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All of us were devastated by Robin Williams’ untimely death last week. 189 more words

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I'm sorry, Brian Figurski

In case no one knows the reasons for my absence of preposterous web presence, I have been in dire need of finding a decent job that pays for me to be taken seriously, since finding a decent job that pays for me to not be taken seriously isn’t really a thriving industry in the middle of the desert. 790 more words

Mystère des Internets : récapitulatif

Les recherches concernant le mystère des internets n’ont jamais cessé d’évoluer, devenant de plus en plus complexes et de plus en plus inaccessibles aux personnes le découvrant en cours de route. 2,136 more words

Antoine Daniel

Ten clickbait headlines for your website

Need some clickbait headlines to bring in traffic? Try some of these:

1. 10 clickbait headlines for your website

2. 9 clickbait headlines for your website… 50 more words


I am unreasonably bothered by the fact that the Know Your Meme entry for ALL THE THINGS cites its origin as the June 17 2010… 63 more words

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McClellan shows how Agenda Policy change reveals #GPSBoard Majority's #reignoferror

For his most recent commentary in the East Valley Tribune, Gilbert resident Mike McClellan aptly breaks down the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board Majority’s (Staci Burk, Julie Smith and Daryl Colvin) over reach of power and how a loyal employee was singled out by these three despite the recommendation of multiple superintendents and the mayor of Gilbert, an issue that… 1,555 more words

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