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Junior Interviewer Logistics


On behalf of Reno High School Triple A Club Thank You for your time in providing this valuable service to our junior students.

  • Students will arrive with an Employment Evaluation Form or a College Evaluation Form and their resume.
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The Job Interview: "We're Going To Need Your Facebook Password..."

If you are reading this article on LinkedIn.com, chances are pretty favorable that you also have an account on Facebook.com, which you use for networking with family and friends, or keeping up with topics which interest you. 942 more words


The Art of Interviewing

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Interviewing is a huge part any many people’s lives. People are interviewed for jobs and positions of all kinds. Without realizing it, interviews are actually happening all around us.   442 more words

Interviewer and Applicant, Never Answer All Questions :-)

Interviewer: There are 500 bricks on a plane. You drop one outside. How many are left?
Applicant: That’s easy, 499

Interviewer: What are the three steps to put an elephant into a fridge? 117 more words


Interview Process Cheat Sheet

In my last post I talked about reasons to not accept a counter offer from a current employer.  Since this was from the perspective of a candidate, I wanted to post a topic that helps people prepare for an interview.  448 more words

How To Bomb An Interview

By: John Hutchins, Quantix Vice President, Client Services

Unemployment in the IT industry, according to some estimates, is below 2%. It is truly a candidate’s market.  375 more words

Career Advice


Pam Oliver opens up about Erin Andrews, Fox Sports demotion

By Cindy Boren September 4 at 12:27 PM

Pam Oliver won’t be a sideline fixture with the Fox Sports No. 702 more words