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A Very Little About Me

This always gets tricky, because I’m never sure what to say about me.

I don’t really think I’m the important one here. What’s important are my stories, getting them down and out of my head, and if I’m very, very lucky, there will be one or two that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. 146 more words


[On-going] Marriage With Benefits

Marriage With Benefits!

Tác giả: ParkDyo
Dịch: Gevy
Nguồn: AFF
Rate: K

Kim Taeyeon, một cô gái 18 tuổi sống cuộc sống bình thường. Gia đình bình thường, trường học bình thường và một nhóm bạn cũng rất chi bình thường, mặc dù thi thoảng tất cả những điều đó dường như hoàn toàn không đúng. 862 more words


Step One


Ini posting pertama gw, blog ini gw buat, untuk nyeritain hidup gw slama ini….

berbagai permasalahan yang pernah gw alamin, berbagai kejadian seru yang pernah gw rasain, sampai kejadian-kejadian lain yang datangg di kehidupan gw…. 21 more words



Hello everyone! I am Normal Gamer! I’m sorry of this seems a bit awkward… I’m not too good with intros and bios. Anyways, on this blog I will (or might) be posting, art, music, writings, my day, or in short, anything that I find interesting. 91 more words


The Guardians

500 years ago, when the world was set in the abyss of flaring disasters, when the hopes for the future was totally eradicated and there was no salvation for mankind in any way, when grace was far away from the reach of man, and when death was the only way out of this faceless exploitation, there aroused a force to counter this disasters. 818 more words


Hello and Welcome

We’re two people studying “useless” degrees in University. We decided to create a blog for our opinions, views, and our take on world issues. We want to write about anything and everything. 71 more words