Deleting Facebook

During this age and time of the internet, most people tend to have a Facebook (there will even be the occasional person with two or three accounts), and thus naturally, most people tend to react in shock when someone mentions the possibility of deleting their Facebook. 1,109 more words


Intermittent internet

We don’t have internet at home. We’ve looked at all the options, and it’s a case of choosing the lesser of the evils instead of a getting a good deal. 549 more words


Canadians spend nearly $1000 a year on online shopping

VANCOUVER – A new study says more than eight in 10 Canadian Internet users have made an online purchase in the past year with cosmetics, furniture and pet products among popular items. 189 more words


Why Privacy Is Dead

In the past, only celebrities, politicians, and royalty were familiar with the scrutiny that comes with the fame, the fortune, and the power of the limelight. 301 more words


The job of jobhunting (2)

How do you spend your time when you are unemployed?  In a previous post,  I reviewed the conventional techniques (job listings, online bulletin boards, classified ads, a resume honed to perfection) that should occupy a portion of your day. 233 more words

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Popular Unpopularity

The internet, with all its anonymity, produces an intense amount of haters. Hiding behind their computer screens, with the ability to make fake profiles and accounts, people feel safe enough to unleash the raging monster from within, often ignorant and condescending towards others. 523 more words

Internet Use