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Internet of Things

I need to lose weight. It’s important from a health perspective and I have a new-born daughter that deserves to have a father in her life long-term. 435 more words

New Technology

The AllSeen Alliance is like train that is picking up steam as it signs Sony as a member on Tuesday after last week announcing top… 76 more words

We're going to need more storage for the Internet of Things

Every day, hundreds of thousands of devices are newly connected to the Internet. Smart refrigerators, activity monitors, security cameras and more — devices previously only plugged into a power outlet — are connected to the Internet and are sending and receiving tons of data at scales never before seen. 828 more words


Eve - Smart Home, Meet Your Smart Yard

I battle a bit with the green finger thing. It’s not that I don’t plant things and try to let grow, the problem is usually that I didn’t give the planted things enough water. 115 more words

Internet Of Things

Can Apple get Americans to care about their health?

More than two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. Half don’t exercise regularly. Yet Apple, the biggest tech company in the world, thinks it can sell a wearable device that’s supposedly designed—at least, in part—to help people  375 more words

In praise of a subscription plan on your smart home and wild Apple speculation

There’s a battle brewing in the business models for the internet of things between companies that want to offer people a quality service that they control and charge the customer for, and those who are in it for the data or incremental revenue. 535 more words

Americans don't yet own many smart appliances -- but they're about to (report)

The world is getting smarter — not its people, of course, but all those things around us that are getting Net-connected processors. And a recent report from the Acquity Group finds that many Americans will soon be adopting the new smartness. 282 more words