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If I had to be honest in an interview...

Let’s face it, even though they tell you to be yourself in an interview, everyone has lied about something or uttered complete bullshit about another thing just to make themselves ‘employable’ or ‘likable’ or ‘whatever-able’ to their prospective employers. 387 more words


Upcoming guest: Kathleen Zuelch, the voice of Tex and Glynda!

I can finally announce it!

Guys, this is exciting. I am pleased to annoucne that the amazing Kathleen Zuelch will be appearing on Five Question Interviews… 85 more words


6 Questions to Ask During Your Interview That Will Make an Employer Want to Hire You


During your first interview, the “impress me dance” is still in full swing. When a potential employer asks if you have any questions, they don’t want inquiries about parking validation; they want to see if you’re prepared, educated and inquisitive. 458 more words

Interview Questions

Probing questions for your change management candidate

The methodology topic is a great one to use when interviewing potential change management consultants. My experience is that there’s a large group of “change” consultants who are merely rebranded MarCom (marketing communications) types.

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Five Question Interviews upcoming guest: Zack the Mod, Technical Support Guy and RT Forum Mod

Next week, I will be interviewing none other than Zack the Mod! Those of you who are in the Rooster Teeth Community, you already know Zack as one of the site’s Forum Mods. 42 more words


3 Questions Amazon's CEO Asks Before Hiring Anyone | Themuse.com

Amazon has forever changed the way people shop online, but it wasn’t always the juggernaut that it is today. In fact, once upon a time it was just a tiny startup with a big vision. 198 more words

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Interviews: Can we All Be a Little More Honest?

I’ve spent plenty of time on both sides of the interview table, and if there’s one thing that drives me nuts, it’s the implicit agreement that we will put a sugary spin on everything. 448 more words