people famous. Some actually do become.

The good and the bad ones both. 69 more words

Return and exit

It’s been a lot longer than usual since I last posted on the Rimmblog, and for that I apologize. I’ve been moving house in industrial quantities, and also saying goodbye to someone for a long while.  277 more words

Internet Culture

The Three Layers of Culture

In one of my earlier posts, I had suggested that culture operates at 3 levels. It is the personal, the familial and the communal/national. We shift into anyone of these roles automatically. 320 more words


All A Performance

As someone fascinated with the idea of ontology, the internet as a phenomenal object is something relatively under explored. We all know that the web has fundamentally altered how we interact, how we consume and how we acquire information but perhaps what we have been slower to realise is that the internet changes who we are. 1,281 more words


What is virtual identity?

What is virtual identity?

I’ve done my previous posts on virtual identity based on what I get from the movies I watched and my opinions of virtual identity. 764 more words


Leaving Scotland

I’m leaving Scotland forever this week, so sadly the Rimmblog is getting a little disrupted as I move huge amounts of stuff by hand (my limbs ache something fierce). 203 more words


Identifying essay question

This exercise is to identify the essay question in order to aid me in the direction of my essay. This is also a guide in order to stay on track and not beat around the bush. 151 more words