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Drive Blog #1 - Readers Assignment 1 (9/18/14)

I strongly agree with Bruno Frey’s’ statement which is “Intrinsic motivation is of great importance for all economic activities. It is inconceivable that people are motivated solely or even mainly by external incentives” One thing i grew up hearing a whole lot is “A career is something you love, don’t have a career you hate” I agree with this statement because i see a lot of people doing labor they dislike for extrinsic reasons such as for money, acknowledgment, and other rewards. 167 more words

Bruno Frey

Motivation - a Brief Explanation

Motivation is a simple word which means a lot. From “Motivation Theory for Teachers” book written by Madeline Hunter, motivation means state of need or desire that activates the person to do something that will satisfy that need or desire. 1,273 more words

Extrinsic Motivation

An early career advice for students (or their relatives) that no one told you before.

I hope you are about to go to university or graduating within the following years. If you are in this situation or you know someone who is, please keep reading this good piece of advice I experience myself. 542 more words

Personal Development

Teresa M. Amabile Quote

Johnson, S. (2011). The innovator’s cookbook: Essentials for inventing what is next. New York: Riverhead Books.


Dealing with Overinvolved Parents

You know they are an overinvolved parent if they possess the following symptoms:
  • Very concerned with the game’s final score.
  • They try to coach the coach.
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Letting go to allow the child to learn

“Everything must be taught, and everything must be connected with life; but this does not mean the actions which children have learned to perform and to integrate with their practical lives should be suppressed or directed by us in every detail….How he is to use what he has learned is a task for his own conscience, an exercise of his own responsibility. 209 more words

Early Childhood

How to Peak in the Sport of Football

This video tells you how.


The Big Idea in 189 Words

DEVELOPING OFFENSIVE, DEFENSIVE, AND SPECIAL-TEAMS SCHEMES ARE EASY. Getting athletes to perform well within those schemes is harder. 531 more words