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A bit about me. I’m 40 and just a few months away from 41. I’m a professional. I love to travel. I have a great circle of friends. 308 more words


A Talk (Intro) - HyunA

A Talk (Intro)

Album: A Talk                        Artist: HyunA (4Minute)


oraetdongan gidaryeotdeon modeun ge
da pilleumcheoreom pyeolchyeojigo isseo ije
wonhaneun geol da yeogiseo boyeojulge
Oh I can’t stop baby… 45 more words


I am the Student Experience Officer you're looking for.


The purpose of this site is to demonstrate my ability to meet the essential skills required from the Student Experience Officer position (Media).

Please browse and consider the materials within when selecting candidates.


Hey, You. What's your deal?

Well, hello. You come here often?

Nice to meet you. Glad you’re here. You’re lookin’ real good lately. Is that a new shirt?

Welcome to “500 Easy Steps To True Love,” my satirical exploration into the world of dating advice. 792 more words


The “Dirt” on Ashley (aka The Inside Scoop)

Like many I’ve always had a love for food, but my tastes have evolved over the years and the way I view food has also changed. 880 more words

About Me

Introduction - First Post

Hello, I am Jaylin Storm. I am starting this blog to share my adventure to Giessen, Germany with my wife Geena. We will be studying at Giessen School of Theology as part of my Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. 82 more words


WOW (Intro) - SISTAR


Album: TOUCH & MOVE                 Artist: SISTAR



neowana hamkkeramyeon You know it’s all good
modeunge heungmiroun day (Wow)
(neowana duriramyeon eodirado it’s all right) 62 more words