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PNW drinks and friends

Sure, there was some food, too. But my time spent in the Pacific Northwest included some tasty beverages. Oh, and I met an online friend for the first time! 196 more words


To Skulz, With Love!

What I wouldn’t give to steal you from another.
To put such thoughts into my head of you as my lover.

I’m a vixen through and through and yes, incorrigible too. 107 more words


Thought no.190 - Hearing for the first time

So this past month I have been talking to this girl every single day over tumblr. Then today we decided to record ourselves talking so we could hear what the other sounded like (she’s american and I’m english so we were both pretty intrigued). 238 more words

July Thoughts

A Technological "happy medium"

Right now, I am sitting on my computer, alone.  I would have probably never interacted with you, the reader, had the internet, let alone the computer, been invented.   917 more words

A winter's day, a movie, and a drive

On Friday I drove for the first time since my surgery. My husband has been fantastic, chauffeuring me around wherever I needed to go. He’s had to come to the supermarket with me, as the baskets are too heavy for me to carry, and I’m not allowed to push the trolleys (carts for North Americans) for another week or so. 407 more words

Just Life

Friendships. Tangible and virtual.

Friendship is a strange thing.

Perhaps I have been spending too much of my life in or on the Internet. For example, I always felt that, in a situation with people, that even if I wasnt hosting the event or get together or even just a meet up, that I was some how responsible for everyone enjoying themselves. 555 more words