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Introductions - day 2

Well, what a difference a day makes.

No tears today, no intense nerves on arrival, just a lovely day with the boys and a much more positive feeling at the end of it. 153 more words

Introductions - day 1

Finally, I met my gorgeous boys for the first time.
All in all, it was a very overwhelming day. I spent most of the morning in tears but as I went into the house, this was the last thing on my mind as oldest boyby said ‘mummy!’ Amazing! 93 more words

Hello World ! - Introductions :)

Hello World !

Miss Shaina and Mr Lucky here, and here is a brief intro of our story. We met 4 years ago in college and became friends. 98 more words


What is Youth Voice: Youth Choice?

In 2011, Walmart 4-H Youth Voice: Youth Choice healthy living programs were implemented in 14 states and Puerto Rico. These programs helped to educate youth, other teens, and adults on how to address nutritional choices and food security challenges. 116 more words


endgame begins.

Since Larry’s birthday, things had been getting worse for him and the home care nurse had been visiting regularly and I’d been trying my best in focusing at work. 386 more words


The Witcher Adventures: Damn Those Swamps! (Plus An Introduction)

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So, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is set to release in February 2015, and I’m pleased to see it’s among the most hotly anticipated upcoming releases. 2,170 more words

Why study Behavior?

“You in the back.  Yes, you.  Blue shirt, chewing gum.  Why are you here?”  I used my gravelly voice.

She looked about, casting for help, and responded timidly.   515 more words