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Professionalism: Assertive vs. Aggressive

Recently I’ve read some stories of well-meaning artists and authors who have in a struggle to show courage and approach editors and art directors with confidence, miss the mark and be completely frightening.   441 more words

Dr. Deforia Lane

Music as Medicine is Dr. Lane’s specialty which she discusses in keynotes especially suitable for caregivers and professional medical meetings.

Ask for details or to schedule a program at your location.



Even high in the mountains, we are beginning to see the squirrel ear leaves.  Because of our very cold winter and spring, everything is blooming at once, all of the trees that normally stagger their blossoms and pollen are exploding at once.   589 more words


Introducing: Johnny Jive, Portal Hunter!

Salutations, Jive Turkeys! Johnny Jive here announcing a new feature coming to Ingress Rockford that I am pretty excited about: Portal Hunting with Johnny Jive. This will be a nice feature highlighting one of my favorite parts of Ingress: submitting new portals. 150 more words




My name is Sarah! I am a Fashion and Textiles student at the University of Portsmouth in England. I come from a smaller town near Bristol called Yate. 179 more words


"So you are Ryan Perry"

I’ve seem to have neglected my blog lately. But now seems like a perfect time to give it a little attention.

The wonderful thing about my blog is no one reads it. 1,316 more words


solicited advice.


  1. showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.
  2. having a strong or vivid appearance.


  1. showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
  2. 481 more words
Being Bolder