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What now?

Well…I suppose now is where I share a bit more about me. Maybe I should upload a funny picture. Maybe even one of my own. Maybe I should tell you about my favourite song. 305 more words


Champagne for All

You may have seen it before. The excited crowd gathered on the dock around a ship. Someone standing tall in its center projecting his voice so his rowdy audience may hear. 687 more words


A Bit of Personal Therapy

Last year, I was told I have co-morbid (and isn’t that a lovely term?) clinical depression and anxiety disorder.

In my day job, I am a bit of a data junkie. 394 more words


This Is Me!

My first post! Exciting, right?

I’m just another someone with a pen addiction. And in fact, I’m addicted to office supplies in general.

But, while I do enjoy using fountain pens, I find that in my everyday life the first pen that I usually have on hand is not a fountain pen but rather a ballpoint or gel pen. 94 more words

First Post