Are You a Digital Hoarder?

Spring cleaning. A daunting but necessary annual task for most people. But as you dust your ceiling fan, clean out your freezer, and purge your closet, have you considered doing some cleaning up for the digital possessions you’ve accumulated over the years? 655 more words

Habit Breaking

Internet leads to loss of faith

There are a few factors that have a strong association with religious affiliation, like whether your parents were religious and how much formal education you have, but Professor Allen B. 301 more words

Ryan Hite

More seniors are online, but tech adoption remains slow for some

TORONTO – Despite more senior citizens saying they use the Internet on a regular basis, most are still lagging behind the rest of the adult population when it comes to tech adoption, according to a new study. 607 more words


My Right to Free Speech

“It has become apparent that after about a decade of internet use that the above equation holds true. Give someone with low self-esteem anonymous access to an internet forum and what you get is the worst that humanity has to offer. 460 more words

It's an outrage! It's a scandal!

Ok maybe it’s not a scandal, but what I’m about to tell you is pretty outrageous.

Some of my favorite questions are the ones about my career. 526 more words


The Bottlenecks of Using the Internet

Internet is the greatest innovation on the field of technology. With vast information and knowledge that can be searched all the time, one cannot determine if what he or she got is credible. 107 more words


10 Awesome Things About NOT Having A Facebook Account

So, I recently deactivated my Facebook account for good. At the time, it seemed like a good idea. In the afterglow of the ensuing Facebook-free week, it seemed like an even better idea. 606 more words