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The challenge of the birthday cake!

When I asked my eldest how she thought we should celebrate her 4th birthday she was quite adamant about three things.  Firstly, she wanted a party in the park.  877 more words


Can I just stop Eating?

Am I the only one who would rather go hungry than plan yet another nutritious dinner? Let alone one that caters for everyone’s food intolerances and allergies, doesn’t cost a fortune to buy the ingredients for, and will actually be eaten by most of the members of our family? 557 more words


Process of Elimination (Part 2)

As many of you know from reading this post, I recently began a strict elimination diet to determine if I have developed new food intolerances or allergies and discover a possible link between my diet and symptoms I experience on a regular basis, particularly eczema. 967 more words


the paleo diet

In the last few months there has been some serious controversy among the health community and my peers surrounding The Paleo diet.

The basics: ‘ 537 more words


Month 2, and going strong

Intolerances, depression and anxiety will not bring me down. I will be strong, independent and happy with the life I live, no matter what may come my way. 99 more words


Chocolate Pancakes

We love eggs in our family, and now that 5yo is tolerating them we can all have them for breakfast every morning. They are a wonderful way to start the day, and if I could give a person feeling the need to reach for the biscuit tin before lunchtime one piece of advice, it would be to switch to eggs for brekkie. 289 more words


Mad Cow!...

A few months back, myself and my son William were tested for food / drink intolerances…

The reason I decided to go ahead with this testing was simple. 338 more words