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Package Full of Memories


Today’s post contained a peace offering from my younger, shorter, smarter and angrier little sister.

Carefully wrapped in brown paper was an old cigar box; it once held 25 cent cigars, individually wrapped in cellophane, their foul aroma lingered, this had been Dad’s. 479 more words

Smoke & mirrors

December 3rd 2008

I find myself out in the open. I’ve dropped my guard. And then I wait.

I look into the mirror and see a vague form. 123 more words


NaPoWriMo #21


I’ve been trading the very essence of my soul of late … for what I imagined would be a human life … with the hope of love with a man … to hold me in the dark of the night when all seems cold and witness is ever blind to our truest courage … or even  for a moment or two in the light of day while I could feel some depth of self more promising than only that which I give to myself … I am enough in many ways … we all are enough in the many ways we let ourselves be … we tell ourselves we are when having those silent conversations about the constant that drives us forward to blend into the flow they ask us to … I have stepped outside of the ride … the stream so many hide in … the sacrifice, assured~nesses of the inner matrix exchange remains … for watching the sun kiss the horizon every afternoon, listening to water speak to mud … for the sight of a flycatcher nesting on light ledges … and my Mother telling me of her feeding the opossum triplets all Winter, how they run to the sound of her voice fat bellies bumping on the snow … What do you fill a soul with ? 332 more words

Poetry And Prose From The Author

NaPoWriMo #20

Where am I going?
Now that I have to come to the place,
I can begin start over again.
Where do I go from here? 110 more words
Poetry And Prose From The Author


A poetess

I long to be

as I sit

and sip my tea

and yet I fear

it shall not be

due to my lack

of clarity


The World Goes On

When I made my grand entrance back to Facebook the day after Ash Wednesday, it was not so grand as I had expected.

Only six notifications required my attention. 631 more words


One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I was miserable.  I was beyond confused and knew that an incoming hurt would see me defeated, heart broken and reminiscent of the things I thought I was finally over with when it comes to love.   743 more words