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Want your Marching Orders?

Want your Marching Orders?
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Employee Motivation Program

The teacher's humble service

“(W)e must be humble and root out the prejudices lurking in our hearts. We must not suppress those traits which can help us in our teaching, but we must check those inner attitudes characteristic of adults that can hinder our understanding of a child.” (p.153, para.4) 148 more words

The Secret Of Childhood Chapter Discussion

Three Goals

As I set out on my journey into alternative education in the US, I’ve identified three important goals to focus on:

  • The overarching goal for this project is to gain a better understanding of alternative educational practices being used today.
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Freeing the child from external pressure

“Their parents were illiterate, and their teacher an ordinary working woman, without ambition and without preconceptions. This led to a kind of intellectual calm.” (p.137, para. 244 more words

The Secret Of Childhood Chapter Discussion

Motivation and the Brain

A person’s drive to succeed in life surfaces from motivation.  The ability to understand what motivation is and where it derives from means understanding the behaviors that encompass a motivation.  1,164 more words

A Desk is a Dangerous Place - Thoughts on Innovation and Implementation

I responded to a LinkedIn post about the issues of innovation. It was started by a professor who deals with Very Senior Executives and who talked about starting their sessions with sticky notes and 5 minutes for ideas for improvement. 584 more words

Articles On Teamwork

A Perfect Playing of Teamwork: Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine

I first published The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine back in 1993 and we ran a lot of sessions. Not so long after that, I started selling versions of the game to consultants all over the world. 342 more words