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Fresh Starts

The temptation and urge to write something really cheesy like describing myself messing with a microphone on stage is strong… 


If you’re finding your way to this then I guess a welcome is in order. 954 more words


The new school year begins here

The new school year has begun. 2014-2015 will bring its share of fun and surprises. Welcome to all my new students, young and old, to my blog. 54 more words


Intro 2: I am the lucky one

Very.  Even so, be careful what you wish for.

So here I begin.  The first was an old one.  And yet these two appear to be a sequence and are now so numbered. 7 more words



So, this is me. I am a 22 year old, single student who likes cheap rosé wine and chocolate (and crisps, ice cream, bread, Nutella from the jar, peanut butter from the jar and… Well the list is endless). 147 more words



Hello , my name is Bryan and welcome to my page. I was never really good with introductions so bare with me. I’m 24 a college student at Suny Old Westbury currently going for my bachelors in Organizational psychology. 129 more words

Just Keep Going: Writing Strategies for Elaboration

In one of my first class sessions with a group of college writers, I gave a survey asking what issues they wanted us to definitely cover this semester. 774 more words

September: School Stories!

So if you’re not in Vancouver, chances are your teachers are not on strike and Elementary/MG/High School students are all returning to school tomorrow. In the spirit of school starting once again, we have decided that our theme for September is School Stories. 230 more words