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Who are you?

I am someone currently in an altered state of consciousness right now. The nightly ambien must be having some sort of limited effect, as I am lethargic physically but mentally I am racing like warp speed. 386 more words

Answering Questions

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Spearhead a Miracle (If You are the Sixth Grade New Girl)

In sixth grade I was something of a hypochondriac, due in no small part to the strange ache that seemed to come from the area of my ribs near my heart (or from the area of my heart near my ribs).  489 more words



Today has been a hard day for me. I got a lot done, but I’m feeling down because this list keeps repeating in my head: I’m not in college (and I’m not sure I want to be). 219 more words

Too Bad He Won't Take The Hint

He says, “I don’t like sitting around waiting.”

He’s a waste of time.

So I leave.

A living example of what I’d like

The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer

Summary: The author explores how a person can find inner peace by channeling energy towards their center and away from reactions and extremes. He suggests ways in which to teach your self not to dwell on negatives, and let your positive energies make you less stressed. 77 more words

The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank

Summary: A young girl explores the correct way to court a man while looking back at her childhood and the people who influenced her development. 67 more words

Get in touch with your own thoughts

In my last post 10 Ways to Get Back Your Missing Mojo the 10th way was “Get in touch with your own thoughts”.  I know some things that work for me and am more than happy to share them including meditation, walking, writing, and yoga. 582 more words