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From Humble Beginnings

We’ve all seen this awe inspiring images of horrendous days on the bike, but there is just something about the professionals, they do it with such grace and in such inhuman ways. 159 more words


Seven Ways to Keep Your Head Football Coaching Position Forever

Seven Ways to Keep Your Head Football Coaching Position Forever
  1. Never take the shortcut. Have you known many highly-successful people to be lazy? In order to be truly irreplaceable, you have to work hard.
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What You’re Really Meant to Do

What You’re Really Meant to Do: A Roadmap for Reaching Your Unique Potential

by Robert Steven Kaplan

“The key to achieving your aspirations lies not in ‘being a success’ but rather in… 919 more words

Book Review

Why are Goodhart, Dukenfield and Campbell important for development?

Charles Goodhart, William Claude Dukenfield and Donald Thomas Campbell are three quite different people. Goodhart, born in 1963, is an economist professor emeritus at the London School of Economics. 664 more words


Recognize the Divine in the Everyday: making the most of our learning opportunities

In 2007, acclaimed concert violinist, Joshua Bell attempted a musical/social experiment. Normally you would pay hundreds of dollars to hear Joshua play with the best symphony orchestras in the best concert halls but on this day, he played the Bach solo sonatas in the New York Metro Subway for an hour. 917 more words

Music Education

Utilizing the Epley Maneuver to Improve On-Field Performance

This maneuver was developed by Dr. John Epley and first described in 1980.Physiotherapists and some chiropractors now use a version of the maneuver called the “modified” Epley that does not include vibrations of the mastoid process originally indicated by Epley, as they have since been shown not to improve the efficacy of the treatment. 741 more words