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Mickey Mouse interpreted.

May 2013: Disney ART.TOY Exhibition.

Vintage sketches, collectible figurines, wall stickers…..all to introduce the main event: 100+ artists’ interpretations of Mickey Mouse from 20+ different countries.  125 more words


Blossoming: A "Translation" Poem (NaPoWriMo 4/23/2014)

From the Old English poem “The Ruin” to my poem “Blossoming”

seah on sinc, on sylfor, on searogimmas,

on ead, on æht, on eorcanstan,

on þas beorhtan burg bradan rices.
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It is not your own.

“My faith, relationship with God and my interpretation of scripture are all my own.”

I came across a variation on this statement recently.  It seems to describe a lot of what people out there feel, especially in the culture of the United States.   758 more words

Solum's Artificial Meaning

Lawrence Solum recently posted his paper, ‘Artificial Meaning’ (2014 Washington Law Review 89:69-86, http://ssrn.com/abstract=2421272) on SSRN. In it, he argues for a distinction between natural meaning and artificial meaning, taken as forms of semantic or communicative meaning (as opposed to alternative senses of ‘meaning’ that he refers to as legal meaning, application meaning or purposive meaning). 2,465 more words


Interpreting a town: Boston

This has been my first trip to Boston. It’s wonderful, I’d happily live here – and I’m not alone; the Boston Globe reports that the price of condominiums in the city has gone up by 17% in the last year.[i] 573 more words



Around one year ago I decided to tweet once a day on the Psalms. The idea was to work through the Psalms, one-by-one, starting with psalm 1 and working through them in canonical order. 733 more words