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Book Review for I am Living in 2 Homes by Garcelle Beauvais and Sebastian A. Jones

From authors, Sebastian A. Jones and Garcelle Beauvais, we have the second book in the “I am” series of children’s books featuring fraternal twins, Jay and Nia. 343 more words

Mixed Biracial Black White

Cuckolded By My Black Boss...Again! Part 1 by Lisa Winters

John and Marilyn have worked hard to escape their sordid past. After Marilyn spent months cuckolding and humiliating John with his black boss, the pair decided to move away from the city, to a small town far away. 186 more words

Between her thick hair and his blue eyes, continuum...

Waking up at 4am when even the birds aren’t singing yet makes you realise that you really don’t need to be up at 4am when the birds aren’t even singing yet. 477 more words

Finally True Love, Part 2 Chapter 1

Lori said through clenched teeth walking pass Vanessa and into her study.

Janet, Vanessa’s co-worker was descending the stairs and stopped momentarily to glare at Vanessa. 713 more words


Trailer Tuesday: Smoke and Mirrors

One thing I like about Tiana Laveen’s writing is she is so unconventional. Only she would take a pimp and a madam and write about their actual humanity and make us care about these otherwise unsavory individuals in the midst of their fuckery. 25 more words

Interracial Romance