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Mundo Perplejo

Desde hace tiempo he estado pensando…

“Nacen, crecen, se reproducen y mueren” algo así, aunque el punto de partida no sea ese puedo asegurar que entiendo el principio desde el punto medio o quizás sea el mismo principio “¿Ves el vaso medio lleno o medio vacío?” whatever; Cuando nací estoy segura que fui una flor, no directamente una pero lo fui, semilla, planta, flor! 139 more words


Dealing With Anxiety

We recently tried to have a four-day weekend in the woods, but I didn’t decompress until the last day we were at our campsite. I realized that I use busy-ness to keep my brain occupied, thereby warding off anxiety. 1,476 more words


Cadena de favores

Sólo algunos días sin INTERNET

¿En qué momento se perdió el trato? De repente todo el mundo se encuentra fastidiado. El rechazo de unos a otros ha producido una cadena que desde tiempos muy remotos nos ha venido etiquetando como seres sin capacidades de coexistencia. 518 more words


Crucified Freedom of Speech

I’ll tell you what’s inane
if you can picture a frank and raspy voice
being as feminine as the petals on a broken rose.
(Whatever the fuck that meant… It just felt like the right… 156 more words


Killing Me Gently

The heart is deceiving and plays tricks on the mind.

Sometimes it lures you into thinking that you need certain things when you can definitely do without them. 230 more words


Confidence! Got it. Now what?

I watched a great TED video tonight, “Susan Colantuono: The career advice you probably didn’t get #TED : ;

Basically, she says that women are funneled toward leadership development because that’s where all the advice says to send us. 72 more words


my speech dictates my thoughts


This is so very interesting. It’s about how vocal patterns convey different images, and affect how plle see u. for example, ending ur sentences with a higher tone gives the impression that ur asking for permission to voice ur opinion; lower pitches and less words command presence. 205 more words

Animal Psychology