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Design Love

So starting this past Wednesday, I’ve been the lone designer and will be until next thursday. My supervisor Nate is on vacation, or at least vacation from sitting at his desk. 284 more words

Bottoms Up Beer Internship

Week 9 out of 10!!! | July 27th

Today marked the first day of my second to last week of my internship!! Highlights for the upcoming week!

1. STL status on Monday and Operational Review is on Tuesday! 111 more words

Here's to you, OKC

What am I supposed to say to the city I was supposed to hate? The place that I joked about being stuck in for the whole summer? 549 more words


Short and Sweet. Or so I wish.

Remember me writing last week that the last post was going to be a lot shorter than usual because I was sleep deprived? Well, it’s going to be the same way again this time, too. 493 more words

Ananya Shrestha

Week 4 at BP: Remote Access – the convenience of technology


As the saying goes, patience really is a virtue! This past week had a number of hurdles to overcome and patience and perseverance were exercised to the maximum. 841 more words


A day in the life of a Fashion Intern

I hate it when people ask about my day – you know the type of people who say it in passing, to make small talk or to just be polite, they don’t really care about your day. 862 more words


Terezín: NM Central Depository and former military fortress

Reflecting back on Alexas’ and my first week of our internship with the National Museum, there was one trip outside of Prague that really sticks out in our minds. 391 more words