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Don’t People Know How to Interview? Frustrations from an Interviewer

Today I was part of an interview panel for a director position in our tribal government.  This position is very important to the health and welfare of families, especially children who are abused and/or neglected.  741 more words

Your Next Job Interview: Preparing For the Dreaded "Do You Have Any Questions For Me?"

In my ongoing quest for meaningful employment, I was privileged to participate in three job interviews last week. One interview was with a professional association and two interviews were with an international corporation with a gross revenue of $1.4 billion per year. 703 more words


How To Put A "Face" To Your Voice In A Phone Interview

By: Jill Reynolds, Quantix President and CEO

With video technology and Skype, the phone interview has replaced the face-to-face interview for at least a portion of the interview progression, if not the entire interview process. 709 more words

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Interview Tips For the Rookie Interviewee

In honor of my first, well second big, but first big in-house interview for a big-kid-job I’ve decided to write about interview pointers. Note: these pointers are all subjective and come from a slightly less-than-experienced interviewee: me! 666 more words

So, Tell Me About Yourself - i.e. Interviewing Hell

This is one of two questions during an interview that strike the most fear in the hearts of interviewees; the other question is, “Why are you looking?”  674 more words

Things That Go Bump

This is a quickie.

Most studios have microphones that are mounted to boom arms that are attached to walls or ceilings.  Back in the day, it was more common that microphones were attached to boom arms that were bolted to desktops.  329 more words


Ace the Job Interview - Part 1: Stay tuned!

Showing up for a job interview is just the beginning. There are necessary skills and words that interviewers are looking for in and from candidates – and both go… 152 more words