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"The Person Of Christ" by R. A. Finlayson

The following article The Person Of Christ by R. A. Finlayson was a help to me, especially in understanding the Kenosis theory vs. the Krypsis theory (which I was unfamiliar with).  25 more words

The Bible

Communicatin: Failures Contributing to the Challenger Accident: An Example for Technical Communicators

Winsor, D. A. “Communication Failures Contributing to the Challenger Accident: An Example for Technical Communicators.” IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication 31, no. 3 (1988): 101-07. 199 more words

Audience Analysis

The Dream Reader Manasseh

“You are now prepared to begin dealing with those who come to our temple seeking the hidden meaning of what they experience in their visions while asleep,” said the high priest Potiphera to his grandson, Manasseh. 2,442 more words


Shaken Hearts

Assalaamu’alaikum brothers and sisters…

Too many obstacles to face everyday?

Read the Quran. He ‘talks’ to you…

Don’t believe me? 416 more words

Some Interesting Reads

I’m currently working on my thesis paper for my Lit degree, so that means I’ve been swimming in journal articles and books. I’ll be writing on the novel as semiosphere, a subject I’ve touched in two of prior papers ( 269 more words


IC CM Grass Soft Lighting on Rough Seas EMJ

This Camera Motion Image Capture pulling light stretching light of grass resembles to me a lighted ocean of green.-Ernie Moore Jr.


"Tell It Like It Will Be" by Norman Spurgeon MacPherson

I am posting another e-book by Dr. Norman Spurgeon MacPherson titled Tell It Like It Will Be where he outlines his views on eschatology. It is concise, well written and an accurate summary of end-times events. 27 more words

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