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Invoking .Net methods that have "out" or "ref" parameters

The latest release of Essence# introduces the ability to invoke .Net methods that have “out” or “ref” parameters. This post will explain what those are, why supporting them is a technical challenge, and how to pass such parameters to .Net methods that use them. 1,289 more words

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Acts: New Release Of Essence# Introduces Threads

Essence# was released to the public almost 2 months ago. Since that time, the following features and capabilities have been added: Exceptions, Collections, Traits, Announcements and .Net Events, passing blocks as parameters to .Net methods where the corresponding parameter is a .Net delegate, and defining Essence# classes that represent .Net generic type definitions. 1,497 more words


Static Typing And Interoperability

Static typing inhibits interoperability. It does so between class libraries and their clients, and also between programming languages.

The reason is simply because static typing violates encapsulation in general, and improperly propagates constraints that aren’t justifiable as architectural, design or implementation requirements in particular. 1,369 more words

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How To Develop Code For Essence# Using Your Favorite Smalltalk's Development Tools

Essence# currently provides no support for any sort of GUI. Nor does it provide any code editing or code browsing tools. You might think that that means that the only way to develop code in Essence# is to use generic text editors, but such is not the case. 1,950 more words

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An intuitive Payer-Provider Solution that "Cares to Connect"

Sometimes I have the opportunity to connect with interesting people that want to provide better healthcare collaboration like myself. Recently, I was introduced to such an individual in Suresh Kumar, the founder of a solution called “vCareConnect”. 695 more words

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