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I’m black, my brother’s white … and he’s a cop who shot a black man on duty

By ZACH STAFFORD of TheGuardian.com  Follow @ZachStafford

My white brother loved black people more than I did when we were growing up. As a black interracial child of the south – one who lived in a (sic) homogenous white town – I struggled with my own blackness. 341 more words


A letter from your unborn mixed-race baby

Dear Interracial couple,

If you have me, then you should have me for the right reasons.

If you have me then, please…

Do not ‘make love’ like you are making a designer baby. 356 more words


Aline gives blowjob and anal in interracial sex

Aline is a hot blonde and when she answers the door in lingerie, her ebony lover loves it. He kisses her deeply and she loves it. 33 more words

Planning for the Climax

“Come to bed, Marco. You’ve been at it with that map all evening.”

“Sorry, Cleo, Roman war is serious business!”

The map Mark Antony is plotting over is supposed to show the area around Actium, the site of his famous naval battle with Octavian in 31 BC. 42 more words


Mommy, Why’s Your Skin So Brown by Maria Leonard Olsen

The brown skinned, multiracial mixed heritage mother of two children who are lighter than her discusses with her children why she is darker than both of them and much darker than the son who has fair skin, silky blond hair, and blue eyes. 639 more words


Our six month roller coaster ride that is going nowhere but up now ;)

Wow. Today marks our six month together… officially at least.  The boy who I had been crushing on for nearly two years has been mine officially for six months. 440 more words