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Why do we put so much emphasis on Facebook these days? I shouldn’t say only Facebook, but all social media.It has become more important to people than gaining friends they actually see and hang out with. 421 more words


Define: Reality

I open up a window.

Looking out towards smiling faces,

My heart burns there, too;

Though there is nothing left for me.

Looking out towards smiling faces, 103 more words

Writing Portfolio

Day 3: Family

Family. It’s a strong word that has a meaning of strong ties with people of your kin. But does it hold the same meaning when the term is given to someone that’s not related to you at all? 261 more words


On the Upside..

So in the past few days I have had this blog I have had many nice comments and lovely people that have found and followed my blog! 336 more words


The Beauty of Internet Friends

As I look back on 2014 and prepare for my move to North Africa in the spring, I’m increasingly realizing the value of having Internet Friends. 626 more words


A Friend Crush

I’ve decided to stop Dear December because it’s too stressful with finals and everything. I have another plan that I thought up in the shower. I hate quitting and giving up but it’s tough with the amount of stress I’ve been feeling. 361 more words