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The Single Mom's Ark

In this dream, I was at the school where I teach, and very heavy rain was falling.

My school was not in the building where it is in real life, it was a giant farmhouse.  330 more words

Single Mom

Thankful Thursday: Dreams, Progress, and Old Friends

I’m grateful for insights on dreams.

Tuesday I called my metaphysics teacher.  I was frustrated with my dreams.  I didn’t feel I had a good connection with my subconscious.  728 more words


Cultivating moods

Moods aren’t phenomena that just happen to you. They always involve you. You’re an active participant in them, even those moods that seem to arise and fall away unexpectedly, mysteriously. 193 more words


How Many Meanings Can a Biblical Text Have?

How many meanings can a biblical text have? Here is a good question—and a pertinent one. In Sunday school classes from coast to coast, in small group Bible studies, in house groups and house churches, this principle question is tested week after week. 952 more words

Good Theology

Thursday is For Theology

Thursday is for Theology. Why? Because they both start with H :)

This is definitely a better perspective on film and art in general: http://thegospelcoalition.org/article/the-problem-with-christian-films… 97 more words


Interpreting the Torah

Did they really use the word “Church” in the Gospels? I mean, when they were written, not when the Council of Nicene rewrote and compiled them. 781 more words


Domestic Tension.

Throughout the subject thus far, a lot of the central ideas in computational media continue to circle around the relationship between two parties that exist concurrently. 779 more words