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How Do Trans People Fit Into Gender? Trans Inclusion & Asking Good Questions, Part 2

In my last post on good questions and trans inclusion, I offered an answer to the question, “What is gender?” This time, I’d like to look at two more aspects of… 640 more words

Brown girls don’t get eating disorders

by Anonymous

“You have such a beautiful face; if only you lost weight it would not be such a waste” said one ‘auntie’ to me when I was 6 years old. 1,797 more words


There is no such thing as a slut

OMG, this article is amazing!

As it turns out, there are no sluts; there are only girls to keep out of the party and, by extension, to remove from social influence.

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Queer Theories' Intersectionality Pitfalls and My Shortcomings

A Simple Revolution was by far my favorite read of the six books my professor and I agreed to read together. Encompassing feminism, racism, the sixties movements, Malcom X, the military response to homosexuality, middle-class, poverty, and numerous other issues all fully developed within the 269 pages brought a story rarely told: the effort in the movements put forth by those without power or privilege. 504 more words


Week 19: Party Crashing: How the Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence by Keli Goff

Side note: apologies for not posting in several weeks. I decided to take a public speaking class this summer at a local community college for fun (I’m crazy, I know), and it really slowed my roll reading-wise. 600 more words


Lights Out, Please Call For Submissions

Lights Out, Please is a collection of short, fictional games that are meant to do two things: 1) play off a traditional urban legend or ghost story, and 2) reflect how the fear in these stories isn’t extraordinary, but quite commonto a lot of people. 820 more words

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Intersectionality: A Tool For Analysis Of Social Divisions

Intersectionality is a highly contested theory or tool, and also has multiple definitions. Some argue “‘Intersectionality’ refers to the interaction between gender, race and other categories of difference in individual lives, social practices, institutional arrangements and cultural ideologies and the outcome of these interactions in terms of power.” (Davis, K, 2008:58). 4,590 more words