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That One Time I Was Nearly Scammed

Over the summer, I had been surfing the internet, scrolling through Twitter absentmindedly. Then I get a message from someone that I never knew before… 511 more words

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Internet Royalty

– Patrons of Uber and Foursquare arrive at Starbucks, hold court with commoners –

Arc de Silicon Valley

Electronic gateway entrance to Fry’s Electronics, Silicon Valley, Utopia.


Earlier this month, a lecture about video games at the Utah State University was canceled due to threats about shootings and bombings and whatever it is to cause action. 407 more words

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Net Neutrality

Many people have never heard of net neutrality, but it is a very important issue regarding the Internet and society.

If net neutrality didn’t exist, big tech businesses could pick and choose content and apps they want to provide, and charge users more for access to different content/services.  36 more words

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Getting Information Too Fast?

As my dad had put it earlier this evening, “The internet is a touch away.” And to demonstrate it, he got his phone, unlocked it, and pressed the globe app, opening up his last webpage he was looking at. 331 more words

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Amazon Pantry

Back in April, Amazon started up a new service called Amazon Pantry. This service allows for customers to receive grocery items through the mail. Now, people don’t have to go to the store to buy food; they can just shop online. 69 more words

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