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Website hits

The busiest day our school website has seen until this week was Thursday 18 July 2013 … the day after last year’s Year 6 Leavers’ Prom. 199 more words


Samar al-Hallaq, a maker of Tapestry, killed in Gaza

Last week in Halifax Nova Scotia, Christians, Jews and Muslims marched together for Peace in Gaza and Israel. Its what Canadians do when it becomes clear the people who are supposed to represent all of us determine its politically expedient to only represent some of us, or worse, remain silent. 1,018 more words


Meme Therapy

I’ve always loved internet memes.

They’re a bit like insights; observations that others might have experienced. Unlike insights they’re seldom useful in the business world. 305 more words

Tech seeks life after death for accounts - By Kate Tummarello - 07/24/14 06:00 AM EDT

Members of the tech industry and estate lawyers are pushing Congress to tweak an email privacy law to ensure that digital accounts don’t die when their users do. 536 more words


The Fuhrer of Pharyngula

I wrote a post the other day on a well-known individual named Paul Zachary Myers, which I deleted because it went to a part of the site it wasn’t supposed to, and there seemed no way to move it so I sent it to Trash. 140 more words


Bananas are not the only fruit

I’ve been wondering how to write about this for some time, at first I wasn’t going to write about it at all because after all there is a stigma attached. 1,484 more words