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Week one: Soreness...oh the soreness!

My first week of my Educated Running 50/50 Project was good. Yeah, I know the title wouldn’t make you think that, but it was. It pushed me that extra but I needed to up my game, so to speak. 704 more words


14x 400m on grass

on a 400m ish circuit at Priory Park Bedford.


3- week unexpected hiatus, sorry!

Yeah yeah, I’m a terrible blogger, but this time I have a legitimate excuse ;)  I was completely derailed with a 3-week bout of walking pneumonia AND an upper respiratory infection. 244 more words


Running Pyramid

More coaching tips from T. Enjoy everyone! Keep on moving!

The idea behind my theoretical runner’s pyramid is to try and help runners identify the different types of runs, understand the benefits and risks associated with each type, and learn how to prioritize their workouts to get the most bang for their running buck. 2,261 more words

Fitness Fridays

I like to work out hard on Fridays. I’m lazy on the weekends, plus there’s always so much to do: football games, parties, coffee with friends, adventures in Chicago, and of course tons of homework and studying that I slacked on during the week. 497 more words


When did my short runs become so long?

Yesterday morning I was struck by a sudden jump in my weekday mileage. I’ve always enjoyed when my long runs have climbed to a distance that makes normal people shake their heads and wonder at my sanity, but I like to keep my week day runs on the shorter side. 277 more words


kuma & aywy. - intervals

Oh man. Just thought I’d share this beautiful new collaboration between kuma and aywy. As the emotional melodies and sensual vocals trickle through my ears I had to take a second to say thank you to these two terrific producers. 37 more words

B. Downbeat