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Amenazas del internet: Hoax

Una de las amenazas que más proliferan en la son precisamente los Hoax, que no son más que noticias falsas, mensajes llamativos, o inocentes cadenas descritas de forma tal que es difícil resistirse a abrir el correo electrónico o el anuncio que las mencionan. 341 more words

Tecnologías De La Información

Affordable help for Hotmail password recovery issues

Hotmail is a Webmail service and users can access Hotmail from a Web browser anywhere in the world. It was one of the first free email services launched with online support in setting up and maintaining users contacts. 229 more words


The Hidden (yet interesting) Side of Blogging

Writing and reading blogs is always fun, however the hidden side of blogging can be equally interesting and perhaps at times intriguing. The hidden side, as I call it, are the statistics and other information that bloggers can read behind the scenes. 776 more words

Debra Hunter

Gawker, You're A Bland, Boring, Embarrassment -- Please Cover The Daquan Meme

By Shelton Bumgarner

No one listens to me.

But, when they do, cool things happen.

Right now, Gawker should be listening to me. They should be covering the Daquan Meme like crazy. 337 more words


The End of Language

In a week full of depressing headlines, nothing we’ve read so far has left us quite so glum as a professor’s lament at site on the far academic corners of the internet. 833 more words


Seattle Takes Oracle's Cloud by QUENTIN HARDY


The Pacific Northwest city continues its rise as the world’s center of cloud computing, moving from infrastructure to applications. Oracle is kicking off a 100-person engineering facility, which over time is expected to affect sales, training, and much more of how Oracle works with customers. 13 more words


This road I travel. #3

Many of the changes I have encountered in my life occurred years ago, when I began to step out of the cocoon of my early church upbringing.   555 more words