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Served Cold

“Wakey wakey.”


A rush of cold water drenches a rag of brown hair. The shocked, shivering body underneath stirs in his chair, arms and calves immobilized down the legs of his seat. 666 more words


Why "Tell me why you did it" is a failed technique

Saying “tell me why you did it” to a criminal suspect during an interrogation is a major mistake by the investigator. Unfortunately, many interrogators, as a matter of training or lack thereof, routinely pose this question to their suspects.  59 more words

Individual Thoughts And Actions

The Chains of War.

“Faith, my friends, is loneliest word in the universe.” Oudoom stares through the window, his back towards the group at the bar. The Kalahari sky is strangely overcast, with the faintest of suggestions of a little rain. 1,364 more words

Short Stories

Music Video: Nyemiah Supreme ft. K-CAMP - "No Questions"

Nyemiah Supreme is with the no-snitching movement in the music video for her single, “No Questions.” The Queens rapper sits in an interrogation room that is dark and empty and doesn’t answer any questions. 50 more words


Going through the parent scanner

You look right then left but today don’t seem to be your day. The security is too tight and there’s no way you can escape. 572 more words


TRAPPED: 2nd Chapter

Machine sounds were the only music she heard. She could feel her chest had been cut into. She felt it. She could make out the yellow roses on her bedside but could not take in their scent. 632 more words

Works In Progress

Interrogation truth and lies

The weekly standard has an interesting piece on interrogation and the forthcoming Democrat report to come out.

Stephen Hayes writes in the Weekly Standard:

The Central Intelligence Agency repeatedly tortured suspected terrorists, regularly lied about it to Congress and the White House, and, for all the pain and trouble this caused the agency and the United States, didn’t end up extracting a single piece of valuable information not readily available by other means.

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