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In search for the Oracle

Interview @ an accessories company.

Interviewer: Do you know the number of stores we have in this city?

Interviewee: Well, I know you currently have 6 stores in this city and they would be… (minus the names of the stores) 50 more words

Exact Amount

Phone interview #1

Interviewee: Hello?

Interviewer: Hello, this is xxxxx company calling. We have received your application for a position at our company.

Interviewee: Oh yes. 48 more words

The HR who went missing? @@

This happened at an advertising firm…

Interviewer: Okay. Let me just get the HR to come and interview you.

The interviewer went out of the room and spoke with the receptionist. 71 more words

When marketing = real estate agent?

At a Land surveyor firm… looking for digital marketing executive for their website.

Interviewer: Well then, I can see you have quite a good understanding on marketing.  217 more words

Do you like to read books?

The following interview took place at a big bookstore chain for a school fair book promotion position.

Interviewer: Do you know what this position requires you to do? 101 more words

Child in question?

I had an interview for a position with a global recruitment firm a few years ago. Most of the recruiters I have met were quite professional but this one was quite interesting… I was only 21, 1 year of work experience and a family to take care of (my mother and my siblings)… 241 more words

What has Ego to do with job interviews ?

I accidentally found some notes about my former job interviews ordering my house and reading them I decided to write about EGO, that huge boycotts in job interviews. 821 more words

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