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Introverted Does Not = Inadequate

***Note: This post was written the night of August 25th, 2014

Hi, my name is C and I am an introvert. I crave and consume any quotes, articles, books, infographics and lists that are dedicated to introversion. 605 more words

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The art of teaching - Day 8

The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, but the great teacher inspires.

Today, I return to university for the new term, my second year of medical school.

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Ida Fischer: MOPS 101 for Introverts

I hear there are a lot of new moms joining us at MOPS this year. Welcome!

You might be someone who loves to jump into new social environments and does so with ease and grace and an inborn gift of gab. 758 more words



Look, there are lots of posts about extroverts and introverts, and they are (mostly) true, and I find the (noncondenscending) ones very informative/helpful. (extroverts don’t mean to interrupt/be rude and introverts aren’t really being standoffish/antisocial, etc). 293 more words



Something that is commonly mistaken is the idea of introversion. Introversion is the idea of a person who “recharges” by being in a less stimulating environment such as at home or with a couple of close friends. 574 more words


I'm a Highly Sensitive Introvert. How Do I Deal With People Who Don't Like Me?

The very long title and topic of this post comes from my blog’s search terms.

I could write a post just on how to deal with… 888 more words

Highly Sensitive People

How to teach a young introvert

What should we do with the quiet kids? A conversation with Susan Cain on the future of classroom education.

Susan Cain sticks up for the introverts of the world. 2,759 more words

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