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How to Ace your Interview: Common Questions and Answers

As often as it is highlighted, preparation and confidence is the fundamental factor of a successful interview. Practising can help you feel more confident in your responses even if the whole process feels nerve racking. 848 more words

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Ace the Interview and Get a Job

With the big Career Fair coming up next week (Tuesday, July 29), I know many of you have interviews. Are you starting to get a little nervous but doing your best to ignore the jitters? 483 more words

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Given a sorted array of integers that have been rotated an unknown amount of times, create a logn search algorithm to find elements in the array

So what log n searches do we know? The one that comes to mind is the binary search for me. And in case you’re wondering the rotation direction isn’t through the page, its along the vertical. 356 more words


Sort an array of strings such that anagrams are next to each other

So the special thing about this problem is just to switch out the comparison function with something that checks which anagrams are greater or less than. 198 more words


The Interview...a question of practice or a practice of questions...

My friend is interviewing for a job – YEAH!  However, she’s not sure she wants the job after doing some sleuthing about the organization, administration, etc.   728 more words

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Interview Question #7: Object Manager


As a MicroStrategy developer, you are constantly using Object Manager to migrate objects that you develop inside the Subject Areas folder in your project. To save time, what object can you create to enable you to go straight to this folder when you open Object Manager? 273 more words


Preparing for a Publishing Internship Interview, and Follow-Up Questions You Should Ask Your Employer

Getting an actual interview with your dream publisher, or with any publisher, lit mag, newspaper, etc., is more than half the battle. Without fully knowing what the internship coordinator, editorial assistant, or HR rep looks for in a cover letter, getting a callback could be likened to winning the lottery—a lottery with decent odds, admittedly, but still leaving too much up to chance. 1,711 more words