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Calling a Spade a Spade

One of my Facebook friends recently posted a cell phone video taken by a student of another student telling off their teacher. This kid told her he wasn’t coming to school every day to sit at a desk and fill out worksheets, and that she needed to get up off her butt and get inspired and do some actual teaching, because the future of America was sitting in the classroom. 417 more words


Excited by Potential

When people ask themselves, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” or “What should I do with the next phase of my life?” invariably someone usually asks, “Well, what excites you?” The answer is usually the name of some career or profession for which the person thinks they have some talent, skill or aptitude. 141 more words


Mother-in-Law, Daughter-in-Law

For most people, the mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship comes pre-programmed with tension. Being a daughter-in-law myself, and listening to other mother- and daughter-in-laws discuss their own relationships, I’m offering the following advice. 430 more words


Developing Vision

“When I grow up, I want to be a _____!”

That’s what everyone says as kids. We assume that there is an arrival point. And why not? 806 more words


"Think less. Take action. Be authentic."

That’s the takeaway from The Confidence Code, which I recently finished reading. I’m going to start giving this book as a graduation gift to every young woman like me — perfectionists who are good at doing school and following the rules and receiving awards for doing so. 692 more words


A Short Story: "Disastrous Reminiscence"

Disastrous Reminiscence
(Originally written in 2009)

The day remains in my memory, still clear and unshaken. Seventeen years has passed and still it is trapped within me. 627 more words

"She said 'God'"

I did. In an interview. For a position at a public institution.

It surprised me, quite frankly. They asked if I could work with people whose values are different than mine. 340 more words