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Dante's Inferno


I see wounds, not mouths.
They are gaping horribly
Where the knives have slashed the flesh
To open lips that do not speak. 100 more words

Core Values

Last year, when designing a graphic for our take-out bags, Pizzicato chose to include some images that we thought represented Portland. Being a home-grown business, we gave props to Portlandia (the statue), bicycle culture, and our progressive ideals toward many things, including LGBQTI rights. 283 more words

CRIMEA: THE YEAR 1937 in 2014

Yesterday I was queuing at the post office to pay my monthly utility bills. A woman behind me was telling her acquaintance about her husband who was living in Crimea taking care of his father. 389 more words

Whee! Week 2! (And musings on tolerance.)

Here are two statements that are quite different from each other:

Tolerance is not a virtue.

Intolerance is a virtue.

This week, I found myself having to defend against the proposition that the first is equal to the second. 394 more words

Last call

“This is the answer to all your worries, monsieur Le Grand. You are making an excellent choice compared to all the dreadful homes that exist here. 78 more words


After attack on homosexual couple, calls for federal hate-crime law change

As investigators interviewed more witnesses and reviewed additional video footage of a Center City assault that sent a gay couple to the hospital last week, calls began anew for Pennsylvania to expand its hate-crimes law. 76 more words

Federal Law

The Influence of Hate

The Influence of Hate. By: Gary Hays

The road to insanity is paved with good intentions. Whether it is nobler in the minds of men to be consumed with a prolific and distorted view of reality, or a staunch and focused dyed in the wool unemotional pillar of society, is the timeless lingering question. 667 more words