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Follow me, I have a story to tell...

I aim to share life, real life.  As I have victories big and small as a wife who is determined to love my husband in a supportive and healthy way, I am bound to fall short and some days, flat on my face.   99 more words


What to Expect?

What is this blog about? It is about the lessons I have and am learning. I am a twenty year old guy who is going into his junior year as a biomedical engineering student. 258 more words


More about me/Más acerca de mi

Well mostly people know me but to the ones who don’t here it goes a little introduction about me:
One of my four names is Maria (yes I have four names and I totally loved them!!) I won’t name the other ones for my own safety haha…I live in Mexico which I love being Mexican specially because of the food! 462 more words

Beauty Blog

It was a weigh in..

Kia ora, Hey..Hey..

Thursday had come and my 4 Challengees & I had to weigh in.. Which at first I was fine with.. Like #Really why would I have a problem with it?? 209 more words



After nearly 20 years of working various positions in Veterinary Medicine, I feel adequately qualified to write this blog. I have worked in other professions and feel that veterinary professionals receive daily abuse like no other industry I have ever experienced. 262 more words


Obligatory first blog post and introduction.

This blog will cover the many Electronics projects i have in my head and (hopefully) serve some use to other like-minded people looking to undertake a similar project. 147 more words


The Legend of Joet - Intro

Now, out of all the great cities of Lorule, there was only one royal family of which the kingdom was named after. And the current prince of the kingdom was well-known across all the lands, in all the cities and towns, and even the furthest villages. 398 more words