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Online scams you might get fooled by

This month I got two emails from two friends that have made surprising trips abroad:

I made a quick trip down here in Kiev, Ukraine for a short business trip, but facing a little challenge here as i tried to make few withdrawals from the cash machines here but not going through, have been to the bank also to see if i can withdraw from there but was informed that i can’t withdraw from my account here in Ukraine due to network errors, so i was wondering if i could get a quick loan of $1,950 USD from you or you let me know how much you can raise now because i need it to clear some little things here and then get a cab to the airport.

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Internet Culture

I will go to the mat for trigger warnings

Let’s just clear the air around this: There’s a common misconception that trigger warnings are put there to protect overly-sensitive people who want to be protected from the harshities of the world. 321 more words

StumbleUponBlog: Join me and together we can rule the galaxy!

That’s a way over-the-top headline just to get your attention. I doubt we’ll rule any galaxies in the near future, but we can dream. I’ve learned what I needed to learn about Twitter and… 763 more words


Facebook, Its Unsurprising Lack of Ethics, and Its Monopoly on Social Media

In mid-June, this article was published detailing the data of a psychological study conducted by Facebook. The kicker is that the participants in Facebook’s study had no idea they were participating. 728 more words


Whiny Attention-Whores

I’m not going to name names, and chances are the person in question won’t ever see this; we’ve parted ways. For a while, I was following a fellow deviant over on deviantArt. 757 more words

More on Ritual Hatred

Unfortunately the photos in my last post gave some of my readers the vapors. I promise that in the future I will provide a ratings system for dear old ladies of Victorian sensibility, autocratic patriarchs who are offended by the image of young ladies participating in a “man’s” sport, and serial blowhards who like to make themselves feel good by going ballistic over graphic design choices. 631 more words


Are Politics Ruining Gaming Culture?

Gotta love the internet age. When I was younger, people had to take the time to at least listen to the radio or watch television before they pretended to indulge in half-baked politics. 1,977 more words