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An American

I am 2314. Stuck among a world of numbers and concrete with nothing to stare at but the wonderless, empty void. It’s monotonous. It’s absolute hell. 242 more words

How to Convince Someone They’ve Committed a Crime

A new study finds that providing true details mixed with a fake event convinces two in three the story was real.

From Pacific Standard

It’s not uncommon for police suspects, worn down after long hours of hostile police interrogation, to  483 more words

Bleeding the Truth Out

Eesha Irfan – Department of Science and Technology

The nature of humans is such that we strive for a sense of security. A safe atmosphere allows people to operate productively leading to high ambitions for society. 965 more words

Interrogation (Script idea)


The only thing that can take that smile off her face is a murder.

We didn’t think she would be a good officer until we saw her interrogate for the first time. 574 more words

How's That Workin' For You?

So, tell me world, how’s all that retaliatory violence working for you so far? It’s been your go-to tool of choice for solving your differences for some time now. 183 more words


Something random #1

There are 365 days in a year. I don’t think I will be able to fill all those up with thoughts that are meaningful, productive, or a mixture of both. 159 more words