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“Being an introvert allows me to care about humanity and despise humans, simultaneously.”

For most who have the privilege in recognizing my existence in this realm, know that I am 100% introverted in every possible way. 

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Requiem for new offices!

It started with this amazing TED talk. There’s no excuse not to watch it.

First of all, after watching you feel a sort of amazement and respect for this woman, who – by her own standards – is an introvert. 254 more words

When I wear pearls

You have to amuse yourself, you know. ‘Cause the world won’t amuse you.

You have to love yourself, ’cause the world won’t love you otherwise. 204 more words

Confessions Of A Secret Introvert

I like it when I’m alone.

I know you wouldn’t think I am. I’m the head of so many organizations, have so many friends, never shy and known to be loud, but that, all of that, is just a front. 503 more words

An Obsession

I have a minor obsession with happiness. I follow a playlist on Spotify called Mood Booster that is loaded with happy beats. If there’s a t-shirt with anything about smiling or being happy, I have to buy it. 535 more words

Moving Forward

Introversion, the new Extraversion as we know it.

Lately I have been noticing a lot of internet articles on introversion. Personally I really like most if them because i am an introvert and they make me feel like “somebody out there gets me” and I like that. 226 more words


Female Body-less Voices

This paper is an exploration of how female bloggers have shifted the Derrida-Center in closed religious communities. I’m particularly interested in how blogging has impacted and changed the institution of the church and its norms and traditions in much the same way Gutenberg’s printing press shifted the Center from the powerful Catholic church to the newly-literate individual. 260 more words