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The typical "OMG, my first blog post!"

OMG, my first blog post!

yes, yes, yes, this is indeed my first blog post…

and yes, yes, yes, I have no idea on how to sound any less cliché than I already do… 77 more words

First Blog Post


Hello this is CraftingMoons.

I have been wanting to do a introduction for a while now. I probably should of made it my first post, but I guess ill do it now ha-ha. 253 more words


December 21, 2014 Part 1

Life is wonderful, beautiful and glorious in so many ways. All I have to do is wake up in the morning, start out the day with blogging, enjoying a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and listen to some beautiful music and already I feel great. 542 more words


Not much to go on?

A name on a Website, and a fuzzy picture.

Not much to go on?

Think again…


It has begun!

Today is the Winter Solstice. I had not intended to begin this blog until the 27th but it just feels right.

This marks the beginnings of my favorite season.  559 more words



Here in the U.S. we’re

pretty laid back,

and casual.

When introduced,

the common expression is:

How do you do?

Like  a question.

What if we came from a… 168 more words

My Story; Introduction to Think Happy Thoughts Series

written in 2009 – please read if you are going through a hard time as a young adult or teenager. I wrote this to help all those like me. 5,685 more words