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Understanding Craigslist

Many people hear the name Craigslist and know it refers to some sort of website but many are still unclear about the different ways in which Craigslist can be used. 583 more words


North Cyprus - Funeral of Nigel Watson in Lapta - 7th April 2014

Farewell, Nigel!

By Ralph Kratzer

Many friends and acquaintances gathered today at the Lapta cemetery to pay the well-known member of our community of foreign residents in Northern Cyprus, Nigel Watson, their last respects and express condolences to his wife Pat and the members of the family. 145 more words

North Cyprus

Once a Troll, Always a Troll

I felt like trolling was a waste of time but I was compelled to do it.  That is why I had to get myself banned from the message board.   627 more words


The Psychology of a Troll

I spent quite a bit of time baiting Admiralbill.  I think it was more than five years before I was banned from the website.  By the time that happened I wanted to be banned.  677 more words


Trolling Methods

Admiralbill (my nemesis on the Sistertrek message board) had many, easy buttons I knew how to push that would easily bait him into an argument.  All of his buttons revolved around the fact that he was a rabid, George W. 504 more words


Internet Trolling is Addictive

I have an addictive personality.  I think this is common among people who have shame-based personalities because to a shame-based person there is generally no escape from shame.  536 more words