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NIEM: How Good a Model Is It?

Ever since the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) was developed, I’ve been curious: Just how good a model is it?

That may seem like a peculiar question, so let’s take a step back and ask a more basic one first: In what sense (or senses) is NIEM a model at all? 802 more words


IoT and PLM have common problem - data interoperability

One of the heavily debated topics in CAD/PLM industry is data interoperability. I remember discussion about data interoperability and standards 10-15 years ago. Even vendors made some progress in establishing of independent data formats, the problem is still here. 438 more words

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The Political Economy of Financial Inclusion Policy

> Posted by Elisabeth Rhyne, Managing Director, CFI

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The CFI’s Financial Inclusion 2020 project team has been talking to the experts lately to get their views on the main recommendations that came out of our… 665 more words

Center For Financial Inclusion

We don't "Lobby" in Healthcare IT, we "Advocate"

As someone who grew up in other countries before becoming a naturalized American, there’s always been some kind of fascination when it comes to what is called “lobbying” in the United States. 309 more words

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How Nashorn Impacts API Evolution on a New Level

Following our previous article about how to use jOOQ with Java 8 and Nashorn, one of our users discovered a flaw in using the jOOQ API… 678 more words


Interoperability standards – One size doesn’t fit all

Industry standards are all around us. Light bulbs, whether you buy halogen or energy efficient, fit into the same socket. The same goes for flash drives – they fit in all types of computers. 338 more words


Successful Health Information Exchange across all settings not easy but benefits providers and patients

Widespread Health Information Exchange (HIE) contributes to the ultimate goals of achieving better health, better care, and making care patient-centered, all at a lower cost. These objectives have been the motto behind numerous initiatives to improve health care, and integration of HIE is becoming more important than ever. 305 more words