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Stupid Shit Saturday

I’d like to start a new tradition on my blog. Every Saturday, or the Saturdays I feel like it, I’d like to share stories about stupid shit I’ve done. 733 more words


Day 3 - Marshmallow

If you haven’t been vegetarian all your life, then there’s every chance that you were very sad when you found out that marshmallow was one of the things that you had to give up.   138 more words

Day 1 - Chocolate Fix

If you haven’t got your hands on a dairy free advent calendar and miss that chocolate fix behind the little cardboard door this could be a good alternative. 171 more words

All is not lost

It’s been just over a fortnight and despite eating more than my fair share of chickpeas it hasn’t been too bad.

My initial reaction was to ransack the vegan aisles and buy everything in site.   140 more words


Hi, welcome to my site.

My name is Cat and I am a fussy eater and it isn’t by choice. The first bit of fussy was when I became a vegetarian over a decade or so ago, the second part of the story were the results to my recent intolerance tests. 224 more words

Breadline. vs. Intolerances: What bought me to tears.

On the breadline or deprivation of liberty.

I started this week challenging myself to prove that you could eat good nutritious, family friendly meals even on a budget. 1,312 more words

Breadline Challenge

8 Reasons Young Me Would Hate Me

While there are many things younger me would love about my current lifestyle (hi mr. handsome boyfriend who is awesome!). Here are 8 things younger me would just never understand (I couldn’t come up with 10)…. 719 more words