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The Love Revolution - A New Way of Looking at Love

I am writing a book on loving relationships because I am interested in personal development, personal effectiveness, personal relationships and interpersonal skills. I have developed successful approaches before which I wrote about in the People Skills Revolution. 729 more words

EduVen – A creative toy for growing kids

Before mobiles, kids learn to use laptops and before saying mom-dad, kids learn to speak Facebook/ Whatsapp. The trend is changing, so why not the way of development? 395 more words


2 "Must Do" activities to retain your clients & Grow your business

Those busy people at CoreData have released a report today identifying that almost 1 in 3 clients are at risk of walking away from their financial adviser and advice altogether. 189 more words


Goal setting theory By Locke & Latham

Goal setting is an essential part for an organization’s and an individual’s development as well. There are lot of approaches recommended by many experts. One of them, which we are taking it for our discussion in this blog is “Theory of Goal Setting & Task Performance – Locke & Latham”. 339 more words

Interpersonal Skills

World Wide Nonviolence Training Comes to North Carolina


The Alternatives to Violence Project, a fun, engaging group process has been widely used in prisons, schools, traumatized cultures, government agencies, etc. for over 35 years and over 18,000 workshops facilitated by professionals and non-professionals.   87 more words


Quietness - Does It Come from Shyness and Fear or Calm Spiritual Confidence?

Shyness is a weakness in the personal and emotional growth of the individual. As a child and teenager I was very quiet and shy. Apart from a naturally introspective personality, the quietness was primarily driven by fear. 501 more words