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Conquering the Running World

I am currently writing this post during a cooldown from a interval run for 3 miles. I can hardly type because my hands are covered in sweat since its 93 degrees today in good ole’ virginia. 218 more words


C210K - Week 13 - Day 3

Thank you God! We have finally finished week 13. My friend texted and said the weather was pretty bad at her house. Of course I was completely dressed and ready to go. 325 more words

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C210K - Week 13 - Day 2

Call me crazy but I think it is taking us forever to finish week 13. Changes in life recently has affected our routine. It’s also true that once you take one day off it becomes a lot easier to just take another day off. 373 more words

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Parkrun and More from Day 6 of my September Challenge

It’s Saturday and day 6 of my September Challenges. ┬áIt isn’t going badly so far but I haven’t even finished week 1 yet and I usually falter at some point during week 2. 704 more words

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C210K - Week 12 - Day 3

Have you ever tried to run with lead legs? It’s almost impossible to lift them. The run was super difficult today. I’m sure the fact that we took a couple of days off didn’t help either. 403 more words

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C210K - Week 12 - Day 2

Hello Humidity. I’ve tried to be understanding but your attachment issues are not something I need in my life. Please move to another state. I think some space will do us both good. 423 more words

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C210K - Week 12 - Day 1

Thank you God for the wonderful weather! Finally it was cooler with an almost constant breeze. It felt so good outside. How could you not enjoy the run? 410 more words

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