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Is That Freedom?

This was a funny (-sad) picture I took the other day.

“Freedom Septic”!!!

That’s what they name a port-o-potty?

Certainly a very strange and loose interpretation of what freedom means to some people  33 more words


Comic book/ Soundwave Idea

After my group presentation and tutorials with Rob, I have decided to do the comic book style illustrations with the soundwaves in the speech bubbles. I have decided this idea will make my work look the most intriguing,  as I will present the conversation, without actually saying what those people are talking about. 53 more words

Visualisation Of Conversation

A Tradução está em todo o lado / Translation is everywhere

Quando se pensa em tradução a maioria das pessoas pensa nos livros literários e talvez nos livros técnicos ou de não ficção. Algumas pessoas, principalmente as ligadas ao meio académico, lembram-se que a tradução também é importante na divulgação de artigos científicos e na entrega de relatórios internacionais. 202 more words


Synchronism between Bible and Current Events

Although we regard the collapse of our modern civilization as inevitable, it is most likely impossible to determine when that will occur and what it will look like. 1,802 more words

End Times

Reflections on Cedar Creek 150

As I sit here and write, I begin to reflect on the sesquicentennial events that took place at the park last weekend. After months of planning, weeks of stress, and days of going over logistics, the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek came and went. 1,392 more words

Civil War

A Glorious Burden - America's First Ladies

First Ladies are unofficial but important members of presidential administrations. For more than 200 years we have judged their clothes, their parties, their projects, and their roles in the White House.

277 more words


Form of witchcraft or divination where one speaks to the spirit of a dead person.  This spirit or medium acts as a guide to the individual involved. 798 more words