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A Note on Science: Believability vs. Intelligibility.

The central question here is question of intelligibility of our scientific worldview and whether or not it matters.

Curiously, and unrelated to my own interest in the subject, latest trends in some philosophical circles seem to be directed toward rethinking of modern interpretation of works of founders of modern science and philosophy. 2,167 more words


(PART 1) What’s in a name?: The Didactic Katydid talks Poetry, Nabokov, Museum Interpretation, and why she actually hates the word “Didactic”

So, I thought it would be a good idea to explain the title of my blog: “The Didactic Katydid.” It might sound a bit strange to some of you, and familiar to others. 1,090 more words


Dream: The Diving Boards

I’m swimming in a large indoor pool. Soft light comes in through the windows on one wall. Two diving boards sit above the pool on perpendicular sides of the water. 279 more words


Zeke v. Derrida, Part Three: Concessions

I ended my last post with some concessions to Derridean thought, with the intention of leaving it at that and going on to address counter-arguments and conclusions.  2,515 more words


Writing: Put Your Head Down and Hope for the Best

In writing I have learned how even the smallest choice of words can allow for misinterpretation.  The more I write the more that words seem like a puzzle that can only partially be solved, that conveying the intention of meaning can at best be only mostly realized.   465 more words

Dreams to dream

I’ve been dreaming a lot about my parents lately. It’ll be five years since they passed. Is it really that long already? Wow.
I miss them like crazy, but often find myself unflinchingly self assured that our relationship continues…it’s just shifted slightly. 479 more words

Personal Growth

Snowmageddon .... again

There were vehicle curfews; they had to be off the streets by 9 PM.

Grocery stores were emptied. “Everybody is buying bread, milk, and eggs.” What’s that about? 523 more words