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On PNoy’s SONA: Cut some slack!

After hearing various criticisms on President Aquino’s recent State of the Nation Address, I couldn’t help but write my thoughts and confront this issue spot on. 396 more words


A Measure of Self-Worth (Is it like a Pig in a Poke?)

Welcome to Time Travel Tuesday, where I go back to something somewhere on my blog.

A reader’s comment on a post from last week sent my brain into overdrive mode.  1,460 more words


mistakes are insoluble

i. Introspection
leading to nothing but self-reproach attacking my chest like a thousand swallows struggling to pierce through a single spot i.e. my heart

ii. … 59 more words


Words for Humanity, an Introduction, an Intention

I am excited, and terrified to start this blog.  I am excited because its possible that I have things to say and to share that may touch other people in some way.  1,120 more words


Why You Should Sleep Around

Since we don’t live long enough to make all the mistakes and learn from them, we need to really pick up on lessons from those made by other people. 1,013 more words


Genuine relationships or fairweather relationships?

This poster, sent by a friend, set me thinking.

Do we treat everybody with about the same amount of respect and consideration?

Or do we give immense amounts of respect and consideration to people only if they are wealthier and/or more powerful and/or better connected than us, and little or no respect and consideration to people if we are wealthier and/or more powerful and/or better connected than them and we are definitely unlikely to need their help in any way in the foreseeable future? 67 more words

Proactive Indian

Stubborn Thoughts

I like to disappear in the city, walk the streets at night and see faces I’ll never register again, never meet. Sometimes when I make eye contact, I wonder if they’ll remember. 342 more words