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3 in 1 Classic book by Mulk Raj Anand

Lelobooks has come up to its classic readers with one of the most admiring classics by Mulk Raj Anand. The compilation of his three most popular classics Untouchable, Coolie and Private Life of an Indian Prince, have been brought in order to give a delightful treat to its readers and especially for all Mulk Raj Anand’s fans and admirers. 764 more words

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Make money with social media

Today with the advancement in technologies people have invented distinct ways to earn money. Many of them use to go to office; some have business and other ways of their earnings. 351 more words

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Higher Rank in Google

Every website owner wants to see their web site in first page of search engines. Thus website needs good search engine optimization. There are several SEO… 311 more words

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How to Make A Web Design More People-friendly

There is a greater recognition of functional web design benefits, given the top design awards that are being conferred. The web design is a reflection of the understanding of the business to communicate that is direct, simple, well-mannered and which works with the people that it is meant for. 414 more words

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Fiver Feeds: Eating Well and on a Budget, with Lewis Crutch

Lewis Crutch is the founder of Fiver Feeds. Fiver Feeds is an online headquarters for eating great meals that consist of the freshest and most exquisite ingredients, for less than a fiver. 236 more words

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The long road home – A voyage you’ll never stop thinking about

I can even so distinctly recall the day when one of my friends passed me over a book – ‘Silent Honor’ written by ‘Danielle Steel’, as that was the very first time I was attempting to understand a book other then my course books, in fact, though I laugh at the recall today, but I really attempted to convert my friend that reading such books can actually hurt my grades on great level, while here I am sitting today earning my bread and butter by writing about such records which can provide courage to people so that they can fight with the situations they find horrifying and out of control. 733 more words

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Can You count on Social Security Being There ? Starting School at 50 and Loving It!

I have started school again,“I’M 50 YEARS OLD AND LOVING IT”  You can do it too!

This is the most exciting thing I have come across in a long time. 291 more words