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Our 300-person company runs entirely on the cloud. Here's how

Close to 300 employees work for Freshdesk, and most of our work life is online. This would have been nearly impossible a few years ago, but it’s sort of the norm today for a business like us. 883 more words

Cyberspace is that you?

Week 2’s lecture for DIGC202 explored the topic of “Global Nervous Systems” and the evolution of communications technologies, from the telegraph to cyberspace.

In the context of the lecture: the global nervous system refers to the telecommunications networks and channels that have been created and developed, allowing the world to be as easily connected as it is today. 273 more words


Godzilla...is...BATMAN!! (And Sailor Moon, and Luigi too, apparently) 【Photos】

We have a hard time imagining that anyone but the dimmest Gotham City resident would be especially shocked to learn that mysterious millionaire and occasional shut-in Bruce Wayne was the man behind the Dark Knight’s mask all along, but we doubt anyone saw this coming. 223 more words


Online Workforce

We are a society of networked citizens. The dream of a job that stays a job and doesn’t infiltrate every other aspect of our lives is dissipating quickly when we are always… 341 more words