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LGBT, Romney, and Intolerance: My View on the Recent LDS Church Press Conference

Recently the LDS church held a press conference saying that they support anti discrimination laws for LGBT. I listened to the entire press conference and applauded- I thought it was very well done and it cleared up a lot of questions for people. 1,071 more words

Why Islam Creates Monsters, by Dr Nicolai Sennels

“The religious, cultural and psychological cocktail of anger, low self-esteem, victim mentality, a willingness to be blindly guided by outer authorities, and an aggressive and intolerant view… 110 more words

Brain Washing

Gluten-free – it’s not for everyone

I talk about fad diets on here and my hatred of anything that encourages you to cut anything out of your daily routine completely or starve yourself as I believe that these are harmful and unhealthy – I think that they normalise a difficult relationship with food. 810 more words

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Let's get stoned (part 3)

“Hey, he was just exercising his first amendment rights! Lay off!”
“I support stone control! There are too many stones in the hands of our youth!”
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Morning Thought With Pastor Tim

Diversity Academy Provokes Controversy by Awarding Tokens For Minority Friends To Students

By Ray Charlston

Diversity And Progress Academy, a charter school in San Francisco, has been under fire for awarding Diversity Tokens. The tokens are awarded to students for having non-white or LGBT friends, or sitting with a non-white or LGBT student in the lunch room. 1,183 more words


Memorial Service For Our Lost Ones. It Surely Will Never Happen Again. Or Wait...

Today I’m in Stockholm, Sweden, and participated in the memorial service for the victims of the Holocaust. It was cold, wet and dark and I listened to the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfvén, who spoke some quite wise words. 359 more words


A Story of Insecurity

Reb Arie considers the folklore of violence and understands it personally as a a story of insecurity

I scheduled this article for publication some weeks ago. 311 more words