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Essex To Gambia Article

Here is my essex_dakar InDesign article. For this task we had to watch a t.v interview, and conduct an article based on the information on the video interview. 31 more words

Interview Techniques

Interviewing in Marketing

Once you have your market defined, you need to do your research about them (a.k.a. market research). You will want to learn more about them, such as what type of advertisements and promotions work on them. 361 more words

Marketing & PR

36 interview mistakes to avoid…

You’ve got this far already – the interview. That means that you’ve written a great resume / CV, you’ve found an opportunity and made a great approach, and you’ve impressed your potential employer to the extent where they want to see you for a… 327 more words

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Learn To Show Your Leadership Skills

It may sound like a paradox but a lot of good leaders out there fail to secure their dream leadership position just because they don’t know how to show their leadership skills before the start of the project. 475 more words

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6 questions to ask in an interview to understand if the job is right for you…

Job interviews can feel like a one-way grilling. You sit there, and answer question after question from your potential new employer trying to demonstrate why you are the best person for the job. 799 more words

Interview Guidance

How to make a good first impression in a job interview, and why it is so important

In any interview, the first few minutes – even the first few seconds – are vital. If you make a bad start to an interview this can knock your confidence and make you nervous, which could be the start of slippery downhill slope from which it is difficult to recover. 660 more words

Interview Guidance