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Chocolate Pancakes

We love eggs in our family, and now that 5yo is tolerating them we can all have them for breakfast every morning. They are a wonderful way to start the day, and if I could give a person feeling the need to reach for the biscuit tin before lunchtime one piece of advice, it would be to switch to eggs for brekkie. 289 more words


Mad Cow!...

A few months back, myself and my son William were tested for food / drink intolerances…

The reason I decided to go ahead with this testing was simple. 338 more words

Carrot Cake - Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar & Nut Free

As regular readers might have noticed, I’m a big fan of using ground nuts in place of flour in my sweet recipes. This poses a problem though when I have my good friend who has a nut allergy over for tea. 217 more words


Paleo Life as a Nanny

The best decision I made for myself last year was undertaking the paleo life style. I have wondered for a while if I had a gluten and dairy intolerance. 664 more words

How I Spent Some 'Me Time'

Me time doesn’t really exist in the traditional sense for right now. The closet I get is snatching the odd half hour here and there to blog or write my book, or by taking a long walk home instead of catching the bus. 535 more words

My GAPS Journey

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

I invested in some fab and very sturdy individual lolly moulds a few years ago. They have a twist mechanism inside, which means mess is kept to a minimum, and you can fill them with just about anything.  218 more words