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Wolff explains how now most of the Internet traffic isn’t real. Most of the Internet traffic is caused by bots only to get more traffic for Google or other purposes. 57 more words

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How to get highly targeted web traffic in minutes? Shocking video, check this out.


AT&T Challenges Net Neutrality

In this blog we often discuss the issue of ISPs discriminating and controlling internet traffic. Here’s an article about AT&T challenging net neutrality by offering to lower internet bills if the FCC lets ISPs charge web companies for faster delivery of certain content.

Net Neutrality

Tab Accelerator Traffic Exchange Software

Using Tab Accelerator you will be able to spend less time surfing now that you gain more for your efforts.

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Manage Your Network Traffic Priority in OpenWRT with QoS on LuCI

QoS or Quality of Service is equivalent to traffic shaping but with packet prioritization , application classification and queuing at congestion points

With QoS you can prioritize network traffic selected by addresses, ports or services.


Net Neutrality is Not a Threat to Future Media

You may think that the net neutrality debate is controversial today, but when the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009 was written, people were just as quick to speak out against our cause. 477 more words

Net Neutrality

Traffic Shaping on OpenWRT with Wshaper on LuCI

Wshaper or Wonder Shaper is traffic shaper using HTB Algorithm that turn your internet traffic to low latency and guarantee performance

Reasons to choose wshaper is simple and zero configuration that automatically optimize the internet for low latency and more