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We now have a new workshop at the conference.

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters: A discussion of the Animal Liberation Front and direct action.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is a divisive force within the broader animal liberation/rights movement. 93 more words


The Feminist Mystique.

She drank twelve cups of Goon punch, and then passed out on the lawn in her underwear. She was acting like such a slut, I’m surprised more people didn’t rape her. 1,162 more words

Personal & Anecdotal

Welcome to Love Made Visible

The scholar Cornel West is frequently quoted for having said, “love is what justice looks like in public.” In other words, justice is love made visible. 236 more words


Feminist on Feminist Bullying: Theories on Interpersonal Conflict

Here at the Lesley University Women’s Center, our fantastic supervisor Jenn O’Neil is in the process of doing fascinating research on feminist vs. feminist bullying, an issue I believe is causing a rift in the achievement of progress within the feminist community. 754 more words

White Girl Writing

This post has been fermenting in my brain for about a month now. Maybe longer. Then I read this article from Buzz Feed, and I started thinking about it more. 1,442 more words


What A Drag To Be RuPaul These Days

The world of identity politics continues to subdivide and eat itself in the increasingly smaller worlds of social networking and blogs.

This time it’s that oppressive gender binary. 441 more words

Reading List- reblogged from KCL fem soc blog

Absolutely wonderful Reading List. Includes introductory articles on feminism and has books on difference themes including sex work, intersectionality, trans and so on. Read it!