The Effects of the Internet on Adolescents

Ninety percent of teens are online and that number is still growing. The effects that the internet can have on adolescents are notorious. They affect multiple aspects of life, mainly concerning performance in school.  784 more words


Social Media Demographics

How deeply has the internet penetrated US society? What kind of people are online? How many US adults who are online make use of social media? 661 more words


Brazil has the world's biggest internet addicts

Thanks to its young population armed with smartphones, Brazil beat nine other internet-connected countries for its citizens’ frequency of web use, according to a new report… 239 more words

Don't Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain.

In life, there is a lot that people take for granted.  In the front of the most dangerous aspect of our culture, is the seemingly innocence of social networking.   854 more words


How Meaningful Is Our Online Interaction?

In my last blog, I speculated about the effect the Queen’s first tweet might have on the willingness of seniors to try new technology.

Data from Pew Research Center’s 2014 Internet Project, based on a telephone survey of U.S. 391 more words