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Kevin McGroarty Has The Last Laugh

EXETER — People from across the Wyoming Valley paid their respects on Monday to a well-known man from West Pittston who died last week.

The man is even better known now after his upbeat, self-written obituary… 327 more words


Tomorrow I will

Hubby and I like to joke that our biggest problem, individually and jointly, is the big P.

We even have a song for it, sung to Kool and the Gang’s original. 632 more words


Disconnect & Creativity

Metropolis life
Information addiction
Mental exhaustion

Far from media
Pockets of silence are found
Centeredness restored

Do you ever feel like you are addicted to information? 262 more words


Brikk's Lux iPhone 6 gold, platinum and diamond embellished collection up for pre-order

Brikk’s Lux iPhone 6 gold, platinum and diamond embellished collection up for pre-order
The prices range from $4,495 for the plated models, to $8,395 for the plated diamond logo models. 9 more words


A Realization - Facebook

I was on facebook scrolling through my newsfeed when I realized it had been some time since I had seen a post from one of my friends. 295 more words


New facial recognition technology brings Big Brother closer to home

Scanning thousands of faces at once and comparing them against a database of wanted people has been the stuff of science fiction for decades. But it’s inching closer to reality and this will be one of the big pushes to getting it into play around the world. 8 more words


Site com tutoriais para blogueiros amadores e profissionais

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