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Web design: more important than you might think

It might not seem like we notice or care about the design of a website, but we most certainly do.

When we are on a website, we probably wouldn’t say “wow, look at this design… the colors, the typography, the composition… so visually appealing…” 79 more words

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Using social media in the professional workplace

More and more companies and businesses are using social media to connect with customers, share information and gain publicity. Professionals can also use social media for fact checking, story ideas and more. 229 more words

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Leaking Photos Threat Against Emma Watson

A while back, Emma Watson made a speech over feminism, launching the HeForShe campaign that’s spreading all over Twitter.

Almost instantly after the speech was given, a threat emerged in the form of 4chan, the infamous site where only the brave tread, for it is filled with what some call “filth and trash.” It threatened to leak nudes of Emma Watson for giving a speech in favor of feminism. 295 more words

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Yesterday, a YouTube video was uploaded by a comedian named Sam Pepper, where he goes around and decides to walk up to girls and pinch their butts… 242 more words

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Our world seems to be overrun with technology, and it’s only going to get worse as time goes on. We’ve already become so dependent and it is so integrated into our lives that there’s really no way to turn around. 95 more words

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Facebook Privacy: What's in a Name?

Facebook is trying to knock down on its own privacy settings (again), the most recent being to have a cute dinosaur icon assist people in changing their own settings for their own things. 594 more words

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Leaked Celebrity Photos

Well, I’m just gonna beat the dead horse in and talk about the leaked pictures of celebrities. 

Yes, it’s a part of internet and society, because everyone knows by now that someone hacked the cloud to get the pictures. 381 more words

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