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Male INFP Interview

Aiden, an INFP, is interviewed in the newest addition to the series!


Fine on the outside

I never had that many friends growing up
So I learned to be
Ok with Just me, just me, just me, just me
And I’ll be fine on the outside…

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Posting during a gig.

It’s kinda my thing isn’t it? Well, we are on a break. Currently, I’m sitting on the stage. Mingling isn’t my thing. One day, my introverted nature will be the subject of a “Behind the Music” special. 45 more words

Day 6 and 7

I wasn’t able to write in day 6 (friday) and in day 7 (saturday) because our pocket wifi didn’t work for those days.
So I need to catch up for those days… 103 more words

Words, Words, Words

I am a writer. I’m a professional writer by trade and a creative writer by night. Written words speak to me more than anything else. 401 more words


Why You Are Here

Don’t go right to the philosophical question, “Why are we all here?” No. This is not the blog for that, go somewhere else.

This is a blog to come and read what others are going through. 206 more words


Is there a heaven for introverts?

I never want to talk to another human again.

Last year at this time, I was glowing. I was broken. It was also before I knew more about how I worked. 1,000 more words