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Twitter in meeting organazition - Does it work?

Using twitter to organize presentation is definitely a new experience for me. As a new user of Twitter, I am learning the etiquettes of this platform. 452 more words


Living in this culture

We have a much different time to manage and a different culture to live through and in during the early part of the twenty-first century than our parents and grandparents did. 683 more words


Why #GamerGate has nothing to do with games, or the gaming industry

I have become convinced that #GamerGate is not a real thing. The term is certainly real, and continues to dominate my blog feed. That it has lasted over a month now is actually quite a feat considering the Internet’s short attention span. 1,322 more words

Video Games

Don't Force It

Hello everyone!

After writing a new blog post a couple of days ago, I was really in the mood for writing, so I thought I’d try a second one. 209 more words

Internet Culture

Search Engine Terms

Search engine terms, how people found you on Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc, can be a great lesson in humility and good humor. Some people actually make a career out of teaching people how to optimize their search engine results, something that I tend to completely ignore. 315 more words

Video Remix [1 of 3]

I’ve been exploring google lately looking for interesting video remixes to talk about. I was thinking about it, watching many clips, trying to find something that I feel really embodies the idea of remix. 126 more words

AVGN the Movie: The Film Event of Our Generation

No. That was not hyperbole.

James Rolfe, aka, the Angry Video Game Nerd, encompasses two of the biggest influences of my generation of 20-30 somethings: video games and the internet. 676 more words