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About Bronies and Damaging Masculinity

Bronies are old news now, I think.  Suddenly they popped up out of the frozen wastes of the snow-covered mountains of Masculinity, and made a scene with the locals who could not understand why a Man likes candy-colored ponies who learn about friendship in their daily lives and then talk about it. 309 more words


Woman Without a Plan

I am what you would call a woman with a plan. I make it a point to plan out my day and/or week even if I know that realistically, nothing will go accordingly. 506 more words



Hello again, apologies for the hiatus. I was asked to remove a few blog posts recently and it really upset me and I had to sit back and evaluate for a while. 82 more words

Life Lessons


Frankly I wonder too much
about who I should be
who I am
who you all are.
Do I care though?
Should I care though? 86 more words

Humorous Poems

Too Close To Know (Poetry & Inspiration)

Gossamer threads

of gauzy dreams

lead me to the precipice

of altered reality.

Meaning unknown,

words scroll through my mind-

a late-night ticker tape,

a restless brain evading sleep. 441 more words


QuickBit (as Opposed to FitBit)

That’s right, health-conscious America, there’s a new product in town and it only costs five minutes per day (or week, should your schedule allow for only that much), with limitless potential. 401 more words


Thought = Vibration. Vibration = Result

What are the main states of being or issues in your life?

State of health or non-health/disease
State of satisfaction or dissatisfaction
State of happiness or sadness… 174 more words

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