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AT&T now offers gigabit internet service in Apple's backyard

AT&T is the first broadband provider to offer gigabit home internet service in Silicon Valley. More specifically, the company announced that its U Verse service in Cupertino, California will support upload and download speeds of up to one gigabit, using all fiber technology in the near future. 35 more words

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AT&T has announced that Apple’s home city of Cupertino will be the first west coast location to get its gigabit fiber Internet service, GigaPower, reports  120 more words

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If you suspect your Netflix is dragging, here’s how to test and find out

The quickest and easiest gauge of Netflix streaming speed and resolution is a test clip that Netflix itself makes available. This short reel allows you to test your streaming speeds using actual content. 177 more words

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Major US pay TV providers lose 300k subs

“The top pay-TV providers lost about 300,000 subscribers in the traditionally weak second quarter, but cumulative net losses in 2Q 2014 were slightly fewer than in any second quarter since 2Q 2010,” said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for… 41 more words

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The internet is so big that it's breaking routers

The core of the problem is the routing table, a map of all the paths through the web that routers use to direct traffic. As the internet grows, so does the routing table, including more and more paths from point to point. 93 more words

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Cord Cutter: Cable Now More Broadband Than TV

While some are warning that the cable broadband vs cable TV inflection point is near, the bean counters at Leichtman Research Group claim it’s already been breached. 34 more words

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Verizon is the worst ISP for streaming Netflix in the U.S., says Netflix

In a post entitled “Netflix ISP Speed Index for July,” Netflix lists the top 16 U.S.-based ISPs for streaming based on average connection speed, according to data compiled by the company. 60 more words

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