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Books: On Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

(Originally published here: http://msbusiness.com/blog/2013/10/04/book-biz-loud-hectic-world-introverts-offer-valuable-insights/)

Are you the proverbial “life of the party,” flitting from this social function to that one, making friends everywhere you go? Or would you rather spend your time with only your close friends, or perhaps just alone reading or engaged in other solitary pursuits? 362 more words



(This is something I wrote a long time ago.)

She was the kind of person who could be in the same room as you, standing right in front of you, yet be a million miles away. 450 more words


Why Are Birthdays So Rough On Some Of Us & Happy-Go-Lucky For Others?

Why Are Birthdays So Rough On Some Of Us & Happy-Go-Lucky For Others?

I’ve never understood this, and maybe I never will. My birthday blues have hit me early this year, and they’ve hit hard. 1,291 more words


The power of introverts : Susan Cain

This is the most popular TED talk of 2012 and my personal favorite. For the first time a TED talk was given by an introvert which was a quiet and powerful explanation about introverts and their abilities. 1,388 more words

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Effortless media visibility for introverts

Media visibility comes in many different shapes and forms but often people just think about in terms of being featured on television or radio.  That can put you off if you are shy or consider yourself as an introvert.   146 more words

Danny, the Introverted Dog

Sunday we were hoping to visit EJ’s family, but EJ has had some challenging days at work and he was so depleted that we stayed home instead so he could rest. 1,221 more words