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We are all interpreters

When I say ‘no’ to one my daughters, she will often interpret this as ‘yes’.

When I say ‘later’, she will often interpret this as ‘now’. 445 more words

Tend Your Own Knitting

God’s Word: Romans 14:1-23   (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

If you decide others need correction or to learn some manners I can handle that without your help. 373 more words

A sense of destiny

Disorientation is normal and healthy.

A normal human relationship moves from dependence to independence, but a healthy relationship with our heavenly Father moves in the opposite direction. 301 more words

Introduction to Function Notation (L9.2)

This lesson introduces function notation and emphasizes the relationship between ordered pairs and function notation. Function inputs and outputs are found.

III. Algebra Videos

Understanding is more than Words

What does it mean to write? Does it mean to simply put words to page, or is there something more? Anyone may push a button on a keyboard, or scribble a word down on paper. 502 more words

Interpreting Life's Interruptions

My son and I pushed, pulled and lifted our old big screen television into my minivan to haul it off to the dump and I was feeling excited about getting rid of old things.  594 more words


Avoiding the Eyes of Death

I saw a few people walk towards a tree; first a scientist. He was marvelled about it. Then he was terrified and ran away.

I was perplexed. 363 more words