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Japanese animal sounds vs German animal sounds

The other day I had a very “interesting” chat with my boyfriend about the sound from animals. We were actually talking about my cat/dog and that I love to give them strange nicknames. 133 more words


Sex On The Beach

Finally Chloe was able to relax a little. She had just finished the seven-hour trip to Trinidad. She  dropped her suitcase in her hotel room without bothering to unpack,  threw on her bathing suit, lathered on tanning oil, grabbed a Mojito from the hot bartender and headed straight to the beach. 1,793 more words

Beach Sex

Baker 6 Chapters 23-25

Hope everyone is having a great morning! The next three chapters are now posted. If you have read The Wedding Part I, chapter 24 will be very familiar, as Camille and Trevor go on their first date (I loved that scene, that’s why I used it for the published version). 6,058 more words

Get The Guy According To A Woman Of Color And Interracial Relationships

Every phat girl which stands for pretty hot and tempting wonders when are they going to meet the man of their dreams. I feel sometimes the skinner girls always win first and then the bigger girl like myself gets the leftovers. 52 more words


"ONLY LOVE" Book Trailer

Enjoy the trailer of “Only Love”, my latest release co-authored with Victoria H. Smith.

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I never grew up thinking I was beautiful. I couldn’t recall a time my parents told me I was, but it was vastly unimportant. I was told I was creative and smart and funny and these were the qualities I wanted to build upon in my youth. 841 more words


5 Things You Probably Shouldn't Say to an Interrracial/Multiracial Family

In the last week or so, we’ve received a few comments from strangers that have been a bit….annoying. 95% of the time David and I encounter no issues, no discomfort or violence (verbal or otherwise) or discrimination being in an interracial relationship and family. 789 more words