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Treadmill workouts

Even though I am still not running at the moment (I hate you asthma!!),  I am always still thinking about running :)  Yep running nut job here :) 345 more words

How to Cardio and Not Hate It

If you have read any of the historical posts in my blog you will notice a deep, deep abiding dislike for cardio. I have nothing against getting your heart rate up and breathing heavy – hell most of the workouts I do put me out of breath. 589 more words

A "Sound" Collaboration: INTERVALS by Allora & Calzadilla

Picture this: A long hallway, brightly lit in the Perelman Building of the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Spectators and visitors stood around talking. All of a sudden a capella sound filled the hall. 366 more words


Wednesday: 141224 (4-3)

Intervals: 4x800m @ 5K race pace (2:00 minute recovery)
Intervals: 4x200m @ 1-mile race pace (1:00 minute recovery)

Post pace to comments:


Monday: 141222 (4-1)

ME Lower: Pick One
Back Squat (Regular, Bands down, or Chains) (Find 1RM):
Box Squat (Regular, Bands down, or Chains) (Find 1RM):
Conventional Deadlift (Regular, Bands down, or Chains) (Find 1RM): 167 more words


My #FaveWorkout - Week 5

In case you’ve missed out, I’ve been writing about my favorite weekly workout every Friday for over a month now. I’ve had a favorite swim… 115 more words

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