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Week 3, Day 3

There are different kinds of communication. Interpersonal communication is between two people. Interpersonal is when you communicate with in yourself, in your mind. I have been having this looming feeling in the background of my thoughts and I don’t like it. 161 more words


A Transcribed Entry from Adriatico

I named my thought book “Adriatico”, hence the title.

I guess it’s kind of late to post about my new year’s resolution. It’s been two weeks into the new year and I’ve been doing quite well with fulfilling my resolutions (compared to how I did in the previous years). 671 more words



nobody can be changed
only allowed to shine
by shining upon them

true interpersonal dynamics comes from allowing
from maximally aligning
beyond the face and its neverending dramas

Coal and Mirrors

This week, I’ve spent time with great friends, new and old. What I learned is that we are mirrors to each other. I reflect others back to themselves. 1,163 more words


Words To Live By

There are a few “mottos” that keep resurfacing in my life. I want to remember them and live by them. I figure a blog post is a start, and something I can even update in the future. 9 more words


Unwanted Solitude

Ever since I created this blog, I had sworn to myself that I will not make it a haven for my rants and impulsive emotions. I would only post the best pieces of my writing in it. 414 more words


One Year

I have the habit of comparing the events that happen in one day with the events that happened on that exact date, one year earlier. It has become a habit because I can very clearly remember personal memories. 190 more words