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BREAKING: Your Internet could get a lot faster thanks to this FCC ruling

The voted to define broadband as 25 megabytes per second downloading and 3 Mbps uploading, relying on its authority under Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act to “take immediate action to accelerate deployment…by removing barriers to infrastructure investment and by promoting competition in the telecommunications market.” – … 15 more words

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Comcast changes customer's name on bill to “Asshole Brown”

The name on Ms. Brown’s bill had been changed from the reader’s husband’s name, Ricardo, to “Asshole” Brown. Ms. Brown tried to get Comcast to correct the name, going so far as to visit her local Comcast office and phone more senior Comcast execs in the Washington state region. 14 more words

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Google Fiber, Coming Soon To Atlanta And Nashville

If you are a Google nut, you are very excited about this news!  Google announced that they are bringing their Google Fiber service to Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham. 243 more words

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Cuba's Illegal Underground Internet Is Thriving

Beginning in 2001, a small community of tech-savvy Cubans have been building a sprawling mesh network that stretches across Havana. This crowdsourced connectivity takes advantage of hidden Wi-Fi antennas and broadband cables stretched across rooftops to network over 9,000 computers across different neighborhoods in Cuba’s capital. 33 more words

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Google Fiber Could be Coming to North Carolina

Google is holding events in Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte next week according to WRAL TechWire, and it’s very possible they will relate to Google Fiber. According to the publication’s source, Google could begin building the network as soon as this April. 12 more words

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Cox: We're Not Responsible For Pirating Customers

The companies, which control the publishing rights to songs by Katy Perry, The Beatles and David Bowie among others, claimed that Cox has given up its DMCA safe harbor protections due to this inaction. 30 more words

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Dear Telkom, consumers deserve better service

Dear Telkom, You are South Africa’s foremost telecommunications provider. But despite this, your services remain deplorable. I cannot for the life of me fathom how in this day & age of competition, you choose to remain so laid back and do little in terms of customer service. 13 more words