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AVGN the Movie: The Film Event of Our Generation

No. That was not hyperbole.

James Rolfe, aka, the Angry Video Game Nerd, encompasses two of the biggest influences of my generation of 20-30 somethings: video games and the internet. 676 more words


Scary Monsters and Pretty Lights

This most recent GIF has posed some issues to create. In the way that technology always seems to keep us on our toes, my track pad has more or less gone insane. 301 more words


All She Ever Does is Read

Did anyone ever say this about you when you were growing up? Lots of people, both adults and other children, said it about me, and let me tell you, this was never, ever uttered in anything like a supportive or admiring tone. 682 more words


Is it the column writer who is falling in love with her reflection?

Old men once painted their portraits, the anonymous girls of Tumblr relentlessly reblog from each other, which now hang under lights from walls of museums. We, they say, take photos of ourselves and are ridiculed and told we’re responsible for the demise of Western Civilisation. 614 more words

GIF Mania [Part 2]

So now all my spare time is being consumed by my desire to make some *sickening* GIFs. Did I make dinner? No, I was too busy downloading and converting visually interesting… 132 more words


Saturay Feature: If We Were Having Coffee . . .

I’d tell you that it’s been a week of doing nothing too much but reading and being sick. On the bright side, Little Jedi has been with his dad this weekend, and Sam has been lots of help this week, and what I actually have isn’t contagious, so they aren’t in danger of catching it, and I haven’t needed to take care of him while I’ve been taking care of myself this week/weekend. 688 more words

Part Time Monster

Unpuzzled: Making a Frame Grab GIF

In my quest to understand GIF making, I present my rendition of an ‘Art’ GIF. This shot was pulled from the psychedelic art film Blond Superfreak Steals the Magic Brain… 114 more words