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Honors 11: Grapes of Wrath

Today, we did some introductory stuff which included looking at the syllabus for the year as well as introducing, or reintroducing, the ideas of social realism/naturalism… 56 more words

Honors 11

My personal beauty secrets intro!

Most beauty tricks and secrets  you find out there always seem to be taken from other sites in the way that  they haven’t actually been tried and tested. 80 more words


What is Egology?

Egology aims to be an interdisciplinary Studium Generale which is trying to understand and explain what a good (collective) self could be, and, how it can be supported so that a good (collective) … 6 more words


An introduction.

So, I believe introductions are in order.

Hi, I’m Lene, known on the internet either as Lenetime or Lunshtime. I’m a 18 year old IB student from Scandinavia, with a great interest in books, movies, and video games. 295 more words

First Post

Which project plan does this blog follow?

This project plan can be applied to many situations in our lives – e.g. when writing master or doctoral theses, home works, finance or business plans or for our personal life etc. 338 more words