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There is an old (1985 or thereabouts) Jeff Goldblum movie called “Into the Night”.  He plays an insomniac who runs into all sorts of problems when he picks up Michelle Pfieffer at the airport.  602 more words

Urinals: An Impression

At the beginning of classes, I was surprised at the question thrown at us. “Are the MMDA urinals architecture? Are they good architecture, if you think they are? 78 more words

Into The Night

Cool Down

How Context Affects Architecture: The Arki Buildings

When I wasn’t a student of UP yet  and whenever we drove by the College of Architecture building, I always found myself trying to see what was beyond the wall of windows. 1,101 more words

Into The Night

Town Fiesta

Signification: An Architectural Concept for a Filipino-Style Canteen

When we were asked to create a concept for a canteen that expressed Filipino culture, what first came into my mind was a town fiesta. 491 more words

Into The Night

From Tragedy to Hope

Critique of the Magallanes Church

When one drives along the South Luzon Expressway, an interesting white structure will catch one’s eye. This structure can easily be identified as a church because of the cross at the top. 736 more words

Into The Night

A Modern Day Bahay Kubo

Argumentative Paper

During the time of the Marcos regime, mostly under the supervision of the then first lady, Imelda Marcos, rose a complex covering up an 88 hectare landfill at the edge of Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard. 1,242 more words

Into The Night

Urinals: The Final Verdict

After going through a semester of trying to understand architecture, this question was thrown back at us again: “Are the MMDA urinals Architecture? Are they good architecture, if you think they are? 124 more words

Into The Night