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Day 22 | When You Can't Think of Anything To Say

Today’s quite obvious filler post is dedicated to everyone who is reading this right now. Yes, that means you! I want to thank you for supporting this little blog of mine, even if Google sent you here because you searched ‘ 207 more words



It’s always a curious thing, meeting people from the internet. 557 more words


What Makes Someone a "Real" Friend, Anyway?

I’ve known my best friend Susan for probably two or three years now.  As soon as we started talking, we realized we had a lot in common.  1,020 more words

Friends-Not-Yet-Met: Deloney

This is an ode to Deloney,
he who is the master of the microblog
before it was known as the microblog
the true expert in saying so much with so few words… 76 more words

Just Life

My Deep Thoughts

Something happened to me this week that made me realise how precious life is and how easily someone can be taken away from you. I feel that this experience that I had has given me more of an appreciation for the people around me especially my fandom friends, because there may be a time where we all drift apart or something terrible could happen and you might never meet them. 347 more words


Living 27 miles away

Living 27 miles away from your best friend is hard. You can never really be there for them. When they’re sad and all you want to do it to walk 5 minutes and give them a hug, you can’t and it hurts. 234 more words


#MicroblogMondays: Celebrating friends-not-yet-met

I have for some time wanted to talk about my special group of blog friends, those first bloggers who encouraged me, kept me going, taught me the joys of blogging. 154 more words

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