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Why do I call myself Ian?

Ian, a three letter name, is it my name? No, my name is Sharan.
I call myself Ian because I found it to be short and easy to pronounce like John or Mike. 144 more words


I used to be..

My life was like any other teen or at-least i thought so. I used to watch a lot of movies, sit on my butt all day eating chips, chocolates, ice creams, cakes, indian snacks, lots nd lots of soda nd don’t forget the infamous but tasty, Hyderabad Dum Biryani. 316 more words


Hey there!

Hey guys! c: My name is Scary Plug, and I’m the newest addition to the blog! You can call me SP. ;) First of, I would like to thank Magic Fire for hiring me. 111 more words

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I have been thinking about making a blog for a while. I am always looking for new music that is hard to find. Websites that help me find new music are rare and hard to find. 55 more words


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: G/R Tron

In most formats, there tends to be a deck that revolves around generating lots of mana in order to play the biggest creatures available. In standard, this is Green Devotion, using… 594 more words


So You're All Probably Wondering Why I Gathered You Here Today...

So, this is my third attempt at a blog. Now normally when I’m inactive on a blog, I usually just revive like nothing’s changed, but the thing is, I feel like I need a fresh start in a lot of aspects in my life, so I’m starting here. 199 more words

Big Apple

Bringing this back

I had discontinued this for a while… but I realize now that may be a mistake. I’m going to be bringing this back. My intent is to start creating a lot of video content and publish it through YouTube. 77 more words