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Da last of da internship.

As the title reads, unfortunately, this was my last week as an intern.  Even though it was my last week, I did a lot of awesome things before I had to go.   241 more words


Yummy biscuits and a new arrival

Hello everyone !

It’s me again, after a nice day off.

Today was so busy ! We had a woman with all these macaroons and biscuits to shoot. 119 more words


Endless echoes

Hijrah, out-source, time-value, money-value and most of the life parts confined under that circumstance – echoed again. This time, louder and longer.


And I know it is just a matter of time. 66 more words


So You Matched!

When I underwent Phase II for the second time, I was completely emotionally wiped out. I have talked before about my strategy of applying to every site that had an opening. 595 more words


The starving lobster

It was an emotional-lobster-feeding indeed. My fault for couldn’t make it yesterday. I unintentionally creating my one-more-day-holiday. Haha, seriously it’s not my intention. I supposed to feed up all those creatures yang never really know what… 175 more words


Views from the Cube: Orange Coast Magazine Intern Brooke Wanser

As much as I hated to admit it, I needed to find an internship. Being in Medill for two years without interning somewhere feels akin to getting a makeover at the mall without purchasing any makeup. 502 more words


fluffy bags and some long-familiar male models

Hi everybody,

finally I’m back in the studio and I have to say I already missed it having more than one day off..

Today we had some very interesting products to photograph. 118 more words