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“Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?”


“I am wrangling to vitalize my soul. I don’t believe in protracted verbosity. However, circumventing the genesis that belies my credence cannot be the panacea. 75 more words

Tacit expectancies

(A Sonnet)

Beauty is ethereal;
riches disappear,
the glory of the moment
all forgotten by next year

Promise in expectation,
dissolved when need assuaged;
ingratitude in children… 36 more words


The Stage is Set….But There is a Power Failure and People Want Their Money Back

As a mother, I try to set the stage.  I try to control the environment that is most optimal for learning and experiencing.

I try with all my might to see how the end result should look and with great willingness and desire, set the stage for all actors to enter and be magnificent …ending in standing ovation. 171 more words


on to-do lists (and on bettering myself)

i am a big believer in to-do lists. most of the time i have so much stuff flying around in my head that it seems impossible i’ll be able to sort through enough of it to get something done. 683 more words

I've Learned it's Okay to Get Excited

As we live our lives and grow older and begin to learn more about life and ourselves as individuals, we tend to come across subtle qualities about ourselves we weren’t aware of before. 1,086 more words


It was the first day. Or it was supposed to be the first day.

It did not conclude any phase. It did not add to the momentum per se. 212 more words