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Beyond mice: Logitech targets the connected home

Imagine a world where, upon waking, you can reach for a remote, hit a button and presto: the blinds in your bedroom rise, the coffee maker in the kitchen burbles, and the TV in the living room flickers on. 526 more words


Twilio starts sending pictures to phone numbers and expands into the internet of things

Twilio is adding a twist to its MMS service, which lets developers embed picture, video and other multimedia messaging into their apps. It’s now adding MMS support for regular 10-digit phone numbers, wherever that number happens to terminate. 605 more words

A Network of Intelligent DER

Energy and the environment are probably the most critical and massive problems of our times. The transformation of our energy system into a more sustainable form will take decades, determination, and sacrifices. 807 more words


Hacker plays Doom on a Canon printer

In 1993, Doom was a revolutionary, incredibly popular game. Today, it’s being used by hackers like Context Information Security’s Michael Jordon to demonstrate security flaws in connected devices. 735 more words


Home Automation Prototype - Expectations

Lets try and chalk down the expectations from a typical home automation system. The system in consideration is a prototype that should be able to work seamlessly in a local home environment. 579 more words

Home Automation

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Weightless SIG shelves white spaces, but it has new internet-of-things spectrum in mind

When the Weightless Special Interest Group (SIG) formed in 2012, it hoped to build a new kind of network designed to host billions of industrial devices on the internet of things using the emerging white spaces spectrum. 750 more words