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Jennifer Obi Introduction (Northern Arizona University '16)

It’s probably providence that I waited to the absolute last minute to write this post. I’m constantly doing that when I have writing deadlines, and I guess old habits die hard as they say. 981 more words


Another brief introduction

Hi, my name is Kayla Baines and I am starting my third year at Towson University!

My major is Mass Communications with a track in journalism and my minor is international studies. 92 more words




I will be introducing my self as the bored American that’s really all of my name anyone needs to know, and of course here is my blog. 77 more words


Who am I?

My name is Laurel Critchfield. I am a sophomore journalism student at the University of Missouri. I grew up in Columbia, Missouri and stayed here for school because of the prestige of the journalism school. 437 more words


Don’t Blog Like Me

I would never suggest anyone take on my blogging habits or methods. I present them in articles for your reading enjoyment, but the pace at which I have pushed this blog is not for everyone. 234 more words


An Old Soul

When I was in highschool, an old friend commented on my Facebook wall out of the blue. “You are an old soul,” he said. 

I had no idea what that meant, so naturally, I was deeply insulted. 356 more words




I’m starting this blog because after spending a brilliant summer holiday with my friends, family and wonderful girlfriend, I would like to start something creative as this summer draws to a close to keep me busy and thinking. 41 more words