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Internet Culture First Entry

After read through the brief, I decided to go for topic no.3 – “Identify and discuss how the issues of real identity and virtual identity are a feature in science fiction films. 132 more words

Internet Culture

All Is Vanity

I should write an earnest post, something about string theory or the alleged random order of chaos or how time is not linear or some such nonsense. 320 more words

Government IS Force

This may seem rather simplistic to some who are already familiar with the concept, but I find myself frequently dismayed to encounter people who seem to believe that government is just this benevolent thing that seeks people’s voluntary compliance simply so it can rain blessings down upon us. 148 more words

Something That Needs to be Addressed

NOTE: I started writing this blog post over a month ago now and I have only decided to come back and finish it now as it seems more relevant. 687 more words

Internet Culture


Strange twilight categories of popular belief. In researching my novel ENIGMATIC PILOT, I discovered that it was a regular practice, during the peak period of mid-19th century westward migration, for outpost towns along the Missouri River to fabricate rumors about peculiar illnesses and “conditions” in another town. 1,466 more words

What you need to hear, not what you want to hear

What is with this wallowing in wounding? I find myself becoming seriously annoyed with it. It’s as if we’re living in this culture where it’s become a competition, where people cling to their wounding like little badges of honor. 553 more words