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Surf like a pro: 10 keyboard shortcuts

If you’re going to surf the Web, then these commands are absslutely worth learning. These shortcuts work with Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. 588 more words


Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)

So after spending all this time installing Windows 8, what’s the first thing you will want to try out. Yup, just like most people, the new IE10.

Now is the right time For a Internet Explorer 6 Intervention

The few remaining clients of Internet Explorer 6 are going to get a reality check when the web suddenly quits working for them soon. Better late than never. 368 more words


Hello Firefox! Mozilla's browser gets built-in WebRTC video chat through Telefónica partnership

In one of the biggest shake-ups for the browser business in ages, Mozilla and the Spanish carrier group Telefónica have revealed a partnership that will see voice and video-chat capabilities built right into the Firefox browser – or at least the desktop beta version, for now. 1,148 more words

Compatability Views

Why oh why must website designers and developers make life so difficult for a large number of people by making their websites only work with “new” or “modern” browsers. 193 more words

Business Killer: Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility: An extremely important issue that could dramatically decrease website conversions and completely kill your business.

Real World Example: Earlier today I was signing up for a new web-based service (company name left out to prevent further embarrassment) and upon filling out all of my information and clicking “sign up”, nothing happened.  333 more words