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London living: Fighting for space while waiting for a friend-turned-foe

Every inch of space is contested and every empty seat fought for. As precious as ivory comprising an elephant’s tusk, personal space is an extremely rare and precious commodity. 441 more words

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Can anything compare to a sun's goodbye?

Hand-in-hand, a couple saunters along the silky sand of a Koh Lanta beach as the sun says goodbye to another day.


Train yourself to let go

There is something incredibly soothing and peaceful about travelling on a train. And, no, I’m not referring to a city’s crammed subway or unventilated underground. Those types of trains are merely a means to an end, a necessary and unavoidable evil. 155 more words

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How to breathe in Hanoi

It took me all of a day to decide I didn’t like Hanoi. I arrived at night under a sky that was starless and rainy, air that felt cool and clammy—and in a taxi that cost me $15 more than I had anticipated. 882 more words