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if only...

if only this world were big enough for all of us….

(Need I say more?)


Rudy, Rudy, Rudy: Giuliani sets MSM Ferguson spin

A fascinating segment from RT America focuses on the deft Ferguson semantic shuffle deployed by one of America’s more prominent Republicans, former federal prosecutor and New York Mayor Rudy Giulani, who after selling out his piece of a… 188 more words


The anti-Blair, a man who really did save children

His name was Chinue Sugihara, and he saved more than 6,000 men, women, and children from Hitler’s Holocaust, far more than the 1,200 saved by the famous Oskar Schindler — yet Sugihara’s name is virtually unknown. 401 more words


American perception: Another blast from long ago

The attitudes of white haves toward African American have-nots. embodied in this devastating panel created by R. Cobb, esnl‘s other favorite cartoonist, remains as true today as in 1968 when in first appeared in the late underground paper, the Los Angeles Free Press. 35 more words


My Take On Ferguson

*This has been edited from the original post.

I decided to come back and re-write this.  Not because my feelings have changed, but I feel that my points were lost with the emotions that I had felt while writing the first version and I’d left some things out. 351 more words

Life Lessons

The tragedy of Ferguson and a failure of history

It was fifty years ago this month on 9 November 1964 that we had out first front page newspaper byline, and less than two years later we landed our first job in a metro daily, the Las Vegas… 558 more words


Blundering Buffoon

I’m not ready to put a stone on the places we’ve been before

But your sanctimonious bullshit is throwing up on my floor

I pride myself on tolerance of those less fortunate than I… 76 more words