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Theological 10-step Guide to the Evolution Theory for Conservatives

Here is a little ten-step guide for conservative believers to start thinking seriously about the evolution theory. Since I am a theologian, this is an account that touches primarily on the theological side of things.


Food for Thought-Tell Me What I Just Said

All the words in the paragraph below are real words that were once in common English usage, mostly during the 18 and 19th century.  Most are still the Oxford English Dictionary. 71 more words

Food For Thought

Changing direction?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking around my participation in the Portus MOOC a few weeks back. This post is an attempt to get my thoughts in order, so I apologise in advance for any disjointedness. 1,598 more words


Flash of Light

This is a different kind of post today.  I am looking to you for your interpretation or ideas regarding an unexplainable event that my family experienced.  546 more words


Why do you read the Bible?

This might seem like a simple question for those of us who are Christians. We might answer that we read the Bible because God commands us to therefore we do it out of obedience. 223 more words

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In Touch with Touchscreens

On a number of museum visits recently, I have noticed that although they appear flashy and exciting, I have very little inclination to sit or stand at a self-contained touchscreen exhibit. 779 more words