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Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

I invested in some fab and very sturdy individual lolly moulds a few years ago. They have a twist mechanism inside, which means mess is kept to a minimum, and you can fill them with just about anything.  218 more words


Day 7: Your favorite candy

Funny I should write about this now, because I’m actually chewing on some very delicious candy. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the name is, and I neither know whether it is my favorite. 561 more words

allergies: a list in order of discovery

The following is an ever-growing list of foods that give me a rash, explosive diarrhea, fatigue, mood swings, and/or terrible acne:



all other nuts… 198 more words


Follow up - Food Intolerance Testing

I got the results back from the Intolerance Testing Group this week and I am baffled.

For those of you unaware of my situation here is the scoop – I knew some things were bothering my body in an intolerance way (not an allergy – they are different). 459 more words

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Chocolate banana 'milkshake' with hidden goodness

Technically there isn’t any chocolate or milk in here but the kids aren’t to know that. The great thing about ripe bananas is that they hide other flavours really well, and it’s a fab opportunity to sneak some goodness into them. 137 more words


Allergy & Intolerance Testing Online

I have been allergy tested before and also gluten intolerance tested. After much consideration, hearing my symptoms and the like it was determined by a physician and by a Naturopathic Physician (who discovered it first – along with dairy) that I am sensitive to gluten. 471 more words

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