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Website of the Week 4 - Time and Date

This week’s website redirected itself to timeanddate.com. Here are five things I have learned from this website:

  1. When doing an interview internationally, it is wise to know what time the interviewer will be experiencing at that moment.
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Comm 100


There are thousands of questions that interviewers could ask in an interview. The most common interview questions cluster into this four categories:

  1. General
  2. Behavioural
  3. Situational…
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When It's Appropriate to Sucker Punch an Interviewer

Your first instinct might be to say whenever they start to give you lip, and maybe you’re right, maybe you’d save yourself a lot of trouble if you just get the sucker punch out of the way so that the interviewer knows that you’re dissatisfied with them and/or their company and/or their question and/or the way they’re looking at you and/or the tone and cadence of their word choice. 557 more words


The Job Interview: Interviewers' Tricks/What They Want To Hear

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. –Arthur Ashe

Sitting here, waiting to hear the results from my latest in 5 months worth of job interviews, the thought struck me that Corporate Interviewers, just like any other professional, must have some “tricks of the trade”, which they rely upon in order to find the right job candidate for any position for which they are interviewing applicants.

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