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Featured Author: Frank Robinson. Letters to a Mixed Race Son

(From Letters To a Mixed Race Son by Frank Robinson)
Dear Son,

Of the many friends that I have made, it seems that only a few can see into the identity struggles and disenfranchisement that I personally wrestle with from time to time. 306 more words


Pretty Women

Nowadays standard, nobody can sure to say pretty women standard have never changed and remained the same as classical point of view. Against fashion catwalk, significant acceptance on different color, appearance or figures imply characteristic or taste that raise us to review modern pretty standard again and again. 302 more words

Dating Who

Intro to Korean Relationships

안녕하세요 (“Annyeonghaseyo”- Hello/Hi)

Hi everyone,

My name is Keela and I’ve decided to write this blog while having a conversation with a few friends. They were asking me questions about my experience about interracial relationships, which made me realize I have a lot of stories to share. 923 more words

Where to Begin...

I am sitting in my living room enjoying a beautiful saturday afternoon and listening to bluegrass while my wife goes back and forth between studying and cooking in the kitchen.  446 more words


” What is there to say? You know how much I have loved you.
—Zelda to Scott, 1935


The truth about Interracial relationships

I am lucky enough to have found the man of my life when I was 21 years old.  He happens to be black.  Yes, you read that correctly, he happens to be black.   540 more words


Passing blithesome days~

It was in the cold days of December 2011 that my star from Korea (yes I think of him as my star..why? I’ll blog it out soon..ㅋㅋ hehe) 725 more words