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Forensic Friday: The Art of Questioning

One of the keys to my job and, indeed to most aspects of life, is asking questions.  People ask questions every day, indeed, probably, every hour of their life.  721 more words

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You Can Fool All Of The People Some Of The Time

During my long career in the financial services industry I have been interviewed a few times and interviewed countless people. The process is fraught with difficulties and often it is the impression that the candidate makes at the interview which sways the decision rather than their qualifications and experience. 509 more words


Interview Boo Boo No.5 - Don't Beg!

Did you apply for the job because you fancied a day out OR did you think, that is the job for me, I am quailed and I can do it brilliantly. 161 more words

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Paul Marsh / Lightbulb HR Recruitment Interviewing 3.0 15th July 2014

Tuesday 15th July saw the eagerly awaited seminar, Recruitment Interviewing 3.0 delivered by Paul Marsh from Lightbulb HR. Having worked with Paul before us Parksiders knew what to expect & we weren’t disappointed as he delivered 2 hours of razor sharp interview technique. 441 more words

Interview Boo Boo No.4 - Not Learning from It

Every interview teaches you more about what employers are looking for and is great experience, but they can also tell you about different software or techniques too. 197 more words

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Interview Boo Boo No.3 - Answering Yes/No then.... Nothing, Boring!

huff, I was bored just writing that sentence!

Most interviews follow a similar pattern and most interviewers will ask similar questions so be prepared and know how you would answer things. 156 more words

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Interview Boo Boo No.2 - Not Having a Question to Ask!

Really, you got nothing?!?! your future depends on this!

“How many holidays do I get”, just won’t cut the mustard! Well if you are 16 and it is your first interview you may be forgiven but as you get older you need to be more aware and business savvy! 135 more words

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