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At 15, Sam, born in 1973, Scotch-Irish-Mutt, ran away from his brothers (of whom he was in charge) and joined the Cherokee Indians of Western Tennessee.  142 more words


Gerard's Diary #9

Read Gerard’s new diary post, where he loses the authorities, is interrogated, and deals with his drug problem. And a moaning poem, as usual.

Read here – http://conflusio.blogspot.co.uk


CIA Chief Denies Agency Uses Tickle Torture


WASHINGTON, D.C.–CIA Director John Brennan testified before congress today to address the recent allegations that the espionage agency has used illegal interrogation techniques when questioning terror suspects.  270 more words


Weekly Witch - Jadwiga's interrogation questions, Poznań, 1681

Sometimes in trials we find the list of questions asked by the judges. In 1681, before the municipal court in Poznań, a certain Jadwiga was asked the following questions during her interrogation  by the prosecutor about the crimes of sacrilege and magic. 118 more words

Paranoid Park

"I just feel like there's something outside of normal life.
Outside of teachers, breakups, girlfriends. Like, right out
  there, like outside - there's like different levels of... 68 more words

The power of music

You will have read stories of people being awakened from comas when played their favourite music. A 5-year old girl in Burnley, Lancashire, was wakened from hers when she heard the… 884 more words


Meet My Boyfriend!

Name: Paul Carvalho
Age: 24
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Find him on social media: You can’t.

Why aren’t you involved in social media?

I just think that, I don’t know, I don’t like having my life public. 692 more words