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Net Neutrality is Not a Threat to Future Media

You may think that the net neutrality debate is controversial today, but when the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009 was written, people were just as quick to speak out against our cause. 477 more words

Net Neutrality

Traffic Shaping on OpenWRT with Wshaper

Wshaper or Wonder Shaper is traffic shapper using HTB Algorithm that turn your internet traffic to low latency and guarantee performance

Reasons to choose wshaper is simple and zero configuration that automatically optimize the internet for low latency and more… 183 more words


Anthony Morrison Will Teach You How You Can Acquire Highly Targeted Website Traffic In A few minutes

Generating a company require loads of foremost, first and procedures you will need a capital first of all. To earn money it is advisable to send money. 834 more words

Anthony Morrison

日本と世界のインターネット・トラフィック - 2014年/3月

Stat Counter で見た、2014年 3月までのデータです ・・・ 

2014年の 2月に続いて、Stat Counter のトラフィック分析結果をクリッピングしました。先月と同じく、プラットフォームごとの分析は止めにして、モバイルも、タブレットも、そして Mac も Windows も、すべてが混在の分析です。 具体的には、1:Browser/2:Browser Version/3:Operating System/ 59 more words


Three tips to generating more online traffic

Three tips to generating more online traffic

Hey what’s going on Internet land thanks for stopping by my article today about three tips to generating more online traffic… 1,020 more words

Online Marketing

Comcast Blocks File-Sharing (2007)

As mentioned in our previous blog post, in 2007 Comcast blocked file-sharing among users and controlled internet traffic.

Comcast was eventually sued, and this link… 12 more words


Video 2 is LIVE :-)


Did you see the first video Vick put up couple of days ago?

It went VIRAL.

In the first 2 hours it got over 2,000 comments! 235 more words