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Two lines
Come together
Then drift apart
Get away dreams
Of red jet streams
Drifting through clouds
Like ships that pass
In the light of morning… 25 more words


How To Insert from CSV to Xml Bank Statment Data into Tables and Matching/Unmatching of Records.

ALTER PROCEDURE spImportBankStatement
@xmlStatements  NVARCHAR(MAX),
–declare @xmlStatements as NVARCHAR(MAX)
–set @xmlStatements=N’<DocumentElement>  <BankStatements>    <TransDate>2014-04-01T00:00:00+05:30</TransDate>    <TransType>BGC</TransType>    <TransAccount>61477868</TransAccount>    <TransDescription>PATHMEADS HSG GNRL</TransDescription>    <TransDebit>0</TransDebit>    <TransCredit>1928.34</TransCredit>    <TransBalance>52898.63</TransBalance>  </BankStatements>  <BankStatements>    <TransDate>2010-04-01T00:00:00+05:30</TransDate>    <TransType>DD</TransType>    <TransAccount>61477868</TransAccount>    <TransDescription>BANK OF SCOTLAND . 7,497 more words


Quote for Today: Hermann Hesse

“One never reaches home,” she said. “But where paths that have an affinity for each other intersect, the whole world looks like home, for a time.” 10 more words

Quote For Today

Although I hate maths

This is why it’s easier for women to get men with their Curves but the men never get them with their cheesy one Line-ers


Intersection & Union via Science and Art

With use of a Venn Diagram, this picture serves to illustrate what is formally referred to as an ‘intersection of sets’. Intersecting two or more sets means you’re isolating the elements that can be seen as mutual in all of them; elements that they all share. 405 more words

Intersect 0.5

So a friend posted a link to spritz on his facebook today, it’s a ‘new’ implementation of speed reading. This spurred me to look into other speed reading software available and really reminded me of the intersect from Chuck, with its super-liminal learning format. 173 more words