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Inbound versus Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing, or relationship marketing, is the practice of providing relevant, valuable and useful information to your consumer in an effort to drive traffic to your website and generate sales. 197 more words

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....till the cows come home

Despite your past successes, do you feel that your business is becoming more invisible in this overcrowded market?

Your business has survived with your tried and true efforts of the past but it has not grown at the rate you had hoped for. 242 more words


Social Media Still Has The Biggest Impact and What I Learned

So throughout the semester, I took the things that we’ve learned and implement them onto my YouTube channel. It was one of the main reasons why I decided to take this class. 305 more words

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YouTube Analytics - Where Do Viewers Come From

Again, I want to look more into my YouTube analytics. This one is important because we get to see how people are finding my videos. Below is a screenshot showing this. 203 more words

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Digital Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Stop Measuring

Two of the most important digital marketing strategies today outside of website marketing social media marketing and email marketing. These strategies are not the only strategies available, but are easy to track results and allow you to quickly identify whether or not strategies are working. 755 more words

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Online Marketing—Inspired by Memes

You might have been among those who have been dreamily staring at Alex from Target because of his innate charms and irresistible baby face. He, along with other overnight internet sensations ranging from men, women, and grumpy cats, is considered to be a meme, an idea shared from person to person within a certain culture. 180 more words


GDG Footwear Website

My main part in our e-commerce project was to build a functioning website. Utilizing the knowledge I learned from Jakob Nielson’s guide, I was able to create such a site. 261 more words

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