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The fear in questioning

Scripture Reading: Acts 4:32-5:11

So, I am a Christian.  In some of my circles, this is a comfortable title.  I’ve been in Christian youth groups, in churches and well, in America for most of my life. 963 more words


Photo/Quote of the Day

A connected world is a polyglot world. As we gain access to the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of people around the world, our potential for knowledge and understanding expands.

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Mind The Gap

Common Interpretive Pitfalls

by John MacArthur

Every paratrooper knows precisely where he is supposed to land, but no paratrooper will jump without also knowing the surrounding territory. To do otherwise can leave one disoriented and lost, which can have disastrous consequences. 1,189 more words

Biblical Interpretation

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Great article by one of my favorite preachers. Too many preachers have gotten away from allowing Scripture to be the driving force behind their sermons. Too many decide what the point is they wish to make and then poke around in The Bible trying to support it.

Beyond Stats 101: A Computational Revolution for Educational Research?

In practical terms, statistics is all about data reduction. When we use statistics in real life settings, we typically start with a set of observations or measurements that are too numerous and too complexly interrelated to make any human sense out of whatsoever, and then we apply a set of mathematical techniques to transform all of that messy data into numbers and graphs that human beings have learned to interpret in a more intuitive fashion. 575 more words

Methodology And Research Design

Pretty Packwood and a bit more Baddesley

Recently I went down to stay with my dear friend and help out at her work, as well as indulge in some much need catching up over tea and cake! 803 more words


Biblical Revelation and Interpretation

When a person receives a revelation he/she uncovers something previously unknown to them. In the case of biblical revelation, God reveals Himself and what He thinks to His people something previously unknown about Him. 643 more words

Zombie Tarot: Wheel of Fortune

Symbols to Consider:

  • The wheel
  • Zombie woman strapped to wheel
  • Left side of her body is heavily damaged
  • Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets
  • Primary colors
  • 9 bullet holes, 4 swords…
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