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January Reads, Part 2

The Apartment Dweller’s Bestiary by Kij Johnson (Clarkesworld) is a list of imaginary pets, pests and other creatures that share the apartments of people. It’s not so much a story as it is a snapshot of various moments and feelings. 164 more words

Interzone #256

I received INTERZONE #256 as part of a subscription. I shall real-time review its fiction in the comment stream below as and when I read it. 24 more words

Interzone 256

Interzone 256 is upon us. Follow the link to order your copy. If you’d prefer a Kindle edition, go here for UK or here for USA… 207 more words


My God, What Have I Done?

I woke downstairs, so it was that kind of night. I bet you already know what I was doing to have arrived at today in such a fashion. 1,636 more words


Interzone 255

Interzone 255‘s  Book Zone features a Paul F. Cockburn interview with Hannu Rajaniemi. Paul also reviews Hannu’s latest novel, The Causal Angel.

We also have reviews of: 144 more words


Man Jumping

After our Regular Music round-up, we turned our attention to another minimalism-goes-rock band on our lengthy Rip Me list, formed by several members of Lost Jockey when Andrew Poppy wandered off to sign to ZTT, … 163 more words


Gil Mellé - Mindscape

LP/CD, Blue Note, 1989

Rippling New Age-y synths meet fusion-inspired soundtrack impressionism, on this atypical (to say the least) late 80s Blue Note release. Mellé is best known for his… 91 more words