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Google and the NSA

Sometimes, when I am not peacefully wrapped in a bubble of bliss, I look about at the world and try to give myself a proper anxiety attack. 347 more words

Matt Taylor, Your Shirt Was Cute

This actually steamed me up so much I backed out of any “shirtstorm” discussions, least I loose my cool and say something I’d regret. There’s just something about watching a grown man so bullied by women  he’s apologizing and choking back tears, that really pushes my buttons. 283 more words

Bad Behavior Online: Bullying, Trolling & Free Speech

With the rise of the internet cyberbullying  has become a common practice. People defend their actions with the use of “Free Speech” but because it has never been defined, people are more or less to do whatever they want. 226 more words

Search Terms for November

Search terms never cease to amuse me. Search terms are what people were searching for when they were referred to your blog by the Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 344 more words

Ghosts of Instagrams Past

Today I unfollowed an ex of mine, a move that was at once a loaded and symbolic gesture, and simply self preservational. The thing is, the politics of Instagram are known, but difficult to follow: you follow your friends, you don’t unfollow your exes, you let your significant others’ friends know that they belong to you, you get angry at your significant other for following that girl he slept with while you were apart, your significant other continues to follow her, you may follow your ex but you shouldn’t like their pictures, you…. 784 more words


LOL if you must, but the internet is actually making English better

The internet is positively amazeballs. But the unedited, character-limited way we communicate on the web and mobile is often blamed for ruining the purity of language, English or otherwise. 417 more words

Power of sharing

Sharing can be seen as an integral part of the social media discourse. It’s an easy way to distribute information between individuals online – allowing for ideas to be quickly disseminated on the online sphere. 173 more words