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Out with the old; Looking for the new

I am honored to be one of three interns to last at Kennedy Creative Events for the past four months. We started with nine, and dwindled since- not because they hated it, but because unpaid internships are hard. 363 more words

H5 in Action

H5 – Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.  Preparing students for roles in society means allowing them the opportunity to try different responsibilities and tasks. 387 more words


Earth Day Celebration

H5- Honor student potential for roles in the greater society: Teacher-candidates prepare students to be responsible citizens for an environmentally sustainable, globally interconnected, and diverse society. 357 more words

My First Lesson: Elementary Edition

Planning and teaching lessons has probably been one of the most intimidating things I’ve learned since beginning my MLIS program. I don’t always feel that I articulate myself well orally. 882 more words

School Library

Day 8

OHMYGOD YOU GUYS yesterday was sooo intense you have no idea.

Celebrity Mom

E2 - Internship Entry

E2 – Exemplify collaboration within the school. Collaboration within a school invites creativity, shared knowledge and engaging students in multiple modes of thinking, doing, and producing. 455 more words


A style of Blue Eyes

Maybe, like me, when you saw rising star Lana del Rey hit the charts you never thought that her look was the responsibility of a man even more surprising than the artist herself. 870 more words