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Damn straight it is

So I hear that wordpress is the new livejournal. This is very interesting to me, and I’m sure this blog will go as well as the (however many) livejournals I’ve had over the years. 220 more words


Intro 1: This Thread

I thought, of late,
    that this

this new and joyous
        this miracle--

this thread of
        be mine forever.

How slowly, how
    quietly, how
        stealthily, this

gossamer thread




Fast… That’s not saying much in the title is it? What exactly is considered fast? A race car? A plane? A cheetah? What about life? When I refer to fast I think life and only because that’s the best way I know how to describe it. 321 more words


Gosh golly gee, would you look at that! I'm a blogger!

Hello all! For reasons unknown to even myself, I have decided to keep a blog. Perhaps it’s the desire to see how far I come through the years, or that basic human urge to have your own little corner of the world (well.. 151 more words


Basics: Exchange Shop, Outfits, and Title

Exchange Shops

You can exchange many thins in Solaria.

1.) Honor Bells (get from crystal battlefield)

2.) Honor Medals

3.) Evolutionary shard (hard to get cuz only special events which rarely happens) 59 more words


Basics: Equipments and Skills

Enchanting Equipment

Use gold coins to enchant your equipment. Boosts your skills. You can only max enchant to the level you are.

Socket Equipment

Use gems to socket your equipments. 49 more words


An Introduction

One does not simply just start a blog, and I’m not good at first impressions, so this should be freaking fantastic.


Did you know that the word ‘Hello’ is the second most recognised word worldwide, after ‘Coca Cola’? 243 more words