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Am I really an Introvert?!

As I mentioned before I have been reading a lot about introversion since beginning this blog. Like most intangible subjects though the more I read the more confusing it all becomes. 1,128 more words


V mysli

anglický názov: Into the Mind

slovenský názov: V mysli

pôvod: Kanada

rok: 2013

žáner: dokumentárny, snowboardový, športový

dĺžka: okolo 85 minút

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Quantum Mind Tricks

I am a big fan of quantum physics, the huge numbers are of course scary but a universe where the rule book has been tipped upside down and all the words shaken out appeals to me. 780 more words


Your in a Hole Darlin'

Hey guys my best friend Nara, wrote a poem about a couple people we know that deal with depression. So I decided I should write something out about it too. 297 more words

Into The Mind


Oh the great plans I had when I wrote my first blog, I bought a notepad and started writing down ideas for posts I was going to write – I even went so far as to buy some props for photographs I wanted to create to illustrate posts. 731 more words

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Into The Mind & The Summit

For those of you, who like myself,  feel suffocated by a lack of daily adventure here are two documentaries to check out. Into The Mind… 55 more words

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