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Screenwriter Rachelle Chartrand says volunteering for Women in Film changed her life

Women in Film and Television members may remember former WIFTV President Rachelle Chartrand for her New Year’s letter where she put forth a challenge calling for more courage: 913 more words


Spotted Style meets Robert van de Pas!

Spotted Style is introducing the next male model to you and he is called Robert van de Pas! He is 20 years old, born and living in Rotterdam and modelling for IamElk (mother-agency Amsterdam), Independent (Milan), Success (Paris), Premier (London), Spain (Hamburg) and Sight (Barcelona). 904 more words

Spotted Style Girls

George Wallace interview for Punchline shows Nov. 27-28

There are two famous George Wallaces from the South. There was the segregationist Alabama governor in the 1960s who renounced those views later in life before he passed. 1,220 more words


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Book Review: Read the Bible for Life

The opinions and views set forth in this blog post are entirely mine. If there is a serious argument with the author of the book,  I will attempt to address it in a fair, sympathetic, and yet truthful manner. 1,099 more words


Stillwater Eclipse: Interview with Eclipse Chasers Jeanie Holt and Evan Woods

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Stillwater Eclipse

[FULL Trans] Tohoshinki for "B-Pass" - January 2015 Issue (released on 141127)

B-PASS(Backstage Pass) 2015 Jan Issue (Nov 27, 2014 on sale)

We interviewed the two about their thoughts/emotions that they put into their highly anticipated new album, “WITH”!! 1,299 more words