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Deaf defendant put before judge without interpreter; Northampton County looks into why

Northampton County court officials are examining why a deaf defendant arraigned in late July was not provided a sign language interpreter during his first criminal court appearance. 54 more words


Chinese Mart language Solutions In India

Chinese Interpreter in India -

Chinese Mart Language Solutions, A Well Orgainzed Leading Chinese Translation and Interpretation Company in India Providing Special Chinese Translator in India, Chinese Interpreter in India, Chinese Translator and Interpreter in India, Chinese Interpretation in India, Chinese english Interpreters in India Chinese, Language Translator, Chinese translation agency… 755 more words


What to Do about an Incompetent Interpreter

A witness who would otherwise be incompetent because he or she can’t understand or speak English can be made effectively competent by using an interpreter. But what happens when the interpreter is accused of being incompetent? 270 more words

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Behind a Frowning Providence

Many have argued in the face of difficult, unfair, or painful experiences that a loving God would not let something like this happen.  Friends, today I would like to tell you that I believe God is good, not because I understand why He allows some things but because the Bible says God is good. 255 more words


Translation Services Silicon Valley | Interpreter | Software Localization

When it comes to the best translation services in Silicon Valley, JLS is the interpreter to contact. They can even assist you in Software Localization.

12 Untranslatable Words (and their Translations)

A great article from the Guardian on 12 Untranslatable Words, skewering – among other linguistic myths – the old ‘Inuit words for snow’ chestnut, the concept of untranslatability, and the extreme version of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.

Izgradnja jednostavnog interpretera u Python-u prvi dio

Izgradnja jednostavnog interpretera u Python-u

U ovim serijama artikala pokušati ću pokazati jednostavnost interpretiranih jezika tako što ćemo izdatiti vlastiti interpreter za jezik SDM. Interpreter će biti napisan u Pythonu jer je to izrazito jednostavan i široko poznat jezik.  578 more words