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Charlie Hebdo: Dating an African Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Racist

Of the various excuses that have been given for Charlie Hebdo’s racism, the one that really had me rolling my eyes was the suggestion that Charb, the editor, couldn’t have been racist because he was dating a woman of North African descent. 1,352 more words


Dear Zack,

You are not allergic to tissues. Nor do you have a reason to fear them. They are here to help. As someone that is plagued by allergies, I feel it is my responsibility to tell you this. 160 more words

Phoebe: So it’s after lunch at church and I finished the dishes and walked out to my dad’s office and an old couple was standing in the hall, who I greeted. 231 more words

What is AMWF?

I am in a relationship with my Japanese boyfriend for three years now and I didn’t know what AMWF means for quite a while.
Well, after I realised that being in a relationship with an Asian guy is not so common and for some even incomprehensible, I started to search for other people with the same situation. 314 more words


The One With The Dinner Debacle

(The following is a tag-team effort, in which Paul and I attempt to more fully capture the events of weeks prior.)

The Best Laid Plans… 2,433 more words