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Sunday Funday Reading

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m drinking my coffee. Actually I’ve been told the way I make it it’s more like black syrup with caffeine, but oh well! 699 more words

I'm an introvert & you're an asshole

Not that I owe anybody an explanation, but I felt the need to put some things out there that I often find myself defending simply because I’m quiet. 1,252 more words


Quiet people can be your loudest fans

Chances are, you have followers who you never hear from – possibly hundreds. They never DM you, tweet you or comment on your Facebook or LinkedIn posts. 289 more words

Verbally Processing My Theological Musings

Which is why most of the time I either just write things down or shut up. #introvertedproblems


Stream of Self-Consciousness

A musing on the setbacks that honesty and sincerity can inflict upon one’s livelihood.

Personal Blog

Why I Prefer Shy, Geeky Guys

“Geeky” is probably an unfair term, but “smart” is a bit too vague. Maybe he’s an engineer, initially just a friend; he’s quiet at first and doesn’t let on about how much goes on inside his head. 564 more words

Finally, Protection from Seamless Conversations!

Do you enjoy talking to more than one person at a time – but can never get a word in edgewise?

Do you wish people would stop talking for… 117 more words