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Asking Key Questions to Generate Intrinsic Motivation and Engagement

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you know that we write extensively on issues of teamwork, involvement, innovation and implementation. And we try to focus a lot on the issue of the interaction between the hands-on workers and their supervisors, since all the work gets done by the former and all the management of the working environment gets done by the latter. 969 more words

Employee Motivation

Weight loss journey

I have begun a journey this year with a New Years resolution that honestly only started about two weeks ago (who says your new year… 260 more words

Keeping It Stupidly Simple - Thoughts on Teams and Teamwork

In a recent LinkedIn thread on leadership, Bob Whipple posted up a short note on “4 Essential Elements for a High Performing Team.” Bob said: 799 more words

Employee Motivation

Knowledge Spelunking

Digging Deeper towards a Meaningful Education

A huge factor in my decision to pursue teaching was to right a wrong that I feel I experienced in my own schooling: a cunningly disguised form of passive learning that I will refer to from this point forward as… 1,901 more words


Message to Head Football Coaches: Stop Wasting Your Time

Five things to immediately do in order to stop wasting time and start winning:

Hire a maid. Let someone else clean the locker room and the field.  832 more words


How Do People Deal With Too Many Options? (A Look at The Choice Overload Hypothesis)

We face many options each day and we make many choices, but how effectively do we deal with all these options? On one side, psychologists stress the importance of having many options to choose from as it is associated with a number of positive aspects of human functioning


Motivation issues on human behaviour

One topic of interest is regarding to the importance of motivation  in teachers, especially for Information and Communication Technologies adoption. As an initial statement for discussion, I want to share with you a very meaningful phrase to consider in forward. 49 more words