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Dragon Boat Races

As many of you probably do know, the dragon is a very important mythical creature in Chinese culture. The dragon is a symbol of greatness, power and strength. 631 more words

Heritage Day- A public holiday to appreciate your heritage

Heritage Day, a public holiday that allows different cultures in South Africa to join forces and to be one. A day where people can be proudly South African. 785 more words

Just some updates :D

1. I finally have more time on my hands and I’m not deathly sick anymore! Woohoo. That means I’ll be posting once a week from now on at least. 66 more words

The Stereotypes of Asian guys.

**18+ warning**

It’s no doubt that there are loads of stereotypes about Asian guys. Here are some of the common ones I have heard and my take on them. 670 more words


As I walked through the Apartheid Museum a man stopped to make conversation – he wanted to discuss the parallels between race in South Africa and that in the United States. 248 more words

Once You Go Asian, You Can't Go Back to Caucasian.

“Once you go Asian, you can’t go back to Caucasian.” Prior to my boyfriend and I dating, we had been talking about why we were into people of other races… and he ended up saying that quote to me. 517 more words