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Remodeled Seattle Home Creates a Cheerful Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Creating a private, personal haven that allows you to rest, rejuvenate and spend time with friends and family right at home is a trend that is quickly catching on. 22 more words

Sir Yang and Lady Yin

Yang fills up half a circular space. He moves. And wherever he moves, the negative space conforms perfectly to him. He calls the space She; and then he calls her Yin. 67 more words


Holy Mother of Conflict

Okay opening up this week with conflict from chapter 11 from Interplay we discover that conflict is what we do and that there is really no way to not have any conflict at all in your life. 571 more words

Interpersonal Communication

Artist Feature - Anita Bondi and Louise Bowman - co-directors Wellspring Holistic Center

Many of you already know this but occasionally we get someone new in the office that says, “there is something similar about the two of you.” “Your mannerisms or I just can’t put my finger on it.” 509 more words


BASCULE: Creating balance or purging instability!?!

Perception makes all the difference, they say! We are metaphorical beings, we understand everything metaphorically, PERCEIVE metaphorically. All of religion is based on metaphors and symbols and so are our lives! 1,382 more words

BASCULE: The Act of Balance

The dark is anĀ intriguing phenomenon. Marry it off to shrieking silence, and its power to do crazy things to your brain grows many-fold. Its amazing how they, together, have the ability to make you delve deep into your consciousness and pull out things you never thought existed, make connections you never would have thought of otherwise, connect dots like they were actually lying in a sequence for you to see. 386 more words