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Man gets penis chopped off, people talk sausages.

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See for yourself, in case you needed another reason to question the collective of ideas you’ve been living with about how awesome humans are.

Speaking of Trust...

Earlier this week I got a blog hit from an old post I had up on Offbeat Families (they choose the titles and photos by the way) – a cool website but they no longer publish new content, they are just reposting older pieces and promoting them on social media. 604 more words


Desligue a TV e vá ver um vídeo 1# - KEXP

Você já teve uma ideia MUITO, mas MUITO foda a noite antes de dormir e de manhã, no dia seguinte, você pensa como a sua ideia foi uma merda e ela não era tão legal quanto parecia? 563 more words


Revengerists Hoax

You were probably shocked to learn that The Revengerists saved the planet several tiems. This is simply untrue – they’ve saved our current timeline several times – by tricking kaiju and other enemies to destroy earths on alternate timelines – making this alpha-uno-prime timeline the best and brightest possibly. 156 more words

Comic Book

Don't be a twit... ter

Those of you who know me fairly well will know that I’m pretty much a Facebook addict. I love it. All of the Facebook. It’s the best thing ever for keeping in contact with people that I rarely see due to them living in different parts of the country/world, stalking people that have annoyed me so that I can take one of their profile pictures to use for a dark and satanic ritual inolving goat sacrifice, or for reading ridiculous things that stupid people have posted so that I can feel superior about myself. 454 more words