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Coffee Culture in Ethiopia

I could certainly use some coffee right about now, it’s 2:23 a.m NYC time, 11:23 a.m SF time where I am sitting in the Singapore Airlines… 253 more words


Let your mind do the travelling if your body can't

By Gary Pearson

Driving past Heathrow every day, as a travel addict, has its perks and pitfalls.

Looking up to see the immense body of an Emirates A380 gliding majestically through the sky, my mind wanders to a place far flung. 258 more words

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mongolian homestay week one

my travel itinerary stated that we would be staying with a local family with a view to experiencing the local lifestyle.  what i didn’t know was that there was no one in particular chosen for this public invasion of 15 people (including our guide and drivers).   144 more words

Vietnam - a cultural wonderland

By Gary Pearson

I had this preconceived notion, having just spent a week in Bangkok, of what awaited as I made my final descent into Vietnam, Thailand’s more regimented and orderly neighbour. 62 more words

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Solo Travel Adventures

Being the baby in the family, I always have been well, babied. And, so I never really have been given the opportunity to travel by myself. 1,579 more words



OK so when are we going?



Our flight is at 9.30 and we are so close to the airport, it literally takes us 10 minutes to get to the check in counter.  765 more words