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Closed Chapter

Closed Chapter

I ask about your life

I ask about your day

I can’t indulge enough

You can’t come up

With much to say

I’d sprint around the world… 69 more words



I just recently learned that there’s a name for people like me, those who feel like I do in certain situations, and those who react like I do; I just recently learned that I am NOT alone. 386 more words


Telling a killer from a savior

I spend too much time thinking of the past and it’s no use trying to forget it because between the emptiness of each day and the rearranging of truths, the past is so much sweeter. 297 more words


Abandoned Buildings and Self Discovery

I’ve had a few homes in my life time but not in the traditional sense of a house with a white picket fence out front. No, I’m talking about places. 477 more words



I contributed an article on a website that isn’t consciousness related awhile ago called, “Tips for Introverts Who Love People Time“.  While I was writing it I kept thinking “empath” instead of “introvert”.   329 more words


I’m not sure why this happens to me, but while I’m on the passenger side of the Jeep is when all my empiphonies are born. It occured to ke today as I was staring at the world whizzing past me in fast forward that I was put in my current job situation for a reason and no I’m not rehashing the whole “for the kids” bit. 241 more words

Being an extrovert on an introvert team.

Today’s post is being written with one of my favorites! A big cup of Brazilian roast coffee with a pinch of cinnamon, 4 spoons of sugar, and vanilla creamer. 1,384 more words