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The bog standard first post

And so the writers’ block kicks in…

To start off with, the aim for this blog is just to give me a platform to express myself on and personally, I don’t think that there will be anyone reading this. 568 more words


What is All The Mumbo Jumbo?

All The Mumbo Jumbo is a no bullshit exploration of Conscious Awakening.

If you’re reading this then we can only assume you have Consciously Awakened. Luckily this means you would know the importance of spreading the message. 281 more words


Good morning, thinker!

Welcome to¬†Entrepreneur Tune, where you can keep up with everything about Entrepreneurship in a casual way! We will be posting news, curiosities… 48 more words

Good Morning

This May Be The First... But It Wont Be The Last!

Hi there!

I don’t know what link you clicked on (if indeed you did click one) but I’m glad you’re here!

You may call me… 180 more words


Belated Introduction

This post will serve as an introduction. Not in the typical sense. I will not be introducing myself as a person, but rather as an expressive entity. 214 more words

What's this about now?

Well here I am, I finally get down to the first post of this blog. Let me introduce you to this blog. This shall have posts based on my opinion, deductions and reasoning. 156 more words