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There´s nothing inside

There´s nothing inside you except for what you perceive to be outside. So if you don´t perceive happiness outside, you won´t find it inside either. In fact you don´t perceive happiness outside, because it´s not inside. 142 more words



Tullian’s book, Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free, is free for Nook and Kindle, today ONLY.

Mark Altrogge relates six critical truths about anger… 84 more words


3.28.2014 Dream

3.28.2014 Dream 

We were on a small commuter plane with about 8 other people everyone was talking and laughing standing around. I was dancing with an elderly Caucasian woman wearing an all-white sweat suite when we suddenly made a hard bank to the left, I looked out the window and saw blue sky and a bit of the wing tip. 164 more words

How Do You Solve Poverty? Easy as 1,2,3...

The other day this book came across one of my social media feeds. The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solutionit sounds reasonable, why wouldn’t we want to read a book offering a solution to poverty even if the subtitle is a little hyperbolic. 691 more words

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The Struggle to find Her

In this world, I walk alone. Only hoping that one day I will find her so that I can no longer be a wanderer. Time is continually passing by and I still have yet to make the first step. 283 more words


Proper 12A: Beyond Mere Words

OLD TESTAMENT:  Genesis 29: 15-28

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Leading up to this passage, Jacob meets Rachel first while she is shepherding her father’s flocks. 2,986 more words

Year A

Stanzas on Freedom

James Russell Lowell worked as an editor for a newspaper that took an abolitionist stance. He wrote Stanzas on Freedom to express how slavery ought to be viewed by one and all, as a malignancy in society that needed immediate treatment in the form of protest. 1,036 more words