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The "Business" of Being a Content Creator

Before I begin this post, I want to give a short background on why I became a content creator. I started making YouTube videos because I thought it was cool seeing other people do it. 405 more words


The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing

Are You VERY Unhappy because you have not made ANY Money?

Lots of Hard Work BUT absolutely NOTHING Achieved !

Are You ready to put in a lot of work to achieve YOUR Dream? 144 more words

Beginners Internet Marketing

5 Mistakes that Could Sabotage Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Social media is the Midas Touch of modern marketing techniques. You can turn something seemingly hard to get off the ground into a campaign that’s both recognized widely and extremely profitable to you. 911 more words

Internet Marketing

Blog Entry 4a - Is T.V. still T.V.?

Is T.V. still T.V.? Or something else?

Humans are constantly searching for new avenues of interacting and communicating with other people, not only to fulfil their social needs, but also to be entertained. 1,995 more words

Marketing: Comparison between Traditional and Online

This video shows how online marketing creates more opportunity for your business. You can promote your products using Facebook and other social media sites as well as in Instagram where you can post picture of your products for promotion. 22 more words


Web 3.0: Understanding the Basics to YouTube

As a finance student, marketing has just always been an expense on the income statement that brings in more revenue. But as someone who creates content on YouTube, I decided that marketing was something I needed to learn to get myself out there. 263 more words


3 Warning Signs of A Bad Seo Company

Before you hire an SEO company to work on your website, watch this video. A short Youtube Video giving you 3 signs of a Bad Seo Company. 9 more words

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