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Russia’s domestic Internet traffic mysteriously passes through Chinese routers

This isn’t a simple case of BRICS implementing their own Internet, to circumvent NSA spying… Russia’s Internet traffic has been passing through China, the purpose of which remains a mystery to the vast majority. 497 more words

The interwebs in America, in a single chart

There is growing disquiet, particularly in publishing circles—see David Carr (paywall) in the New York Times–about Facebook’s growing dominance of the internet. This chart from Morgan Stanley only feeds the flames.

Ways to Boost Your Website's Popularity and Online Ranking Status

Website popularity can be measured in many ways, most definitively by looking at online rankings and website traffic. Both of these metrics go hand in hand, because higher traffic numbers result in higher web ranking results. 267 more words

Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Quality traffic and no quality traffic

Quality traffic and no quality traffic…

Which ones you usually get?

Where does your quality traffic comes from and where does your non-quality traffic comes from?

Feel free to share here…

Ticketek traffic monitoring


Ticketek.com.au is an Australian website used for booking tickets to events of a wide variety. The image pictured below shows the top keywords that direct traffic to the ticketek website. 157 more words