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IBQ Writing Prompt: Vacation

This week’s prompt is:

Fantasy Vacation

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”  Earl Wilson

You have just won an all-expenses-paid week of vacation.  629 more words

Chris Donner

Music that inspires me!

Hey all!

Just thought I’d share a little inspiration for you! This song came on literally right when I needed it to. It was the first time I’d ever heard it and I was feeling at a really low point and trying hard to pick myself back up. 420 more words

the siege continues

uhmmmohboy. the school year is almost over and i had way less time to mope than i thought i would! my last exam is tomorrow. i should be studying right now. 390 more words


Hi there nice to meet you!

My name is Sabrina! Im a 22-year-old college student living near Toronto, Ontario and I am considered an introvert. 708 more words



I am not the only one…

When I was 6 I remember there were two sisters at my school, Sunnyslope Elementary, who had convinced a lot of the kids that they were from Mars…what reality would a child be escaping from to create a story that grand? 644 more words

Why I learnt Dota

This post was first published on my Tumblr on Nov 25, 2012, and is now updated with my experiences since then.

I’m really bad at Dota. 429 more words


Letter to Extroverts


You own the world. Lucky you. No, seriously, we live in an extroverted world and it doesn’t cater to those of us who are introverted. 372 more words