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Best Rides for the Roundtrip

In my hitching experience, I’ve come across some pretty jammin’ rides. As a fellow hitcher, feel free to give me suggestions on which rides should make the “Best Rides for the Roundtrip” list. 387 more words

Internet Radio

Top 10 Most Popular Drivers

Wait, who is this strange person who suddenly appeared out of nowhere? I’m glad you asked! My name is Jatrice Crumblin, a Summer Driver of the hip and happenin’ Hitch Radio, the first instant message for radio! 458 more words

Internet Radio

Navigation Tips/Top 10 Searches in the Fast Lane

In order to avoid getting lost, we must be able to navigate ourselves on the road, right? Well, this also applies with Hitch Radio. It’s almost too easy to find your favorite songs on one of more of the 20,000 radio stations readily available. 299 more words

Internet Radio

An epic battle in streaming music is about to begin, and only a few will survive

“Streaming music, it’s kind of like the moon race, everybody wants to get there first,” says Casey Rae, an adjunct professor at the University of Georgetown and a vice-president of the… 53 more words

Streaming Policy & Ethics

Designated/Start Driver of the Week

Driving from radio station to radio station all around the world can become quite the exhausting experience, especially when you’ve been the main driver for hours on end. 358 more words

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Radio News Dial

I’m the Research Assistant of Hitch Radio, which means I search the web for information on radio, technology, social media, basically the world of entertainment. I do this mostly to gain insight on competitors. 386 more words

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Tuesday night 7-22-14 log into http://www.inthemixxradio.com
for the Soul Exchange Online Radio Show
feat. Hosts/DJ’s Lady Essence & Brown Boi
live @ 9pm -11pm (EST) 43 more words