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Portugal. The Man - 'Creep In A T-Shirt'

I’m sorry, Mr. Policeman,
If I wanted to talk I would have called a friend.
Don’t worry. When I get back home, 
I’ll just stay in bed, I’m better off alone.

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Day 244: September 1

Gah – September already! 8 months down and 4 to go. Where has the year gone?

Simple geometric lines create so many different shapes…Obviously, it’s an arrow, but why can’t it be a lamp? 17 more words


No Way to Live

It is possible,
though it may seem,
to imagine
that right now
is a most exquisite
Love note
written with
you in mind,

to imagine that… 184 more words


Human Sculpture


dynamic poses


moments between stimuli

spirit and motion

solid to liquid to gas


we’re formless shapes

smiles spreading across cheeks

spontaneous expressions… 17 more words


It's All a Matter of Understanding the Terms

This year marks my twentieth year in NAI. It is not really a remarkable achievement but came about in a round-about-manner. I had been associated with the organization since 1991, having been invited to a couple of regional activities and the Vail national workshop. 1,046 more words


Audience Interpretation vs. Creator's Intention

So recently, we’ve been told that Hello Kitty has been fooling us all for 40 years. Despite the cat ears, the white fur, the paws, the cat nose, and the whiskers, she is, in fact, a little girl. 1,072 more words


Apocalyptic Fears: Executing Peace by Katherine McDaniel

How do we deal with things that scare and anger us? Art can help us work through fear toward hope.

My newest painting came about while I was meditating on fear. 915 more words