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The Sailing Stones of Death Valley

Paranormal Deck of Cards – Eight of Mysteries

The Sailing Stones of Death Valley

When I was formulating the idea for this PDOC series, I began by creating a list of 52+ potential topics which intrigue me. 2,130 more words

Renae Rude

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Although this mystery has been solved, I'd never heard of this before.

Day One

I have started and stopped so many things in my life – a huge number of them being internet related.
Prime example: Once upon a time, I had a youtube channel, pre-Twitch generation, in which I played video games with my college roommate. 388 more words


Hello, my name is:

My name is Kristine, how about you?

Well, I am not particularly new in the blog sphere. I had my own share of experiences, dating as far back as xanga to the most recent tumblr. 124 more words


And we're off

I’m starting this blog as a repository for a number of things, primarily my writing on a range of subjects, including:


To everyone who may happen upon this blog, welcome! And thank you for sticking around long enough to read this post^^

Some of you may know me from real life, and some of you might not so let me take a second to introduce myself. 266 more words

First Post

What I Love

Buckeye was my fourth puppy that I raised for the Guide Dog Foundation. 

I had him from January 19th 2013 until March 21st 2014

Buckeye is my once in a lifetime dog. 360 more words


T-Minus 4days

This is it.

The end is nigh.

What can I tell you?

Sometimes Usually, life doesn’t follow our plans.  Graduating from University with a bachelors and masters provided a plan.  110 more words