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Introvert vs. Extrovert ~ Several Common Myths

I am an introvert that can be an extrovert if it is absolutely, positively necessary. I tend to spend my time reading, writing, exploring the ideas that pop into my brain to see if they have popped into anyone else’s; in other words, I live my life predominantly in my mind. 651 more words

Basic Personality Types

An Introverted Runner - That is Me

Running is an important part of my life, but not for the reasons that are obvious:

  • weight-loss
  • physical fitness
  • mental benefits
  • more leeway in eating what I want…
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Being an Introvert

Sometimes it is hard to work out what constitutes introversion and what constitutes extroversion. I definitely feel as though I am an introvert. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get lonely but it does mean that I do like to be alone sometimes. 220 more words


The Valiant Return

Tonight I feel the regression upon me, and honestly.. I miss it. The sweet, heavy, melancholy in harmony with the dark and brooding nihilism makes for an inspirational and yet sorrowful melody. 549 more words


Social Interaction Survey

This week’s questions are all about general social interaction (next week is social communication). Some of these questions might hit a little close to home for some of us ¬†because they touch on trust and vulnerability. 417 more words

Take A Test Tuesday

To Those Who Put Themselves Out There

Well, the axe fell. I’m a little frazzled, but feeling better about it than I expected. In fact, I’m feeling grateful – to all the HSPs and introverts who show themselves through videos and books and blogs and interviews, to help me learn that I can still feel OK about myself, even in moments like this. 6 more words


Introvert Monday: So It Returns and Overview

Well, it’s been in a year since I’ve consistently posted on Introvert Monday. ¬†Apparently working full time took more out of me than I expected! 428 more words