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The hostile interviewer!!!!

The interviewer…who was supposed to be friendly…turned hostile. The cells in our body got tighter, the minds and senses were surfed by panic waves and the heart beats slowly started going up. 1,302 more words


Practicing Job Interviews

Today in English class we got together in groups of four to discuss and act out a job interview. We started off as a two person group but it kept growing as more students found their way to the classroom with queerer excuses the later they came (like seriously who takes the bus in the completely wrong direction and only realises when they reach Uxbridge). 202 more words

Recruitment do`s and don`t`s

This was supposed to be an article posted in my “Career counseling” series. But, because it is a more personal content, to which every person reacts differently, it is a standalone piece.  518 more words


Why you WANT the riddles (Interviewing and Being Interviewed)

Recently, a colleague brought the following comic to my attention (from KeluKeluGames):

And it seems to be hilariously accurate. Now, I’m not a software developer, but as a product manager, … 638 more words

Industry Focus

How to Prepare For the Interview of Your Dream Job

You open your email account and an email pops up confirming that you have got a job interview in the next couple of days. And guess what? 1,263 more words


Why Interviews Suck

I wrote a post recently about why job portals suck, and so, a natural progression would be to tell you why job interviews suck :p ……. 1,622 more words


Internships with no pay = No real job experience

Interviewer: Were you paid for these internships?

Interviewee: I’m afraid not. To be frank. I worked for free as they couldn’t afford to pay me. 73 more words