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The One With The Parental Struggle

When I first started dating Paul, I knew that it would take a while for my parents to understand.

What I didn’t expect is how long that would take, and what we’d have to go through to get there.   1,094 more words


I get frustrated sometimes.

Frustrated that the color of my skin makes a difference.

That my brown skin,

while being the object of fascination for a baby, 133 more words

The One With Unsolicited Advice

People everywhere will always have something to say about your choices, opinions, and lifestyle. Especially when it comes to your choice in a romantic partner. 1,004 more words

Watching this video makes me feel all the feels, and a hope for eloquent, compassionate, and racially-unbigoted future generations to come.

Phoebe: I never thought I’d be here.

Paul: Where is that?

Phoebe: Emotionally, spiritually, all the rest. Fighting with my parents because I’m madly in love with this guy. 72 more words

Review: Eleanor and Park

So, we all know that there is not a lot of AMWF books and general media out there. However, I came across a book that follows the story of a white girl named Eleanor and her love interest, Park. 546 more words

Johannesburg, South Africa- Our Current Home.

My boyfriend and I were both born and raised in South Africa, and to some extent, it’s our home… for now at least. People seem to not know all that much about South Africa and as stereotypical as it may be, I’ve been asked countless times if I own a lion, elephant or zebra… And of course, as seen in Mean Girls, I’ve been asked this: 1,586 more words