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The day my world flipped upside down

Every person diagnosed with Celiac Disease remembers that heart stopping day they are told. Mine was Thanksgiving 2013. For years I had been suffering with all sorts of ailments that just didn’t go together (ranging from arthritis, anemia, itchy skin rash, tummy problems, depression, and frequent UTIs). 97 more words


We Choose to Ignore

It was a simple banner with the strongest of promises by Americans deeply affected by the events of September 11, 2001.  I remember that day well along with the panic that soon followed.   954 more words

So, what's the deal now?

I’ve had trouble with my digestive system for years. Right back to my early teens in fact. Prior to that, the only things I know of was an allergy to strawberries, which gave me a great case of hives. 626 more words


Telegraph: Inmates 'discriminated' by prison's refusal to recognise ‘Jedi’ religion

The prison service could be facing legal action from four inmates after it denied religion status to ‘Jediism’, the religion followed by characters in the Star Wars films. 125 more words

Immigrated Ignorance Bliss

I overheard him say those damn Mexican, Muslim, Indian, Chinks

Why do they have ruin our states.

I asked, what is this you speak of immigrant sleaze? 674 more words