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New Page: "And how to kill alcoholics"

The link to this article can now be found in the Pages section on the right hand column of this blog. It deals with the low success rate of Alcoholics Anonymous and the program’s portrayal as not only powerfully effective, but allegedly the only real means of getting sober. READ


A few years ago I was associated with a group of “progressive christians” – the labelling was entirely theirs. They were an intelligent, passionate mob, keen on Jack Spong, Karen Armstrong, Gretta Vosper, and other thinkers of like mind. 1,010 more words

Chart of the day III: Racism behind the badge

From the Public Religion Research Institute’s American Values Survey, dramatic evidence that an increasing number of American’s see police treatment of minorities as racially biased:

H/T to Sociological Images.


Down To Earth Dave's Post of the Day--September 29

Salutations, Gentle Reader,

I suppose I should be fair to the gods of accuracy and find a new moniker for this blog.  I haven’t posted with a frequency anywhere close to “daily” in months.  669 more words

Planet Earth is Blue and There's Nothing I Can Do…

The world is a scary and uncertain place right now.  I suppose, in a lot of ways, it always has been, but I feel it now, more than ever.   550 more words


Porcine Problems

As I travel the country, I am exposed to many different kinds of people. Some of these people share similar ideals and tastes as me and we get along quite well. 842 more words