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“ENDO SPIRAL”: When you begin sinking into a depression from fighting searing, chronic pain, all bound up and laying on heating pads for a week; swallowing only what will stay down long enough to dissolve the handful of pain pills that hardly work anymore, but will be sure to cause severe cramping as the adhesions on your bowels tighten their grip and squeeze the last bit of hope you ever had of buttoning your pants that day, because you now have “ENDO BELLY” as well. 29 more words


I Crawled Up Inside CasAnus

As if my time wandering around the Verbeke Foundation wasn’t strange enough, when the day ended and the museum closed, I was left to spend the night in one of the museum exhibits: CasAnus. 368 more words

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A simple test may have saved his life

Original article by Jill Margo
The Australian Financial Review – Page: 42 : 16-Jul-14

Kim Lee developed bowel cancer and died from it, but may have had the growth removed in time if it had been diagnosed earlier. 63 more words

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Just Because You Can Eat Something...Doesn't Mean You Should - July 6, 2014

The plans had all been set in place, and it was time to execute them.  Dad was going to Glacier School with Summit Climb, and Mongo was going to the kennel where after he was supposed to relax for a week while waiting for Dad to come off the mountain, he would have a spa day and be washed.  215 more words


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Just this week I found out by personal experience that thyme is a powerful cleanser that can be used to rejuvenate our intestines and keep them healthy and clean (as some would say “spic’ n span”). 242 more words