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You think it’s respect to walk away

I think it’s respect to stay

My heart says ‘yes’ so I listen to me

not you

Respect goes no other way. 27 more words


Good and Bad

I am good.

I am so good that I suffocate everything

Which is not like me.

I cut down, I malign, I find blemish

In anything unlike me. 324 more words

Joan McAlpine MSP: Ignorant or hypocrite? You decide

Dynamic charity, ENABLE Scotland, has launched a campaign against the type of prejudicial words which can encourage cruel and mindless hate crime against people with learning disabilities. 1,110 more words


before a fall, 23rd November 2014

there’s a movie from 1993 called “Falling Down” starring Michael Douglas, and it’s probably one of my favourite ever films……. why oh why! I hear you cry, that’s of course if you’ve even seen it, which you may not have making this blog almost meaningless, and if you have may not agree with my choices….. 253 more words


On The Twitter Mob

I never thought I would find myself defending Emily Thornberry. I admit I laughed along with the rest when THAT tweet was published on Thursday afternoon by the now former shadow attorney general. 408 more words

(⌐■_■)–︻╦╤─ Tolerance--

This is partly about a guy who sometimes sits at my lunch table, to whom I harbor no romantic thoughts. Not a dot.

As some people may know, this past week was Transgender Awareness Week. 864 more words

Intolerant Society

Intolerant society
That always fails to see
The other side of the coin
That’s focussed on the “me”
That can’t perceive another’s thoughts
Or think another way… 90 more words