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How Do You Really Prepare for a Job Interview?

Almost everyone I know fear job interviews. They get excited being called up for one, and when it finally happens, they get stiff scared and don’t know what to do. 790 more words


The DBZ: Ben Gleib Interview for new GSN Show, Idiotest

Credits: all scripting and interview questions prepared by Victoria Elizabeth (August 2014), copyedited by executive producer, Carmen Perez.

Created for exclusive use by The Daily Buzz, Mojo Brands Media.

Performed by Jessica Reyes.



Ok so this post is not gonna be so well written because I’m really tired and it was a long long day. I had a really important interview today  (not for a job) so I want YOU to learn from my mistakes! 533 more words

The Other Stuff

A Guide to Shooting with Collaborative Media

Written by our filmmaker Anthony Crossland

The crew will arrive at your location on the morning of the shoot or the night before depending on the location. 727 more words

Job Seekers: Answer that Question with a Question!

Last week I wrote a blog post called “The Number One Rule for Job Seekers.” The thrust of the post was to impress upon job seekers that they should never, ever, lie on their resume. 876 more words

Job Hunting...

Before I say/write anything here, a note to perspective employers.
I am not denigrating you in anyway, shape, or form. What I am doing is voicing an opinion. 1,473 more words

Personal Thoughts

The Job Interview: To Be Silent and Thought a Fool Or To Speak And...

If you are an average American, chances are very good that you will have to go through multiple job interviews during your lifetime.

After you have survived these interrogations, you will probably second guess yourself:  Did I talk too much? 868 more words