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The deepest suggestion and critique I have for mainstream, mainstream-practicing feminists, and #FemFuture is to be utterly transparent and aware of voice and specificity. This is a US-centric, western culture dominated conversation with a targeted constituency.

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My Problem with the Privileged White Feminists

“The next morning, I had to share this story with one of the librarians at Wesleyan’s Art Library, where I worked. During my shift the week before, much to her surprise, I mentioned to my supervisor how often Middletown residents (especially young white men in their red or white pickup trucks) verbally abused my friend and me when we left campus to walk into town. 931 more words

Gender And Women Issues

The New Racism

1.       When it comes to the issue of new racism, how do you think hip-hop culture and the use of the word “Bitch” and the “N-Word” further oppress or build up individuals and society?  592 more words

Oversimplification of privilege and intersectionality.

There has been a privilege test circulating social media. The test will allegedly tell you how privileged you are based on how many points you score in different areas such as ethnicity, sexuality and gender. 136 more words


Remixing E110

I’ve found, reading through the posts before I post my own piece to make sure I’m not repeating what’s been said, that for UD I have a stunningly diverse classroom, whereas the class generally looks like this: 643 more words


Are you still there..?

You may have noticed that we’ve been quiet – we’ve got fewer new blogposts, we’ve not run events for a while, and we haven’t used our mailing list recently. 433 more words

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Yes, I’m depressed; No, this isn’t depression

TW: Ableism

I’ve lived with a diagnosis of clinical depression since my early teens. My ME symptoms have surfaced much more recently, since about seven months ago. 1,103 more words