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Hey Sweet Pea (HSP)

Remember that feeling you got when you were in elementary school and one of your classmates ran his or her fingernails down the chalkboard? It made you hunch your shoulders, cringe and shudder. 532 more words

Introverted Extracts

Quote of the day

I know I seem really friendly, but I’m a closet introvert.
-Lauren Myracle



I’m an Introvert.

I only realized it recently. To be more accurate, I only accepted it recently.

I used to think ‘introvert’ was inferior to ‘extrovert’. 764 more words


Early Riser vs Night Owl

For the past twelve or so years of my life I have been put on a strict, early rising schedule. Often I would be up, and out the door before the sun was even awake. 251 more words


I Want to Get Dirty

I want to go to where they are.
I want to have that courage to love those that are so often marginalized.
I desire the courage to walk up to a woman coming out of an abortion clinic, hug her, and tell her Jesus loves her while others may yell that he hates her. 311 more words

Pen and Paper

Pen and paper help me,
For I am at a loss.
The world around me seems so hateful,
Spiteful, angry, lost, ungrateful.
Help me to convey, 114 more words


Backstory (a part of it).

I’m not sure when I started losing my faith. I do, however, remember the peak of it. I was 16, and I was thoroughly convinced with myself that I was ready to apply for baptism in my church. 360 more words