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Dear John...

How many times have we held each others gazes, locked in another realm where time stands still around us.  

Our conversations drawn out, never awkward, only lingering on every syllable as to make it last.   111 more words

Inter-racial Relationships

Inter-racial relationships have become much more popular in comparison to the fifties and the sixties. During those times inter-racial relationships were not socially accepted and laws such as the Jim Crow Law kept different races separate from each other. 522 more words

Habibi’s ! (…means “My Love’s”)

Habibi’s !    (means “My Love’s”)

This Blog is for YOU!

Let’s talk about nontraditional: Love and Romance.                                      

Let’s talk about mixed race, or mixed cultural romances ( 251 more words

Mountains and Giants

Obedience was never in my dictionary 
Defiance was the root of my actions.

Don’t ever try to tell me “no”
because rebellion has seeped into my blood. 128 more words


Road Trip continued...

So there’s this other guy…

Back in the gap of time, I dated another guy who lives there, in 2nd Chris’ town. He was a fun time. 245 more words



The power of the Big Black Cock is undeniable. Hate it or love it, but at some point….you all submit to it.

What Would You Do?

We got an e-mail this morning from her mother needing our help so we are asking you…what should she do?

Here is the e-mail:

I listen to your show all the time and when you all talked about meeting the parents I finally talked to my boyfriend about meeting his mom.

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