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The Craftsman: Farming in Ethiopia

This is the Perennial Plate’s last travel video that they did in collaboration with Intrepid travel.  It seemed apt to post this today after I have just gotten home after a fairly grueling 40 hour journey home that took me briefly to Moscow, where I was greeted by a large flat screen TV proclaiming:   58 more words

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Coffee Culture in Ethiopia

I could certainly use some coffee right about now, it’s 2:23 a.m NYC time, 11:23 a.m SF time where I am sitting in the Singapore Airlines… 253 more words


Let your mind do the travelling if your body can't

By Gary Pearson

Driving past Heathrow every day, as a travel addict, has its perks and pitfalls.

Looking up to see the immense body of an Emirates A380 gliding majestically through the sky, my mind wanders to a place far flung. 258 more words

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mongolian homestay week one

my travel itinerary stated that we would be staying with a local family with a view to experiencing the local lifestyle.  what i didn’t know was that there was no one in particular chosen for this public invasion of 15 people (including our guide and drivers).   144 more words

Vietnam - a cultural wonderland

By Gary Pearson

I had this preconceived notion, having just spent a week in Bangkok, of what awaited as I made my final descent into Vietnam, Thailand’s more regimented and orderly neighbour. 62 more words

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Solo Travel Adventures

Being the baby in the family, I always have been well, babied. And, so I never really have been given the opportunity to travel by myself. 1,579 more words