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Spiders spiders spiders

Please interpret my dreams!

I have had 3 spider dreams recently. The pain experiment one from my last post and 2 others.

The second one… 764 more words

“Closure is just as delusive-it is the false hope that we can deaden our living grief.”

The Examined Life: How we lose and find ourselves - Stephen Grosz

Follows in a disarray order of Stephen Grosz’s personal patients (not publicly named), of their intimate struggles and accomplishments that provides some light into the minds of patient’s undergoing psychoanalysis… which also teaches and reveals reflective life lessons. 206 more words


J is for Jhumpa Lahiri #GuestPost

This post is contributed by S. She doesn’t write too often, but when she writes, she does it brilliantly. You can check her Blog here… 454 more words



“Nobody is perfect” it’s a very common and well known phrase we come across in everyday life.

Whenever we give a fresh start to our work we feel we are going to do wonders towards its completion and if in due course it just goes the other way round we satisfy ourselves by saying “no one can be perfect” . 406 more words

Random Thoughts....from Perceptions

My Side Of The Story

I know there are two sides to every story and you probably didn’t read it the way I interpret it. You can draw your conclusions and I will write out mine but when it comes to our chapter, my side is the only one that matters. 14 more words