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The Internet of Things

(A version of this article was originally published in the AIIP Connections magazine of the Association of Independent Information Professionals in December 2012)

Can you control your home appliances (e.g., a thermostat, security system, or stereo) with your smartphone or tablet? 1,186 more words

The IoT is developing a head of steam

According to new data released by Evans Data Corporation, 17% of current developers are working on applications for the connected Internet of Things.

The amorphous platform of IoT is still yet to be concretely defined, yet many see the system of connected devices and items as a wave of the future. 318 more words

Design Trends

Here’s why the Internet of things just became very interesting

By integrating a basket of public IoT semiconductor companies (highlighted by Goldman Sachs; note: Making S-E-N-S-E of the next mega-trend) with Google Trends’ data containing the phrase “IoT,” we see that an obvious inflection point does not occur until Q4’13 (see Exhibit 1 below). 63 more words

Internet Of Things

"Wir reden über Schönheit und Sinn"

Date: 27-07-2014
Source: DIE ZEIT

Der Potsdamer Unternehmensphilosoph Bernhard von Mutius über den kreativen Umgang mit der Digitalrevolution. EIN INTERVIEW VON UWE JEAN HEUSER

DIE ZEIT: Wie stellen wir uns am besten der Roboterrevolution? 794 more words

Business / Economy

There are many paths to a smart home. And that's the problem.

How many companies does it take to connect a light bulb?
Why connect the light when you can connect the switch? Or outlet? Or socket? 1,193 more words

IoT security: How to do it (mostly) right

The Internet of Things could get out of control pretty fast. We’re still pretty far from self-aware homes trying to procreate, but as Gigaom Research analyst Craig Foster noted in his recent report on IoT security, the dangers are already very real. 697 more words

Internet Of Things

Control This Pedestrian Walk Signal Online!

is an electrical engineer who specializes in embedded systems software. He was the first employee of Pebble Technology and the lead developer of the inPulse Smart Watch. 192 more words