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For Sundays

I live for Sundays, those lazy days where you just want to lay around and bob with the ripples of the universe. And you realize how entangled you’ve become in its current. 17 more words


World of Grey

I’m living in a world of grey where, objects are only as colorful as you make them seem and, life is only as vibrant as your own soul. 135 more words


Moonwalk with Maths

The joke goes “ My great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was giving a Mathematics exam and Aryabhatta was his teacher. Do you know what happened? Aryabhatta discovered the value of ZERO!”. 976 more words


...calm... 🙌

…there’ll be storms…in life!!!…

…I don’t subscribe to the position that: there’s a place you get to (as a believer/leader/whatever) where you’re “safe” from all troubles/challenges/whatever…my position is that: whatever you do, wherever you go, however you choose to live/be, there’ll be unpalatable/disturbing/painful situations!!!… 163 more words


Writing on Writing - Purpose

There are words locked within my mind, this I know.

It’s the same feeling when you know that someone is standing behind you, but just… 458 more words

Creative Writing


I’m up WAY past my bedtime, and with good reason. Plans changed rapidly today as towards the end of my shift Amanda and I got to talking. 491 more words

Mental Illness