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I have come to realize that I am intolerant of those who are intolerant. Ironic, isn’t it? Does that make me one of the people that I cannot tolerate? 425 more words

At 7, I was intolerant

For those familiar with the teachings and were brought up in fundamentalist homes, this may not seem like a strange thing.  For the rest of the world, it might see mind boggling. 517 more words

"Only Some Get In"

“The devil put dinosaurs here.
Jesus don’t like a queer.
The devil put dinosaurs here.
No problem with faith, just fear.”

– “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” by Alice in Chains


Religion and intolerance

I am not religious myself, I don’t believe there is a God, I do believe that there is some sort of life after death. But the fact that I’m not religious, does not mean I can’t respect people who are. 601 more words

When a pro-Israel bully attacks

The war on Gaza and the gratuitous killings of now more than 650 Palestinians has gotten a lot of my attention this week as regular readers know. 298 more words


A Mullah's Dishonor, A Parent's Shame

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Four days ago, the New York Times reported that on May 1, 2014, in a mosque after Quran recitation classes mullah Mohammad Amin raped a ten-year old girl. 363 more words