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Thomas Was Alone: it's hip to be square

Thomas Was Alone is a video game created by independent developer Mike Bithell.  The player controls a collection of quadrilaterals, solving puzzles and hopping from platform to platform, combining the skills possessed by the different shapes, to lead all of them to the goal.   696 more words


The Adventure Ends: Losing Nemo

In the weeks since my last post I’ve tried sitting down to write another instalment, but every time I have failed. The stories are still there: naked massages, convertible Mustangs, sleeping in parks. 630 more words


Does there need to be a 'right' answer?

My husband has a very Scientific brain.  He studied Zoology at university and he now marks GCSE Biology papers.  What he likes about Science is that there are (usually) correct answers.   503 more words

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

-Robert Frost

That has been one of my favorite quotes for a while because it’s the truest and most simple way to explain life.

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Be The Verb

when we lost

our son

we lost

each other


we were shells





different ways

of grieving




our raw pain… 29 more words


Micro Musings

Given below are some micro musings that aim at putting forward the gist of a situation or emotion. Blend in your thoughts and add color to the scenario. 20 more words


Map Use Reading Analysis Interpretation Seventh Edition Of

Teachers often use different reading comprehension strategies to help their students understand the lesson for the day. These techniques can either be direct or indirect depending on the kind of pupils in the class. 271 more words