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Candidate selection – who should participate in the selection process?

You have the best situation. You planned a great recruitment strategy and now you have all these fantastic candidates. How will you decide who is the best fit?! 533 more words


Component Based Technology - Question Bank

COMPONENT BASED TECHNOLOGY Question Bank with important questions and answers for all units.

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6 questions to ask in an interview to understand if the job is right for you…

Job interviews can feel like a one-way grilling. You sit there, and answer question after question from your potential new employer trying to demonstrate why you are the best person for the job. 799 more words

Interview Advice

Detention Time Calculator.

Johnny has been a bad boy. He has committed several offenses and played a lot of pranks at school. He has been caught and now Mr. 381 more words


Panel interviews – intimidating or helpful?

You’re ready to start interviewing candidates. This is where the excitement begins! But before you invite the candidates to meet you, here are some helpful tips on preparing for the interview process. 319 more words


Asked in Interview

What does an assembly contain?
Types of assembly?
How to register an assembly in GAC?
How C# code is converted to IL?
Why do we need two memories (Stack & Heap) ? 288 more words


What questions can I ask in an interview?

What questions can I / can’t I ask in an interview?

I have a new position opening at my company. And I’m scared. I’ve heard that if I ask too many personal questions someone can sue me. 686 more words