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Exercise to Test MARS-ARES Interoperability

Interesting exercise detailed below. I would do more with it than this, but suspect this is just an initial “let’s walk before we try running” type of exercise. 566 more words


Murmurs, Rubs & Gallops-10/10/2014

JAMA Internal Medicine Blog contributors on what captured their attention this week.

Open Payments, the federal government program that collects information about the financial relationships between physicians and teaching hospitals and health care manufacturing companies and makes some of this information publicly available, is a work in progress. 307 more words

Editor's Corner

Katherine M: Weekly Response #5

A recurring topic in our readings has been the difficulty of maintaining catalogue vocabularies to enable translations between institutions. The Baker article seemed hopeful about the future of library standards we are currently building through linked communities, citing the example of Europeana. 127 more words

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Cradlepoint Provides Automatic Network Failover with 3G/4G Broadband

Wireless 4G for Branch Offices and Backup Redundancy

As cloud computing continues to grow so does the dependence on internet access. “Internet failures” will cripple productivity for an office full of workers or abruptly stop a retail store from processing customer credit cards. 339 more words


Sedikit tentang interoperabilitas (dalam sistem informasi kesehatan)

Interoperabilitas adalah kemampuan dua sistem atau lebih untuk saling bertukar informasi, dan menggunakan informasi yang saling dipertukarkan tersebut. Kebutuhan akan interoperabilitas nyata di lingkungan fasilitas kesehatan yang menggunakan lebih dari satu sistem informasi. 358 more words


WebRTC Media Streams

—SDP signaling and negotiation for media plane

—Media plane adaptation is done at the SBC for network carried media,

—Media plane adaptation/support should be done for all network hosted media services which face peer-to-peer media clients… 206 more words