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intersectionality: a fun guide

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Intersectionality is a new concept for me. My Footprints in Ecuador blog is now being read in over 75 countries. So FIE Readers, what are your thoughts and experiences around the world of Intersectionality? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Special thanks to Miriam Dobson for the original cartoon I have re-blogged here on FIE.


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The Patriarchal Orientation of Sex, Race, Economic and Human/Nonhuman Classes

Republished with permission from Vegan Feminist Network.

By marv wheale

Neither capital nor labor tend to consider women as a sex class beneath men. Both economic classes are prone to treat sexual relations as private, naturalist, voluntaristic, thereby not collectively antagonistic. 2,060 more words

Dear Katy Perry,

Please…just stop. Just crawl back under the christian rock you came from and fade away into obscurity. Stop your racism, stop your… 313 more words


Women in Colour

I remember sitting in a room with a few of my black female friends and during light-hearted conversations about relationships, university and family, the conversation quickly moved to the question of identity. 335 more words

Galatians 3:28

What the Hell was Anthony Michael D’Agostino’s “‘Bye Sierra”?!

by contributing writer Quinlan Mitchell

Let’s get real. For just a minute, let’s get really real. Anthony Michael D’Agostino’s oh-so-lauded article in the HuffPost, for all its fanfare and academic jargon, is essentially a new dress for old and tired rhetoric. 1,814 more words


On Writing Women

Literature, media, and the presentation of female characters has been a running theme on this blog for a while now…but it’s only recently, as I’ve come to think about how I write female characters myself, that I realize I haven’t talked at all about the actual  1,190 more words

Modern Feminism

This Is What I Mean When I Say 'White Feminism'

“Every single time women of colour talk about “white feminism” or “white feminists” within the context of discussions about the way that the mainstream feminist movement privileges whiteness, we deal with an onslaught of defensive white women insisting that they personally are not like that, and would you please say “some white women” and not make generalizations? 50 more words