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"Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking" -A Book Review

Please Note:  My opinions and reviews of products are not endorsed.  My compensation is in knowing that others find information and materials that will enrich their life. 986 more words

For The Reader

15 Things That #Introverts Would Never Tell You, But You Should Know

I read this article and could hardly believe it.  It was me.  I’ll editorialize between the lines based on past and current experiences, but people should realize that people are different and here is one group that is virtually unnoticed but should be understood. 1,083 more words


The Favor of Grey

Why I favor days like this; allow me to show you

I woke up this morning to a beautiful grey day~

Take your time in the morning; wake up slowly– 171 more words

Introverts Unite!

I hate snow. I hate it! Its cold, its wet, it gets dirty, and just the thought of it can ruin my day. This does not go well with the fact that I go to school in Durango, Colorado. 695 more words


Words About Introverts

Now, I don’t mean to discriminate against extroverts or ambiverts, it’s simply that I have more experience with introverts (namely, I am one), so today’s topic is debunking a few popular myths about introverts. 71 more words

Kate G Jameson

The Super Quiet Game

So far, the things I have written here have been ideas that I’ve had for awhile and I could feel really comfortable explaining them but this week has been more of a struggle. 574 more words


Love for introverts

Ah! the most dreadful day of the year-valentine’s day is upon us. For introverts like me it is indeed a dreadful day. It is the time of the year, our friends are falling head over heels in ‘love’, while we are left to stew in our own loneliness. 451 more words