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Verizon: We Can Basically Charge Netflix For Peering Forever And There’s Nothing The FCC Can Do To Stop It

Ars Technica noticed the filing, which Verizon FiOS submitted yesterday. The eight-page letter lays out Verizon’s familiar argument that the FCC can’t legally regulate Verizon’s broadband business under Title II but adds that even if they could, it wouldn’t help anyway. 87 more words

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Comcast, Charter, TWC All Admit That Strong Net Neutrality Rules Won't Actually Be The End Of...

Every single one of the big ISPs has been spending the better part of a year telling both the government and the public that using Title II to regulate net neutrality would be so counterproductive, ineffective, and unlawful that it would ruin the whole internet for everyone forever. 71 more words

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Netrouting spoofs the spoofers



  1. a humorous imitation of something, typically a film or a particular genre of film, in which its characteristic features are exaggerated for comic effect.
  2. 247 more words
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In the spotlight: My Dedicated Servers

Get in control of your virtual data center!

Introducing the all new Netrouting customer portal. Familiarize yourself with our new user interface with extensive troubleshooting and usability enhancements. 350 more words

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Netrouting adds Network Redundancy with new POP in Stockholm, Sweden

Netrouting, a worldwide provider of web hosting and Internet service solutions, announced the addition of a secondary fiber path linking current facilities located in the Stockholm, Sweden.  217 more words

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There's a world to discover beyond ISP (a poem)

The World Beyond ISP

My mind is sharp, but my body is stiff                                    1
Wanna throw my smart phone off a cliff
It’s only part of the story, the truth becomes skewed… 330 more words

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