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Swirl Nation

Swirl Nation 

Let’s Take It Back

So before we dive into the fascination that we now call, “Swirl Nation,” let us first take a look back on the circumstances that were there before interracial dating was a thing of the norm. 382 more words


Happiness Is...

Happiness is holding hands with the love of your life while you watch Sunday Night Football…

Dumb As Hell

Yep, that’s all she wrote. IMO this is the funniest (and pithiest) review I’ve ever gotten. The disgust in her tone is so clear that I laugh every time I see that review. 231 more words

End Of The World

Black Tea Lemonade, Unsweetened.

It wasn’t until college when I was able to  go on an actual date. In high school, courtship was less complicated. A guy can easily get away with just asking after only a few days of texting. 511 more words


If love is blind, why can we see colour?

 We see colour because we all judge books by their covers.

“A young couple, stars in their eyes, holding hands, intimacy in their demeanour. Newly in love the couples imagines a happy life together. 386 more words


My Week was a little...

It is not okay to ask someone out on a date and have no game plan, and then be extremely nonchalant about it. Don’t be that guy! 1,366 more words