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The internet of things is great for chipmakers and a challenge for Intel

As chipmakers realize the power and increasing amount of silicon is inside our connected devices they are racing to own as much of the market as possible while publicizing their work in the internet of things. 1,146 more words


Jasper Wireless has quietly become a force in the internet of things, brokering and managing many of the connectivity agreements – including AT&T’s(s t) … 95 more words

Internet Of Things

This Internet of things company works with Coca-Cola & just raised $50M -- smart soda cans?

Things we learned today: Coca-Cola has been experimenting with the Internet of things. Talking soda cans could be in the future.

But more importantly, Jasper… 258 more words


What is an Arduino?

It is like a super tiny computer that you can program to do things, and it interacts with the world through electronic sensors, lights, and motors. 138 more words

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Tips for Internet Security

DALLAS – Last week it was revealed that the “Heartbleed” internet security bug left millions of passwords, emails, and credit card numbers out in the open. 409 more words


The Internet of Things

I recently read a TechCrunch article in which the author, Greg Kumparak, discussed some of his concerns about the “Internet of Things” (accessible here). In brief, he was wary of the propagation of web-connected appliances (think refrigerators, televisions, thermostats, etc.) insofar as they provide additional areas where individuals may be vulnerable to infection by viruses and attacks by hackers. 206 more words

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Next Generation Automation

This next post in the analysis of disruptive scenarios focuses on next generation automation enabled by combinatorial innovation. By way of reminder, the visual below depicts a convergence of innovations that have historically been viewed in isolation. 2,268 more words