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6 Don’ts For Working With Introverts

In a workplace that is largely filled with extroverts, the going can get pretty tough for the introvert. I know, because I am an introvert in an office full of people who are praised for being boisterous or chatty. 581 more words

The Social Preferences Of An Introvert

I read the post ‘Introvert Gamer‘ on ‘Missy’s Mojo’ blog a while back and I think it’s great being able to share and relate on the topic. 542 more words

Random Thought

Introvert Myths

Google the word “introvert” and you’ll find countless websites waxing poetic about these moody wonders. Are they quiet spiritual souls or personality-deficient party poopers? The truth lies somewhere in between. 191 more words


Making Friends and Meeting People

I must confess something: I’m not much of a networker. Honestly, were it not for the existence of Facebook, I’d barely converse with anyone my own age. 826 more words

Critiques, Theories, And Random Thoughts

10 Superficial Identities People Label Themselves With (That Annoy Everybody)

1. Social Media Expert

Undoubtedly, there are people who are proficient at all the ins and outs of the latest, greatest technology that has to do with social media. 1,164 more words

The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't stop Talking

What would you say investor Warren Buffett and civil rights activist Rosa Parks had in common? How about Charles Darwin, Al Gore, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates, … 978 more words